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Best 6 Effective Article Rewriters

Do you have 2 websites where you want to post an article about the same thing? You can't post one article on two websites because Google's ranking algorithm will count that as plagiarism. In that case, you need to rewrite the article once so you have two versions. For this, you'd want to use an article rewriter. These are software programs that change the wording of an article or paraphrase it.

Other folks can also benefit from using these tools. Students, journalists, researchers, and even authors will find a use for article rewrites. But to find them useful, you must use a reliable one. And here are your six best options.

article rewriter

Top 6 Article Rewriters

Here are the 6 article rewriting tools that you should check first.

1.Wondershare PDFelement

article rewriter

G2 Ratings: According to a user who wrote a G2 review, Wondershare PDFelement has excellent functions. These can help you on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, they liked how feature-rich the program is.


AI powers the article rewriting feature.

A one-click button for replacing the original text in the document is present.


You get a limited amount of AI tokens in the free trial.

The free trial ends after 14 days.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor has always been amazing. It has established itself as one of the most reliable PDF solutions out there. And it just got better! PDFelement now has AI tools, one of which is an article rewriter.

The article rewriter is amazing, as you'd expect from a ChatGPT-powered tool. The way it rewrites is similar to how a human rewrites an article. If you want another well-written version of an article, PDFelement is a great tool to use.

How To Use PDFelement as a Content Rewriter

Step 1 Open your PDF with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Select the text that you want PDFelement to rewrite.

Step 3 Click Lumi PDF AI robot on the floating toolbar or at the bottom right of the screen.

article rewriter

Step 4 Select Rewrite. Paste the content that you want to rewrite into the input textbox if it's not already there.

article rewriter

Step 5 Click Rewrite. Read and review PDFelement's output on the Response box. If satisfied, click Copy Response or Replace Original Text.

article rewriter

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide about rewriting articles with PDFelement:


article rewriter

The article rewriter is a free tool.

No installation is needed.

Allows you to adjust how many words get replaced.

It allows you to set whether capitalized words get changed or not.


There is a character count limit set to 6,500 only.

It offers word-level rewriting only.

Custom-writing, a site where you can have other people write for you, also offers an article rewriter. The best thing about it is the price tag - or its inexistence. Custom-writing's article rewriter is free.

How good is it? It's as good as a free tool can get. The program replaces words from the article with their synonyms. Unfortunately, there is a character count limit set to 6,500 or about 1,000 words.

3.FREE Rewording Tool For All Languages

article rewriter

This tool supports so many languages.

It offers 21 different rewriting modes.

The tool rewrites the articles like it's a human.


There is a 3,000 character-count limit.

Many modes are only available in the premium version.

The performance of this article rewriter is impressive. Its main selling point is its support of so many languages. It does not matter if the article is in English, Bosnian, or Fijian. The Free Rewording Tool For All Languages can rewrite them. And it does not replace words with their synonyms and calls it a day. This program rewrites like how a human does it.


article rewriter

It offers different paraphrasing modes.

Editpad's article rewriting accepts text or files as input.

Supports many languages.


The maximum word count is 1000.

2 out of 5 modes are locked behind a paywall.

While it does not support as many languages as the previous tool, Editpad still recognizes more than 1 language. That gives it more use cases than other tools. And using it is not a bad idea. The tool is great at writing another version of an article that keeps the meaning.

However, one downside is that Editpad only changes words or phrases with their synonyms. It does not actually reconstruct the sentences. Nevertheless, Editpad is a reliable tool.

5.My Assignment Help

article rewriter

It has an integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

The tool accepts both text and files as input.

My Assignment Help offers different rewriting modes.


You can use some rewriting modes only after creating an account.

There is a word count limit set to 500 only.

The input needs to have at least 15 words for the tool to work.

My Assignment Help is a good tool. It changes the sentences a little, besides replacing the words with their synonyms. And it offers different modes or tones.

Unfortunately, the tool is held back a little by the limits. The maximum word count set to 500 is a little low. And you can't use it to rewrite any sentence since it requires at least 15 words. But when My Assignment Help works, it works phenomenally.

6.Study Corgi

article rewriter

You can adjust the volume of words Study Corgi replaces.

You can exclude or include words starting in capital letters.

The article rewriter tool is free.


Study Corgi has a maximum character limit that is set to 7,000.

The tool swaps the phrases and words with something with similar meaning. It does not paraphrase the way humans do.

Study Corgi is a tool you can rely on. It gave the best output of all the word/phrase-level rewriters on this list. That alone is already a good reason to try this tool. But that's not all. Study Corgi also allows you to adjust how much gets changed from the sentence. That is a great customization option. And with that, Study Corgi proves that it is one of the top 6 article reworders available now.

Helpful Tips for Paraphrasing Articles

Suppose you want to paraphrase articles traditionally. Or you want to grade the tools yourself. Here are some pointers for good article rewriting.

Have a Thesaurus Handy

Using synonyms to replace the words in an article is an easy way to rewrite it. With this, you are guaranteed to have two different versions of the article with the same message or meaning. A thesaurus can help you with that.

However, please don't rely solely on synonyms. It is still better to change sentence structures or jumble the paragraph. This improves the articles' uniqueness. If you just replace words with their synonyms, it is still quite obvious that it's the same article.

Take a Break

Don't rewrite an article immediately after you finish writing it. Give your brain a little break, then come back to it. This refreshes your thinking capabilities, allowing you to think about different ways to express the same message more clearly.

Use Plagiarism Checkers

The number one reason why you'd want to rewrite an article is plagiarism. You want the article to be unique so that algorithms don't rank it low or you don't get into legal trouble.


Article rewriters are extremely useful tools. They improve your productivity and efficiency by saving time. You can ensure this happens by picking a fantastic article rewriter. And Wondershare PDFelement is a top-tier choice. It's a PDF solution with an AI-powered Rewrite feature. What more can you ask for?

Wondershare PDFelement's Rewrite feature, and other AI writing features like Summarize and Expand, are now available on Windows and Mac versions of PDFelement.

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