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6 Free Printable Advent Calendar Templates [Tools Included]

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when believers celebrate the birth of Jesus and fellowship with other believers. For non-believers, Christmas is a time to eat and make merry with family and friends. A common practice during the festive season is using advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas.

This article will define what an advent calendar means and dive into six (6) free printable DIY Christmas advent calendars you could use to make your holidays cheerier.

printable advent calendar

Part 1. What Is Christmas Advent Calendar?

Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means arrival. From time immemorial, the Advent Calendar has been a staple during Christmas. However, the modern version was first seen at the beginning of the 19th Century.

An Advent calendar starts counting down from the 1st of December till Christmas day in anticipation of the festive season. During the Advent season, Christians celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Believers also take this time to reflect on what the birth of the Savior means for humanity and practice self-reflection.

Part 2. 6 Free Printable DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Here are six of the most exciting free printable DIY Christmas advent calendar examples you could try with your friends and family this year. The colors are vibrant, and the designs are so simple that you won't have a problem replicating them.

1. Activity Advent Calendar for Kids

The holidays are here, and the kids have closed school till the New Year. They are undoubtedly excited to be home, away from the stringent rules and restrictions they experience in school. While having them at home with you might be exciting, we can't dispute that these children can sometimes drive you crazy.

Their frequent outbursts of energy can quickly leave you drained. Some parents have confessed to almost succumbing to the temptation to lock themselves in their bedrooms and only come out for food. The 12 days of Christmas advent calendar is a fun DIY activity that will help your kids use up all their extra energy and keep them engaged and out of trouble.

You could download a printable advent calendar or try to replicate a free printable advent calendar you see online. By the end of this craft, your kids will be ready to get some shut-eye, and you will be left with beautiful crafts to commemorate the holidays.

advent calendar kids

2. Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar

Christmas hardly feels the same without an elaborately decorated tree with string lights and beautiful pendants. Perhaps you have made it a family tradition to buy a large tree every year and make it look so pretty that you are the envy of everyone else.

There is no disputing that Christmas trees tie the entire festive season together and inject some holiday cheer. An excellent idea would be to create a printable Christmas calendar with a huge Christmas tree on the cover page. Numerous designs online could inspire you to create your own 12 days advent calendar. You can also download a Christmas tree advent calendar template to make your work easier.

This countdown calendar is suitable for kids, teens, and adults. It won't take you more than an hour to make this craft, which will be ready to deck your halls and living rooms.

christmas tree countdown advent calendar

3. Free Printable Santa Advent Calendar

Apart from the Christmas tree, Santa Claus is yet another beloved character we associate with the festivities. His big white beard and red apparel make him hard to miss. He is known for flying on a magic sled and depositing gifts on his way around the world.

Parents worldwide tell their kids to be good throughout the year if they want to receive gifts. Santa would make an excellent theme for this year's Christmas 2023 calendar.

The printable templates are so vast you can't possibly exhaust them all. You can involve your kids or tackle it as a solo project to wow your family and make their eyes beam with delight.

advent calendar santa

4. Santa Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

The main purpose of an advent calendar is to help you count down the days to Christmas. The anticipation gradually builds up the closer you get to D-day, and there is no better feeling like it. Since Santa Claus is an integral theme during Christmas, why not make a Santa print advent calendar to make counting the days more exciting?

You could hide the numbers in his beard and use cotton balls to simulate the fluffiness and volume. If you haven't found much inspiration online, you could use various efficient editing tools with built-in templates to make creating a Santa Christmas countdown advent calendar a breeze.

Another excellent suggestion would be downloading a free printable advent calendar to color if you are eager to try other color combinations apart from the typical red and white.

santa christmas countdown advent calendar

5. Santa Advent Calendar Favor Boxes

Suppose you are hosting your extended family for the holidays and would like to spice things up this year. We have grown accustomed to the standard printable DIY advent calendar. However, there are other ways to celebrate this auspicious tradition without taking away from the holiday cheer.

The Santa advent favor boxes are great for gifting your guests at the end of a party or dispensing candy to eager kids. All you need to do is to download an advent calendar template and cut along the dotted lines. Once you follow the instructions on how to fold the box, glue down the edges and label the boxes according to the number of days.

This craft is unique, and we guarantee most of your guests will see them for the first time. Please don't be surprised to see your guests keeping the party favor as a souvenir!

santa advent calendar favor boxes

6. Paper City Christmas Advent Calendar

If you thought the Santa party favor boxes were unique, wait till you see the paper city 12 days of the Christmas calendar. At a glance, this craft looks pretty complicated, and you all but wonder how the person came up with the idea in the first place.

However, when you make the craft, you will realize that most actions are repetitive, with a few alterations to create diverse structures. With a free downloadable template, you are almost halfway done with your paper city advent calendar.

The crafting tools you need for this calendar include scissors, colored markers, glue, and some washi tape. The paper city December Christmas calendar is an excellent way to hide tasty treats or decorate your homes during the festive season.

paper city advent calendar

Part 3. Print Christmas Advent Calendar

If you are looking for a lightweight and efficient tool to help you print a Christmas advent calendar, look no further than Wondershare PDFelement. This platform has a print-and-combine feature that allows you to combine multiple PDFs into one digital document and easily print them.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you combine and print your Christmas advent calendar with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1 Open the Wondershare PDFelement platforms and go to the homepage.

Step 2 Select the "Combine" tab at the top of the page.

pdfelement homepage

Step 3 Drag and drop the two files you want to combine. You can also select the files from your storage. In this case, we want to combine the two sample Christmas advent calendars below.

pdfelement combine calendar

Step 4 Click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen to combine the two digital documents.

Step 5 Once the two documents are combined, save your changes and click on "Print" to obtain a hard copy of your advent calendar.

Part 4. Make Your Christmas Advent Calendar To-Do List

In addition to the print and combine feature, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor has a Template Mall, where you can download a to-do list. You can use this template to create a Christmas advent calendar to-do list, so you don't forget anything important. This template also helps you save precious time that you could put into other holiday preparations.

pdfelement advent calendar template mall

Get Printable Advent Calendar Templates from PDFelement >>

Here is a guide on how to use Wondershare PDFelement to edit the to-do list.

Step 1 Go to the Wondershare PDFelement homepage and select "Edit."

pdfelement edit advent calendar

Step 2 The platform will prompt you to add the document you want to edit from your internal storage.

Step 3 Click on "Add Text" at the top of the page to edit your Christmas to-do list advent calendar.

pdfelement edit to do list advent calendar

Step 4 Fill in all the blank spaces with the text of your choice .

pdfelement add text to do list advent calendar

Step 5 Click on the "Save" icon next to "File" at the top of the page to save your edited document.

Watch the video below to check out more features of PDFelement, the best PDF editor that can help you with all sorts of Christmas To-Do lists edits and conversions.


The Advent calendar is one that you shouldn't do without, even though you are not religious. You can use this calendar to make gifting a more exciting affair, whereby everyone has to get their partner a gift each day of the calendar till Christmas. You can also take this opportunity to gather the kids for fun crafting activities that will strengthen your bond. We hope that your creative faculties will be fired up by the end of this article.

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