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The problems of our world are being addressed by a large number of non-profit organizations who pump the money they make back into their work and not in to the profits of the owners. Non-Profit organizations are not only looking for people who have the right skills but also align with their goals and values. When writing a non-profit cover letter, you need to show all of this. The below non-profit cover letter examples will give you a good place to start for writing your own cover letter for non-profit organization positions.

Non-Profit Cover Letter Template

non profit cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for nonprofit. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Free Non-Profit Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jacob Ridley

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr. Connors,

I am writing to you to apply for a position announced recently in the local press and believe I am perfect for the role.

I enclose my resume for your perusal.

I have over eight-years-experience working with community organizations locally and at a state level, working with vulnerable and minority groups on the issues they face. I have also volunteered at a grass-roots level on community building and clean-up projects and have also worked as a mentor for at-risk teenagers for the past few years.

As part of previous work, I was also involved in conducting an in-depth study from which the findings have helped community organizations across the country strengthen their positions and be more effective in delivering their services. I have been at the center of policy processes for this area of non-profit work.

I have a personal passion for improving the lives of people in communities and believe massively in the power of local individuals to enact positive change. It has been my mission to provide proactive people with the tools and support they need to make the changes we need to see on a local level.

The work your organization undertakes has always interested and impressed me, and the culture of support you have created is one that I would love to be a part of.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you or discuss on the phone, how my experience would be of benefit to your organization in the advertised role. I believe my past experience and unique understanding of the community organization field will be of massive benefit to achieving your goals.

Thanks for your time,

Kind Regards,
Jacob Ridley

Tips for Writing a Non-Profit Cover Letter

Non-Profit organizations are looking for a special kind of person who not only has the required skills for the job but someone who also aligns with their values, morals, and goals in delivering their services. The cover letter for the non-profit position that you write needs to display all this. There are many non-profit cover letter samples online, but the above sample is a good starting point for all non-profit cover letters. The below tips and advice will provide you with more guidance for writing you own letter.

  • In a non-profit role, you'll need to be professional at all times. Create the right first impression by using an easy-to-read font and standard, formal letter format. Also, keep it short.
  • Address the letter to the exact and correct contact at the organization who is hiring for the position. Employers spend just eight seconds reading a cover letter before deciding to accept or reject it. This personal touch will help you keep their attention for longer.
  • Direct the employer to your resume for further details.
  • Gain the employers' attention by outlining your experience and skills. This candidate explains the number of years they have been working in community organizations and also the volunteering they have done to help the local community. Don't give away the full story because you would like the employer to follow-up with more questions.
  • Get specific about some of the relevant work you have done and showcase anything that would make you stand out from the other candidates. The candidate here explains the research they conducted that lead to improvements in how organizations work. Again, don't give away too much.
  • Explain what it is you like about the organization and their work. Employers will be looking to see if you have considered who they are before applying. Relate to how you will be able to fit into this and aid them in their goals.
  • Close the non-profit cover letter by reminding them of your skills and experience and state how good you will be for the position. Let the employer know you are keen to discuss the position further and are available for a follow-up conversation.
  • You think you've got the cover letter just right, but there is one more thing to do before sending it off. You need to take the time to proofread it in detail to amend any typos or mistakes. If there are a lot of these present your letter will be rejected, and you won't get the job.

How to Edit Non-Profit Cover Letter Template

To edit the PDF cover letter template for non-profit organizations, you need a professional and robust PDF editor: Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It will help you create and edit the PDF template and insert your own information into it. You can change the texts, images, signature and any other elements in the template.

cover letter for non profit position

Step 1. Open the Non-Profit Cover Letter Template

cover letter for non profit organization

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

non profit cover letter sample

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Non-Profit Cover Letter

non profit cover letter
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