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Revamp Your Writing with Rewording Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

It's always important to do your best, no matter what you do. When writing, you should ensure your essay, novel, etc., are captivating. A good way to achieve that is by smart use of vocabulary. When possible, you can use the fancier equivalent to common words. This adds charm to your writing. Furthermore, it makes plagiarism trouble less likely to come up. A rewording tool lets you do that easily.

A rewording tool is a software program that replaces some words in a passage with their synonyms. Some of them rewrite or paraphrase the passage for a better flow. In this article, we will introduce to you the very best ones currently available.

rewording tool

Top 5 Rewording Tools Currently Available

Here are the 5 best rewording tools you should try in 2024.

1.Wondershare PDFelement

G2 Ratings: A G2 review says that Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an excellent document management program. It has helpful add-on features, an affordable price, a user-friendly interface, and advancements in the field.


The Rewrite feature not only does rewording but paraphrases passages.

The Rewrite function is powered by ChatGPT, an AI you can trust.

It is built into a document editor.


The free trial version only has 5,000 tokens

rewording tool

Use Case

PDFelement is the best tool to use for rewording. Besides that, it is also a PDF editor. So, you can have a more fluid workflow compared to what other tools provide.


Wondershare PDFelement is unmatched when it comes to performance. It is easy to use and is an offline tool. Thus, it is more stable than online tools that get interrupted by the loss or slowing down of an internet connection. The ChatGPT-powered Rewrite tool also rewords lightning-quick.

How To Use PDFelement as a Rewording Machine

Step 1 Open a document with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Click Lumi PDF AI robot. You can find the button at the bottom left of the screen or at the floating toolbar after highlighting the text to reword.

rewording tool

Step 3 Click Rewrite. Paste the sentence or paragraph to reword into the textbox. Click Rewrite.

rewording tool

Step 4 Review the reworded version generated by PDFelement. Click Copy Response or Replace Original Text to put the reworded passage into your file.


G2 Ratings: According to a G2 review, HiPDF satisfies the needs of all its users. Furthermore, it ensures your document is safe.


HiPDF extracts keywords. This reminds you of the words you should not change when rewording.

HiPDF is a free tool.

You can improve your vocabulary by asking HiPDF questions.


The free version gives you only 50 questions/chances to reword passages. It does not refresh. If you want to unlock more, you need to get a subscription.

Use Case

HiPDF is a free reword generator. So it's a good choice if money is a problem. Besides that, HiPDF empowers you through learning. You can ask it questions to know more about the topic or expand your vocabulary. Thus, HiPDF is also a good choice if you want to improve your writing ability.


HiPDF rewords passages exceptionally well. With advanced AI technology, it can swap words with their synonyms or paraphrase the whole passage. It understands grammar rules, so the revised sentences make sense.

How To Do Online Rewording With HiPDF

Step 1 Open HiPDF using a web browser. Navigate to the Chat with PDF tool.

Step 2 Upload any PDF. Click Analyze.

Step 3 Send HiPDF a message like this: Please reword this sentence: Insert sentence to reword here.

rewording tool

Step 4 Wait for HiPDF to finish generating a response.

Step 5 Review, copy, and paste the reworded sentence.


rewording tool

G2 Ratings: A satisfied user wrote a G2 review, saying that Rewritetool.net rewords faster than he can. Thus, it is their favorite to use to reword their website.


It offers two rewording modes.

Allows you to exclude quotes.

Allows you to exclude capitalized words.

100 % free


The maximum length is 700 characters.

Use Case

Suppose you want to reword lots of sentences. You can use RewriteTool to do so since it is free. Please note that you should process a few sentences at a time because there is a character count limit set to 700.


For a free tool, RewriteTool is impressive. The context does not get lost after rewording, even if you are using the basic reworder. The basic reworder replaces words with their synonyms. But on our testing, it also adds words to preserve the sentence's message. Meanwhile, the AI Rewriter is as you'd expect. It paraphrases the sentences like a human.

Unfortunately, you can only use this tool for content less than 700 characters long.


rewording tool

G2 Ratings: Not available.


Paraphrase-Online allows you to set the writing's tone.

It is 100% free.

It offers a sentence rephrase feature separate from the reword feature.

Paraphrase-Online supports Spanish, English, and Indonesian.


It fails to process text that is too long.

Use Case

Paraphrase-Online is the best rewording tool to use if you are writing for research or entertainment. It offers an Academic mode and a Creative mode. These affect the word choices of this tool. For instance, if you choose Academic, the writing will be formal. There will be no slang, and deeper words will be used.


This free rewording website is amazing. You'll really love the different modes it offers. If you want to paraphrase sentences instead of just reword, that is available too!

Sadly, you can't always rely on it. That's to be expected from a website that offers free service. Once the writing gets past 1000 words, the program fails to analyze and do its job.


rewording tool

G2 Ratings: A user review on G2 describes this software as an AI editor every writer needs. They love how it gives you alternatives for the words to improve the style.


It gives you control by providing different options to reword a sentence.

ProWritingAid saves time by allowing you to select the version of your sentence to use. You don't have to repeat the process again and again to find one that suits your style.

It offers different writing tones.


The free version has a word count limit set to 500.

You can only reword 10 per day in the free version.

Use Case

If "time is gold" is your motto, you should try this tool. It eliminates the need to reword repeatedly by giving you the ability to choose. ProWritingAid rewords your input multiple times at once. Then, you select which one you like best.


There is nothing wrong you can say about ProWritingAid's performance. It is good. The speed is impressive, even though it generates multiple options at once. And the suggestions make sense; they're not just synonyms of the original words glued together.

The only downside is the number of times you can reword. It's only ten times for free users. And it is per sentence, not per paragraph or article.

How To Choose the Best Rewording Tool for You?

As usual, the answer is: it depends. Is money a problem for you or not? This question determines whether a free or premium tool is better for you. Do you need to only replace words, or would you like actual paraphrasing? Do you need to reword sentences only or essays and long articles? By answering these questions, you'll find out which rewording tool is the best for you.


Rewording is not only time-consuming, but it can also be tiring and boring. Who would want to sit in front of their computer, selecting words from an article, and then replacing those words with their synonyms? It's not that bad if you have to replace only 10 words or so. If it's more than that, that's a different story. When caught in these situations, it is better to use rewording tools.

The best rewording program currently available is Wondershare PDFelement. It uses powerful AI, is user-friendly, offline, and can do a lot more than just reword. HiPDF is also a fantastic option. It does what PDFelement does, but it is online.

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