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Many PDF users struggle to use PDF to Word conversion tools because they come with so many options; however, when you use the PDF Candy PDF to Word converter, all those problems disappear. The process is as straightforward as it can be, even though there may be some disadvantages. But why use a converter in the first place? Well, that's because Word documents are easier to edit since most of us are already familiar with tools like MS Word and Google Docs. In some cases, you may want to modify large chunks of content in a PDF, for which you need special tools. So, when you convert by using Candy PDF to Word, the process becomes much easier.

Let's look at the detailed PDF to Word Candy PDF process to understand why it's such a great tool. After that, it'll be time for the bonus, so keep reading!

Part 1. What Can PDF Candy Offer You?

One of the most attractive features of the PDF Candy to Word conversion tool is the fact that it's 100% online. That means you don't have to download anything other than the processed file at the end of the conversion. No installation and no hassling with versions and updates.

The UI or user interface is extremely user-friendly, which is one reason the Candy PDF Word conversion tool and associated PDF tools are so popular with users. The home page has a clean but functional look that provides you with one-click access to all the various tools that the Candy convert PDF to Word tool has to offer. You'll see a grid-like menu with all the tools laid out conveniently. Some of the top tools include:

  • PDF to Word Converter
  • PDF Editor
  • Other PDF Conversion Options
  • PDF Compression
  • PDF Organizing (Split, Merge, Organize Pages, etc.)
  • Page Numbering
  • PDF Extract - Images and Text
  • eSignature, and so on

PDF Candy is free to use, but with a few limits such as the maximum file size supported or the number of tasks you can perform per hour. Signing up is simple, too, as all it takes is clicking the Sign Up button and filling in your details. Once you're logged in, you can proceed to use the PDF to Word converter Candy offers for online use. That's what we'll look at next.

How to Convert PDF to Word with PDF Candy

Step 1 Upload the PDF File

First, head to the PDF Candy PDF to Word conversion URL: https://pdfcandy.com/pdf-to-word.html

PDF Candy PDF to Word

Next, click the Add File button or drag and drop the file into the UI.

Wait for the upload to finish.

Step 2 Conversion

Once your upload is complete, the PDF to Word converter Candy tool will automatically begin converting the file.

Wait until you see the final page with the download and share options.

Step 3 Download the Word File

When you see the Download button, it means your file is processed and ready.


Click the button and save the Word file to the desired folder.

PDF Candy Pros and Cons

Of course, every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, and PDF Candy PDF to Word is no different. Here's a quick look at what we liked and what might be better.


Online convenience

Ample PDF tools

Robust functionality

User-friendly UI - easy to navigate


Can't handle very large files

Free version is limited

Requires a modern browser

Requires a stable connection

register PDF to Candy

As you can see, the advantages are many but so are the cons. That's why a lot of users of the PDF to Word PDF Candy tool look for alternatives that they can install, because an installed software utility is usually more powerful and can handle heavier workloads because it can directly use your hardware resources such as CPU and GPU. And that brings us to the bonus section!

Bonus: Convert PDF to Word with PDFelement (The PDF Expert)

Wondershare PDFelement is a versatile and powerful PDF to Word converter like PDF Candy but it is vastly different. It's an all-in-one PDF solution with tons of advanced features that will help you get through the toughest and heaviest workflows in a seamless manner.

Having doubts about the features of PDFelement? Just use the link given below to discover the simplest and fastest way to complete PDF tasks.

Feature Highlights of PDFelement:

  • Full-fledged PDF editor
  • Convert to and from PDF - hundreds of formats supported
  • Cross-platform - Win, Mac, iOS, Android, Web
  • Advanced tools like OCR, redaction, Bates Numbering, etc.
  • File organizing
  • Page management
  • Electronic and digital signature
  • Form creation and management made simple

The best part is that each new iteration of PDFelement comes with more and more features and tools. Moreover, the UI gets a refresh every now and then to ensure that it is always intuitive and user-friendly even for the most complex tasks. The best part is that you can use it for free with very few limitations, such as a watermark being added to processed files. If you need unrestricted use, you can upgrade very affordably. In fact, that's one of the aspects of PDFelement that makes it a top PDF utility, and it is often touted as the most affordable alternative to expensive tools such as Adobe Acrobat DC/Pro DC.

Steps to Use PDFelement to Convert PDF to Word:

Step 1 Launch PDFelement

After installing PDFelement, click the icon to launch it. The blazing fast utility will appear in a couple of seconds, showing you the home screen.

Step 2 Import the PDF

Next, click the Convert module that you see on the home screen. Select your PDF from its folder location.

PDFelement home screen

Step 3 Automatic Conversion

If your PDF is editable, PDFelement will automatically convert the PDF to Word. You will be prompted to save the Word file. Do that now. That's it!

save the Word file

Simplify Your PDF Solution with PDFelement

Probably the best feature of Wondershare PDFelement is that every task is made so simple that even a child can do it. Scratch that - kids know more than adults these days, especially when it comes to technology! Let's just say that anyone with even a little knowledge about using Windows or Mac applications can do it with ease. So, in what scenarios is PDFelement useful? Let's see…

  • Modifying the content of a PDF document without having to convert it to Word
  • Converting to other native formats for specific purposes, such as images, HTML, etc.
  • Creating PDF files from practically any document or image format
  • Merging and splitting files, and organizing PDF pages (great for students and professionals)
  • OCR - convert scanned PDFs to editable or searchable files
  • PDF/A creation - ISO standard for document archiving
  • Electronic Signature - Speed up your signature workflows by digitizing the process

As you can see, PDFelement can greatly enhance your productivity, whether it's for personal use, official purposes, or for academics. Its versatility is only matched by its affordability, and with PDFelement at your side, no PDF task is too small or too big. Take home PDFelement today and transform your digital life to make it simpler and more efficient.

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