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Reading through a PDF document requires that you have a PDF viewer at hand. Many tools provide this service, and Expert PDF Reader is one. The tool is well-customized, simple to use, fast, and fully featured.

There have been debates about the Expert PDF Reader's quality, which led us to write this review article. Here we will look into Expert PDF Reader, its features, and advantages. Also, we will introduce the best alternative for the PDF Reader. Without wasting your time, let's delve into the review.

expert pdf reader interface

Editor's Verdict: Expert PDF Reader is a fantastic PDF viewer explicitly built for Windows users to open, read, and print documents in PDF formats. It's designed with a clean user interface and simple features to aid your reading. Besides reading PDF documents, the software could also be used to convert and create PDFs and can be your new default PDF tool.


Expert PDF Reader allows you to convert documents to and from PDF with minimum error.

It permits you to create PDF documents at a zero-cost fee.

The software can serve as a PDF editor because of its robust editing features.


Expert PDF Reader is a paid tool. Thus, you must pay to access its features.

Although simple, the user interface can confuse newbies in the tech space.

It works with only Windows computer systems.

Part 1. Overview of Expert PDF Reader

Since the advent of PDF files in the late 20s, the need for a PDF reader has risen exponentially. And that led to the creation of the Expert PDF Reader- a Windows-compatible PDF editor established by Avanquest Software. This PDF reader has a handful of functionality to ensure you have the best reading experience.

expert pdf reader

With Expert PDF Reader, you can open and read PDFs on your computer with zero stress. The software allows you to rotate PDF files in several dimensions to suit your desire. Moreover, it enables you to work with multiple PDF files without distorting the layout. Besides PDF, this tool allows you to read documents in other formats, such as ePUB and CBZ.

In addition to the reading feature, Expert PDF Reader is capable of converting, compressing, and splitting PDF documents. Furthermore, it lets you organize PDF pages by adding or deleting pages. Also, easily extract and export images from PDF documents with zero quality loss. Other features of PDF Expert Reader include; batch processing and OCR.

Expert PDF Reader supports free and premium versions. The free version allows you to access some of the software's features. Paid versions, on the other hand, will enable you to enjoy all the features available on the software. The chart below shows the subscription packages supported by Expert PDF Reader:

Expert PDF Home
Expert PDF Professional
Expert PDF Ultimate
Price ($) $36 $59.99 $89.99

Part 2. Features of Expert PDF Reader

As previously mentioned, Expert PDF Reader has a handful of features. Here is a chart showing each feature. Kindly check it out:


Expert PDF Reader allows you to manipulate the content of a PDF document without scattering the layout. It permits you to add, delete, or move texts without hassles. Additionally, you can change PDF font size, style, and color. Insert headers, footers, images, and more into your PDF files using this tool. It can also be used to add watermarks to PDF documents.

expert pdf reader edit


With Expert PDF Reader, you can convert between document formats effortlessly. The software supports over five (5) document formats you could select from to convert your PDFs. Expert PDF Reader converts PDFs to document formats like HMTL, Word, RTF, Excel, PPT, and more.

expert pdf reader convert

Creating PDFs

Here is another beautiful feature you get to enjoy on Expert PDF Reader. The software can create PDFs from any document format without distorting the content layout.

expert pdf reader create


OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is an advanced feature structured to scan, read and extract text from scanned documents. Expert PDF Reader supports the feature. Thus, you can extract the content of image-based or scanned PDF files.

expert pdf reader ocr


Appending signatures on PDF documents used to be challenging. However, the advent of Expert PDF Reader has made it easy. The software lets you sign and send PDF documents to friends and clients for signing. It allows you to track and set reminders and expiry dates for signing a file.

expert pdf reader sign


Expert PDF Reader lets you protect confidential documents by adding passwords. With this feature, you can control who reads or access your PDF files.

expert pdf reader secure


Reduce your PDF file size before sending them out using the Expert PDF Reader.

expert pdf reader compress

Part 3. Reasons To Choose Expert PDF Reader as Your Default PDF Tool

Expert PDF Reader is an excellent tool for viewing PDF documents on Windows devices. It should be your default PDF tool because of its rich features. This PDF provides comprehensive PDF reading features so you don't get bored while reading.

It supports annotation tools like the freehand drawing icon, which you could use to take or jot down points while reading. There is an underlining icon for you to pinpoint vital information. Also, you have the highlighter to select texts. Customize PDF documents with stamps, signatures, or stickers to suit your desire so recipients can easily recognize your files.

Expert PDF Reader supports real-time collaboration. It allows you to send and receive feedback without hassles. The software permits you to fill out PDF forms easily and quickly. Thanks to the OCR feature, you can also use the software to extract data or information from PDF files.

Merge multiple PDFs and send them out using the Expert PDF Reader. Another quality feature tucked into this PDF tool is password encryption. End-users can secure PDF files before sharing them with recipients. All you have to do is add a password to the PDF and share it with the receiver. That way, intruders cannot access your document without your consent.

Part 4. Expert PDF Reader's Alternative- PDFelement

pdfelement interface

Even though the Expert PDF Reader has nearly all the features you require from a PDF editor, it isn't without its shortcomings. The software won't allow you to edit on Mac computers. It works with only Windows devices. Another limiting factor of this tool is the interface. The software has an outdated interface which can be confusing to navigate.

With these dark sides in mind, one must search for a better alternative. Of all tools available on the internet, the Wondershare PDFelement is one of the leading programs. The software holds all of the features tucked into Expert PDF Reader and more. In addition, it supports quality PDF reading features like the markup tools, which include underlining, highlighter, signature, and several others.

Wondershare PDFelement is customized with a streamlined interface that allows beginners and experts to navigate smoothly. Like Expert PDF Reader, this software offers a free trial and a premium service. Furthermore, the pricing for Wondershare PDFelement is affordable. Find below the pricing plan for PDFelement:

Yearly Plan
Perpetual Plan
Pricing ($) $79.99 $129.99

Besides reading PDF files, you can use Wondershare PDFelement to convert PDF files. It allows you to convert to over 20 document formats. Some of them include but are not limited to; PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, and more. You can also use the software to convert images from one format to another. Here are some formats supported by PDFelement; JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.

Part 5. How To Download Expert PDF Reader for Free

Installing the Expert PDF Reader is pretty straightforward. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. Here is the detailed procedure to download and install Expert PDF Reader on your Windows computer system:

Step 1 Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official website for Expert PDF Reader. The page below will pop up immediately on your display screen:

expert pdf reader website

Step 2 Locate the green Download button and click on it. The download should be over in a few seconds, depending on how fast your data network is. Kindly wait until the download process is over, then jump to the next step.

Step 3 Now follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. After the installation, launch it and start using it to read, edit, and print PDF files.


The Expert PDF Reader made reading through PDF documents easy. The software holds nearly all the features you need to open, view, read and print PDF files on your Windows and could be your new default PDF tool. However, if you want an alternative, please try Wondershare PDFelement, an all-in-one PDF editor for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It lets you freely view, edit, and add comments, callouts, sticky notes, and more to PDFs.

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