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Anyone who has investigated computer science work will know the increasing importance of this role in today's world and how important attention to detail is in the role. A computer science cover letter needs to successfully display all your skills and experience effectively to help you stand in this competitive market. The below cover letter sample computer science is a great framework for writing your own cover letter computer science.

Free Computer Science Cover Letter Template

computer science job cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for computer science job. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Computer Science Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jess McCoy

Address: xxxxxxxxx

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxx
Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Colin,

I am writing to submit my application for your new network administrator position and believe that I am the candidate that you are looking for.

I have worked directly as a network administrator for a large ecommerce company since graduating with a BS in computer science four years ago. I have become a valued and essential part of the team because of my focus on practical solutions to issues with networks, user support systems and IT systems. I have also had a key role with input into developing new technology projects within the company.

I have knowledge and experience that cover all aspects of your new job role, including:

  • IT infrastructure including LAN, WAN, VPN, SAN and VoIP
  • System security
  • Design and administration of networks and servers
  • Data storage and cloud computing
  • Software implementation
  • Network optimization

I have become renowned at my current workplace for technical trouble-shooting and finding the most effective solution to any problem. This has included implementing the most cost-effective solutions and introducing more cost-effective systems that have not only improved performance but also the company's bottom-line. Overall in the role I have increased the performance and hardware by 40% by resolving issues such as system slowdowns, virus outbreaks and network crashes.

Although, your company works in a different field with different system requirements I am sure that I abilities and knowledge to be a valuable part of your team. I am an admirer of your company's innovative and forward-thinking approach to IT systems and your early-adopter approach to new developments. This is a dynamic working culture that I would like to be a part of.

In my current role I provide quality technical support in a fast-paced environment and I am confident that this is what you are looking for. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further and I am available for a conversation at any time. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,
Jess McCoy

Tips for Writing Computer Science Cover Letter

A computer science cover letter is your first chance at impressing an employer in this competitive job market. It needs to show your skills, experience and personality quickly and effectively to make you stand out. The above sample computer science cover letter is the perfect starting point for your own cover letter for computer science job roles. The tips and advice below will give you more guidance on what you need to write for your own cover letter for computer science roles.

  • Written documentation might not always be a large part of your role in computer science but that doesn't mean that your cover letter doesn't need to be professional. It needs to be readable and laid out in a formal letter format.
  • See yourself as a commodity and write as if you are selling a product. In this case the product is you.
  • You might think you have crafted the perfect computer science cover letter, but you have sent it off with lots of typos and mistakes. This will mean you won't get the job. Make sure you proofread the letter in detail before sending it off and, if possible, get someone else to read over it as well.
  • Gain the employers interest with a short explanation of your skills and experience to date. Include your academic successes and your on-the-job experience to paint a picture of where you are at in your career. This candidate also outlines who they have become a valued part of the team at their current employer and why.
  • Now you need to expand on your specific skills, which should be based on what is mentioned in the job advertisement. The candidate here has decided to list some key skills as a bullet point list. This strategy allows the employer to quickly access your list of skills.
  • With all the information you provide don't give them employer the full story. At the end of them reading the letter you want them to have questions and need to follow-up with a phone call.
  • Expand on your skills and successes with some specific examples of your work. If you have figures and statistics to back up your claims include those. Relate how it is your work that has been the direct cause of any improvements.
  • The employer will also be looking for whether you have considered how they work in making a decision to apply. In this case the candidate highlights that all they work in a different area of industry and with different systems they still have the skills to work for them. They also state what they like about how they work and how they can fit into that culture.
  • End by reminding the employer that you are interested in the job and are willing to discuss it further at any time.

How to Edit Computer Science Cover Letter Template

A nice computer science cover letter will help you get an interview call quickly and efficiently. Just free download the beautiful PDF cover letter templates in this page and edit it with a professional PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It will help you edit and customize the PDF templates by changing the original texts, images, graphics and signatures.

computer science cover letter

Step 1. Open the Computer Science Cover Letter Template

cover letter computer science

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter sample computer science

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Computer Science Cover Letter

sample computer science cover letter
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