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Paraphrase-Online.com Review [Alternatives Provided]

When writing, it is always important to check for plagiarism. And one way to avoid it is by paraphrasing. It is the process of rewriting a sentence with different words and structures without changing its meaning. Paraphrase-online.com is one of the many free paraphrasing tools available right now.

But how good is this tool? Also, what is another tool you can use if it's not to your liking? Please continue reading to find answers to these questions.

Paraphrase-Online.com Review

Paraphrase-online.com is a web-based paraphrasing tool. It allows you to rewrite sentences and paragraphs in different ways. This amazing tool is 100% free. Furthermore, it boasts a sleek and modern interface. Also, there is a dark mode if you don't like bright lights. These features ensure that anyone can use this tool.

Main features

●Word Changer

●Sentence Rephraser

●Academic Mode

●Creative Mode


●Seemingly unlimited word count


●Paraphrase-online.com is a free tool.

●It offers different paraphrasing modes, so you can use it for different purposes.

Cons ●While there is no word count limit, Paraphrase-online.com struggles to process long articles.

Use Case

Who should use or when to use Paraphrase-online.com? Since it is a free tool, it's a fantastic option if money is currently a problem. Don't worry. Paraphrase-online.com is a good paraphraser, even though it's free.

Take note, however. It may fail to summarize long articles. If you really need to, paraphrase by paragraphs instead of pasting the whole article.


Paraphrase-online.com's performance is great. It can paraphrase your input well, so long as you don't overload it with words. The rewritten version makes sense - they aren't just synonyms of the original text put together.

We also like the availability of different modes. It gives the tool versatility that makes it outshine other free online paraphrasers. These modes are amazing too. For example, the Shorten mode paraphrases a passage while cutting the number of words used to construct it. On the other hand, the Academic mode paraphrases while ensuring the writing sounds professional and intelligent.

Unfortunately, when we tried paraphrasing an article more than 1,000 words in length, there were some problems. The words were replaced by strings of random letters, numbers, and symbols. Fortunately, It does not always happen. Sometimes, it paraphrases long articles without any issues.

How To Use Paraphrase-Online.com

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Paraphrase-online.com

Step 1 Visit Paraphrase-online.com using your preferred web browser.

Step 2 Paste the text that you want to paraphrase into the "Original Text" panel.

Step 3 Select a mode from the options above the two panels. Click:

  • Word Changer - if you want to change the words with their synonyms. This is called word-level paraphrasing.
  • Sentence Rephraser - if you want the paraphrasing technique to include changing the sentence structure. This is called sentence-level paraphrasing.
  • Academic - if you want the writing to sound professional. It is the best mode for research and thesis papers, and other scholarly articles.
  • Creative - if you want to add flare to your writing.
  • Shorten - if you also want to reduce the word count in the writing.

Step 4 Click Paraphrase >>. Review the output.

Step 5 Click the Copy button at the bottom right of the screen. Paste it into your file.

Paraphrase-Online.com Best Alternative: Wondershare PDFelement

Do you want to know a great alternative to Paraphrase-online.com? If this is the case, you should check out Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It is a desktop PDF solution that you can use to paraphrase text and documents.

paraphrase-online alternative
$29.99 per quarter.
Main features

●Rewrite text or documents with the help of powerful AI.

●One-click button for replacing the text in the document.

●PDF editor.


●The Rewrite function is built into a powerful PDF editor.

●It includes a Replace Original Text button, which is a time-saver.

●ChatGPT powers the Rewrite tool.


●The free trial version lasts only 14 days.

●Only 5,00 AI tokens are given to you for free.

●The Rewrite feature is available only on PDFelement for Windows versions 9.5.0 and above.

Use Case

Wondershare PDFelement's value as a paraphraser skyrockets when you also need a good document editor. It is a powerful one with lots of useful features. For example, the Rewrite feature is powered by ChatGPT. And we all know how good an AI ChatGPT is.


The best thing about this Paraphrase-online.com alternative is that it never underperforms. Wondershare PDFelement is always reliable.

As mentioned above, ChatGPT powers Lumi - PDFelement's PDF AI robot. Lumi is the one providing the Rewrite function. With that said, it's guaranteed that the revisions PDFelement provides make sense.

The one-click button for replacing the original text in the document is also a great quality-of-life improvement. It saves you time, effort, and energy.

How To Use Wondershare PDFelement’s Rewrite Tool

Step 1 Open your file with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Click Lumi PDF AI robot at the bottom right of the screen or at the floating toolbar after selecting text.

Step 3 Click Rewrite.

Step 4 Paste the text you want PDFlement to paraphrase into the input box.

paraphrase-online alternative

Step 5 Click Rewrite. Check PDFelement's output. Select Copy Response or Replace Original Text.

paraphrase-online alternative

Paraphrase-Online.com Best Online Alternative: HiPDF

The problem with desktop tools is they require storage space. Also, you can only use them on the device they are installed on. Sticking to online tools is best if you don't want to deal with that. In that case, the best Paraphrase-online.com alternative for you is HiPDF.

paraphrase-online alternative
Starts at $5.99 per month
Main features

●Keyword and key sentences extraction

●ChatGPT-powered paraphrasing tool


●You can use PDFelement for free.

●The sentences HiPDF generates make sense.


●You can only paraphrase up to 50 times in the free version.

Use Cases

HiPDF is useful when you want a website that works like Paraphrase-online.com. It is a free online document tool. With the Chat with PDF feature, HiPDF allows you to paraphrase text.

Why choose HiPDF? It is a fantastic option because ChatGPT also powers its paraphrasing tool. Thus, the quality of the writing will not go down after paraphrasing.


HiPDF never disappoints. The Chat with PDF feature is not really intended to be used as a paraphrasing tool. Nevertheless, it is an effective paraphraser. The best thing is how easy it is to use. porYou ask the program to paraphrase for you, just like how you ask a human to do it. The response rate is fast, and the rephrased sentence makes sense. Indeed, it is a tool you can count on.

How To Use Chat with PDF Tool of HiPDF to Paraphrase

Step 1 Open an internet browser and visit HiPDF.

Step 2 Click AI Tools > Chat with PDF.

Step 3 Click Choose File.

paraphrase-online alternative

Step 4 Upload a PDF document. It does not need to be the file containing the text you want to paraphrase. But it's better to use that document because HiPDF extracts the keywords. This can be important when paraphrasing.

Step 5 Click Analyze. Read the summary HiPDF will generate. It includes the keywords and key sentences found in the PDF.

Step 6 Scroll down to find the textbox where you can type in a message.

Step 7 Type a message to ask HiPDF to paraphrase a sentence. For example: Can you paraphrase this sentence for me: Insert the sentence here.

Step 8 Review the sentence that HiPDF wrote. Copy the sentence and paste it into your article.

paraphrase-online alternative


Paraphrase-online.com is an outstanding free paraphrasing tool. But it is not the only paraphrasing tool you can use. There are great alternatives to this paraphraser. Two of the best ones are Wondershare PDFelement and HiPDF.

These two tools have one thing in common. Both use the ChatGPT API to provide paraphrasing capabilities. ChatGPT, as we all know, is a powerful and reliable AI. Thus, you can also rest assured that PDFelement and HiPDF are great paraphrasers. They write sentences that are comprehensible. In other words, they make sense, unlike the sentences other tools generate. That's because HiPDF and PDFelement generate actual sentences rather than replace words with their synonyms.

With all that said, Wondershare PDFelement and HiPDF are Paraphrase-online.com alternatives that you should try.

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