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How To Convert Gmail Emails to PDFs

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You may want to access your Gmail emails offline. And you want to be able to view them on any device. You should download them and convert them into PDFs. PDFs appear the same across different devices. Also, the format offers many security features. So it's really a good idea to convert Gmail into PDF.

But how do you do that? What tools can you use for this type of conversion? We will discuss this in this article.

convert email to pdf

How To Convert Emails on Gmail to PDF

You really don't need anything besides access to your Gmail account to convert your emails to PDFs. Gmail has a built-in tool that lets you do that. However, having programs like Wondershare PDFelement installed on your PC makes it easier. On top of that, you will have a handy tool for reading and editing the PDF.

What should you do? You can use Gmail's Print function. Here's a guide on how to use the Print tool:

  1. Launch any web browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail.
  3. Open the email you want to convert to PDF.
  4. Click the Printer icon on the top right.
print button for a gmail email
  1. Select Wondershare PDFelement as the Destination.
selecting wondershare pdfelement as the printer
  1. Click Print.

And just like that, you have your Gmail email saved as a PDF.

How To Batch Convert Emails on Gmail to PDFs

The abovementioned method works. However, there is one big problem with this method. It allows you to convert emails to PDFs one by one. If you have to convert multiple emails, it would be time-consuming.

That said, you have to rely on other methods to batch-convert Gmail emails to PDFs. Now you need a special tool that offers that functionality. One good software program is the Gmail Backup Tool. It is a third-party app that lets you download Gmail emails as PDFs.

Follow these steps to convert multiple Gmail emails to PDFs at once:

  1. Download and install the Gmail Backup Tool.
  2. Launch the app and choose Gmail as the email source.
  3. Enter your Gmail account credentials to give the program access to your emails.
entering gmail credentials to backup tool
  1. Select the mailbox folders which contents you want to convert to PDF.
  2. On the Select Saving Option: choose PDF.
  3. Click Backup.

After these steps, the tool should begin downloading your Gmail emails as PDFs.

How To Convert Emails on Gmail to PDFs on Mobile

What if you are using your smartphone? Can you convert Gmail emails to PDFs directly? Or do you need to access the emails from your computer? The answer is: you can do it on your phone! It's also very easy.

Here. Let us teach you how to convert Gmail emails into PDFs on Android and iOS.


  1. Launch your Gmail app. Log into your account if you are not logged in yet.
the gmail app on android phone
  1. Select the email that you want to convert to PDF.
  2. Tap the three dots on the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Print.
the print option on gmail android
  1. Tap Select a Printer.
  2. Choose Save as PDF.
selecting save as pdf as printer
  1. Tap the PDF icon.
the download as pdf icon
  1. Name the PDF file if you want to. Then tap Save.
naming the pdf to download


  1. Launch the Gmail app on your iPad or iPhone. Log into your account if you are not logged in yet.
  2. Select the email that you want to convert to PDF.
  3. Tap the three dots at the top right of the email to access the menu.
three dots button on ios gmail
  1. Choose Print > Airprint.
airprint option on gmail for ios
  1. Select Save to Files.
save to file option on gmail
  1. Choose Save as PDF as the printer.
save to file option on gmail
  1. Choose a file destination and tap Save.

Edit Your Email-Turned-to-PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement for Mobile

Some phones have built-in PDF readers, while others don't. If yours have one, you can use that to read and edit the Gmail email you converted to PDF. The thing is that built-in apps tend to have limited capabilities. So you may want to download another PDF solution.

how to print Gmail to pdf

One of your best choices on mobile is Wondershare PDFelement. First of all, the version for Android is 100% free! You don't have to pay to install it or use all of its features.

Key Features:

  • There are plenty of markup tools.
  • You can digitally sign the PDF.
  • You can edit the text in the PDF.
  • PDFelement for mobile lets you organize the pages.
  • You can password-protect the PDF.

Wondershare PDFelement for Android is free.

It offers all the basic PDF tools that you need, plus a few advanced features.


The Android version is not as powerful as the iOS or PC version.

Dos and Don't When Converting Gmail Emails to PDFs

We are talking about emails. And some of them may contain sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to know the dos and don'ts when converting Gmail emails to PDFS. Let us tell you these things. Here are the things you should and should not do.


  1. Do use only trusted apps - There may be third-party apps that let you download Gmail emails as PDFs. Before you use them, please do research. Does the converter/downloader have a good reputation or not? If they don't, please stick to the traditional methods. Gmail provides it for free, after all.
  2. Do secure your PDFs - Because emails may contain sensitive information, it's a must to secure your PDFs. Luckily, the PDF format offers many features that can help. You can password-protect or encrypt them. Also, you can digitally sign the PDF to protect its authenticity.
  3. Do verify the PDF's contents - After converting the Gmail email to PDF, immediately open the file to check its contents. The content of the PDF should be the same as the email. This also helps you see if there were formatting errors.
  4. Do organize and name the PDFs appropriately - You don't want to open every single PDF to find a specific one every time. That is very time-consuming. Because of that, it is wise to give the PDFs names that reflect their content.


  1. Don't forget to include attachments - Some emails come with attachments. In some instances, the email would not make sense unless you viewed the attached files. Thus, you should always ensure attachments are included. If not possible, download the files and put them in the same folder as the PDF.
  2. Don't convert every email - Some emails are not worth saving. So select only the ones that are worth saving. Knowing this can save you time and storage space.
  3. Don't disregard the file size - Saving the Gmail emails as PDFs means you are downloading them. Thus, they take storage space from your device. That said, you should check for the PDF file size. Compress the PDF if it is too large. By doing so, you make them easier to manage, share, or store.
  4. Don't share the PDFs without permission - Always respect the privacy and confidentiality of the email content. The sender of those emails may not want others to know about your conversations. So only share the PDFs after you have gained permission, and send them only to authorized individuals or parties.


Converting Gmail emails to PDFs has its purpose. It allows you to access your emails on any device, even when you are offline. Also, it gives you a backup to your Gmail emails.

Everyone with important emails should do this, especially since it is not difficult to do. Gmail itself gives you free tools to use for this conversion. Then, you only need a reliable PDF solution like Wondershare PDFelement to manage the PDFs. The Android version of PDFelement is also free. So there's nothing stopping you from turning your Gmail emails into PDFs.

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