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Top 5 Real Estate Contact Management Software

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

Forming and upholding customer relations is a significant aspect of businesses. In order to survive in any commercial industry, it is necessary to build strong and positive relations with clients because your services and networking can affect the business’ reputation in the long run. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software basically serves the purpose of reorganizing customer relation areas such as appointments, marketing campaign management, customer service support, and various other tasks.

Top 5 CRM Software

Buildium is a property management software which facilitates commercial and residential proprietors to go completely online with their real estate business by controlling elements such as leasing, maintenance and repair series, tenant screening and tracking, bills and rent records, bank fund records and full property reports as well.

  • Exceptional and polite customer service that responds within 24 hours
  • Easy help obtained through a support ticket
  • Features are simple to use
  • Efficient bank account figures obtained in no time
  • Offers almost all reports that proprietors across the globe would need


  • Report are prepared by owner’s first name instead of the surname
  • Security deposit breakdown is also prepared under Owner Name instead of the Tenant’s Name

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real estate agent contact management software

AllClients is a CRM that fits well for very small businesses. This software is intended for non-technical users with respect to the features, permissions, landing pages and other automations techniques; all of it based on simple and ordinary CRM functionality which can easily be used by ‘All Clients’, hence the name.

    • Simple yet attractive layout
    • Easy to use for beginner level as well as professionals
    • Lets you record your personal and business contacts
    • Excellent range of features at a considerable price
    • Great functionality, segmentation and integrations


  • It does not support a web platform, neither an Android app nor an iPhone app platform
  • It does not feature content management, drag and drop interface, real time data, data export and import, social media marketing, or customizable branding.

Infusionsoft is a CRM, branding, eCommerce and payment solution that integrates marketing tools to facilitate it users so that they can connect with leads through email, social media and offline channels. Infusionsoft’s CRM enhances the output that the sales team can offer by merging all contacts under one place.

    • Software features are powerfully customizable
    • Offers endless possibilities of achieving business goals
    • This CRM performs countless automated errands that under normal circumstances would take hours for manual labour to complete
    • ICON is the conference feature that Infusionsoft provides for business owners which so that they can see how small business owners help each other on a shared platform


  • The software is often bug-prone
  • Some features are not well-advanced as many businesses would require
  • Poor support centre
  • Outdated platform
  • The appearance and usable features are outdated
  • Constant replacement of helpful tools with simpler ones
  • No HTML snippet

real estate contact management software reviews

SalesForce is a competent software that helps many small businesses to organize their customers under one hub while they can also track their own performance in doing so. Even though the software is not very easy to understand at once, but once you get used to it, you can manipulate and alter its features completely to your preferences.

    • Excellent end-to-end sales support
    • From leads to closing sales, the process management is great
    • Spending a considerable time to set up your software and the business the right way since the beginning, will prove to be beneficial in the future.


  • Costly
  • Lack of customer support after signing up
  • No email, phone call or formal written exchange of communication with regard to customer support
  • Paying for additional users even if they aren’t set on your business software

Pipedrive’s CRM is perceptive, regimented, easy to alter to your and perfectly tailor-made for every small business that uses it. Pipedrive offers a sense of management under Sales People rather than making it look like its run by technicians because it efficiently eases all the problems that the sales department of any company would normally face with any other software.

    • Economically priced
    • Beneficial for reforming sales
    • Pipedrive’s free trial allows you the benefit to test out any of Pipedrive’s plans for a month so that you can decide on purchasing
    • You can set customized pipelines for each user to view and transfer agreements between pipelines.
    • Provides a feature of direct emails within CRM’s platform so you can easily follow-up and track future proposals too.
    • You can also import contacts and merge them with already-existing contacts on your database.
    • Pipedrive allows you to prepare customized reports


  • Newly added deals may not appear until software is refreshed
  • Editing a deal may cause it to drop down to the bottom of the page which makes it difficult for you to track it later
  • Pipedrive's lacks the ability to filter data which can be frustrating
  • Exporting data to Excel and then working on it becomes a hassle
free contact management software for real estate

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