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How to Create Password Protected PDF

PDF files are the most widely used documents in terms of written information. Many applications can open and edit them, so there are plenty of tools to work, edit, manipulate, review and customize the files. Another determining aspect is the compatibility that exists. There are thousands of apps available to work with this type of file, so making use of them does not represent any problem.

However, one of the even more vital elements is the security you can apply to a PDF. Protecting a PDF file through a password is substantial activity, preventing third parties or people who do not have the file key from viewing its content. Several methods can achieve if you want to password protect your PDF.

Part 1. How to Create Password Protected PDF with PDFelement

While there is an incredible number of applications to work with PDF files, one will give you a fantastic experience. The primary response is PDFelement, a software that will provide you with the opportunity to protect your PDF with a password. And you can also add a second password to restrict some actions to users, in case you want to prevent them from modifying or manipulating the information in your document.

PDFelement is available for Windows and Mac; below, I will show you how to password protect your files with this fantastic application on each operating system:

On Windows

Protecting your files with a password is very easy. If you are a Windows user, all you have to do is follow the steps in the following tutorial:

Step 1: Open the PDF file

Run PDFelement and select “Open File” on the main window, then select the file you want to password protect.

open pdf file

Step 2: Click “Set Password”

Go to the “Protect” tab, and from the options, select “Set Password.”

set password

Step 3: Set password to open the document

Check the square next to “Open Password” and write the password of your choice.

open password

Step 4: Add permission password (optional)

If you want to add another password so that users can make changes or print the file, check the square next to “Open Password” and write the password of your choice.

permission password

Step 5: Edit Print Permission (optional)

Click the box below “Print Permission” and select the option you want. You can restrict printing permission or allow a specific type.

edit print permission

Step 6: Edit Changes Permission (optional)

You can also modify the changes permission. Select the option that fits your needs.

edit changes permission

Step 7: Save your document

Confirm if you want to enable copying of the content of your document. Click the “Save” button and select the destination to store it.

 save your document

Want to learn more about PDFelement? Watch the video below to find out.

On Mac

If you are a Mac user, you can also password protect your PDF files with PDFelement; this task is just as simple on this platform, but it has some differences, so I will also show you step by step how to complete it:

Step 1: Open your PDF file

Run PDFelement on your Mac. Go to the “File” tab, and from the drop-down list, hit “New” and then select “PDF from File….”

open pdf file

Step 2: Choose the PDF file

Select the PDF file you want to password protect.

choose the pdf file

Step 3: Encrypt PDF

Once you have opened the desired PDF file, go to the “File” tab, then hit “Protect” from the list and then click “Encrypt with Password.”

encrypt pdf

Step 4: Create a password to open the file

Below “Document Open Password,” write the password to open the file. You can also set another password to allow permissions.

create a password

Step 5: Edit printing permissions (optional)

You can restrict printing permissions or select low and high-resolution printing allowances.

edit printing permissions

Step 6: Set changes permissions (optional)

You can also modify changes permissions; just click the box below “Changes Allowed” and select the option that fits your needs. After editing permissions, click the “OK” button to set the passwords.

set changes permissions

Step 7: Confirm

Your document should be password protected. If you want to confirm, I recommend you close your document and open it again; PDFelement should ask you to write the password to visualize the content.

Alt: confirm


Did you notice how easy it was to accomplish this task through PDFelement? This process can be performed instantly and does not require much effort to complete; In addition, this incredible software will help you customize access to your document according to your needs and preferences.

PDFelement will also allow you to use many functions that will take full advantage of your PDF files, so it is a recommended application if you constantly work with this type of document.

Part 2. How to Create Password Protected PDF Online with HiPDF

There is an online option to protect your PDF through a password; this alternative is HiPDF, an online page that will offer you to do this task effectively. This election is convenient under various scenarios, such as when you are using a computer in a public place or if you don't want to download an application for storage reasons.

Protecting your PDFs with HiPDF with a password is something straightforward; in the next part, I will share the steps to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Open the protection tool

protect pdf online

Go to the HiPDF official website, and from the options listed on the main window, select “Protect PDF.”

Step 2: Choose PDF file

Click “Choose file” and select the PDF you want to password protect.

choose file

Step 3: Add password

add password

Enter the password to protect your PDF file, and then click the “Encrypt” button on this window.

Step 4: Download your file

Click the “Download” button and select the destination to save your file. You can also share your document through a link or via e-mail.

As you can see, HiPDF is an online option that easily accomplishes this task and is highly recommended if you don't want to download any application or you are on a computer that is not yours. Although it will give you essential protection and is not as personalized as PDFelement, HiPDF is an excellent alternative. It will provide you with the security that no one who does not have the password can access the content that is in your files.

download pdf file

Part 3. How to Create a Password Protected PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the original software that has worked with PDFs for many years. Today, it is still a reliable application through which you can password protect your PDF documents in just a few seconds. If you want to do this task, I will show you how easy it is to do it through the following steps:

Step 1: Open PDF and go to “Protect”

Run Adobe Acrobat and open your PDF file; then go to the right section and click “Protect” from the listed options.

 click protect

Step 2: Open the encryption tool

Click “Encrypt” and then hit “Encrypt with Password.”

 encrypt with password

Step 3: Confirm

A dialogue box may appear; just click “Yes” to confirm.

click yes

Step 4: Add password

Check the blank square next to “Require a password to open the document” and write the password you want to add.

add password

Step 5: Navigate through options and finish the task

You can add the printing and changing restrictions to enable or disable copying content. You can also change the compatibility of the document if you want. Once you have finished selecting the options, click “OK," and complete the task.

click ok

Adobe Acrobat is a handy application currently used by thousands of people worldwide every day. Still, its main disadvantage is that its free version will not let you do this task, so you will have to invest a significant amount of money in enjoying all its tools. This is not the case with other apps like PDFelement, which is much more affordable and in its free version will allow you to do much more than this program.

As you may have noticed, creating a password protected PDF is a simple task that you can do through different methods. Depending on your affinities, needs and demands, you can choose the alternative you like the most.

For example, if you are in an emergency and you are only going to protect an isolated file with a password, or you are not such a demanding user and only want to restrict access to your content, HiPDF is the most suitable solution. You do not need to download any software, so you will quickly accomplish this task on an online page.

However, suppose you are a demanding user who regularly works with PDF files. In that case, PDFelement is the most recommended option because, in addition to the fact that you can protect PDFs with passwords, there are many other functions to modify, personalize, edit, comment, view and, of course, add security to your content.


PDF files are becoming more and more common, and millions of them are created, shared and stored every day. A crucial element for them to be so widely used is adding password protection, a task that you can achieve through various alternatives and applications. PDFelement is the most recommended software among the existing options, thanks to its simple interface. It can fulfil this need in just a few seconds and offer you other significant advantages that you can freely explore.

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