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A PPTM file is a macro-enabled PowerPoint Presentation file. Is converting them to PDF the same process as when converting PPT or PPTX files? What are the best tools for this type of conversion? This article will provide you with some answers. Below are the 5 best PPTM to PDF converters.

convert pptm to pdf

What Is PPTM File Format?

PPTM files are like PPTX files. They are PowerPoint presentations but with a touch of programming. It contains what is essentially a "script" written with VBA. It allows users to automate repetitive tasks. The script is called a "macro," thus the 'M' in PPTM.

Please note that PPTX files can also contain macros, but they can't execute them. A user must first save a macro-enabled version of the file to run the script. That is how PPTM files are created.

Benefits of Converting PPTM to PDF

Saving PowerPoint files as PPTM can help you a lot. The macros remove the need for you to do repetitive tasks. But sending the files to others as PPTM is not good practice. They may not have an MS PowerPoint or universal file viewer on their device.

We recommend converting the file to PDF first before sending them. The recipient can surely open a PDF, as even web browsers have PDF-reading capabilities. Also, a PDF presents the file better, except when doing a live demonstration.

As icing on the cake, sending a PPTM as PDF also offers graphic integrity. The file will look the same on different devices.

Here are the best tools you can use to convert PPTM files to PDFs.

Tool 1. Convert PPTM to PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement

Editor's Verdict: Wondershare PDFelement is the best PPTM to PDF converter. It is easy to use and offers a lot of handy features you can use to edit the converted file.

Ratings from G2: 4.5/5 stars
Max P., a validated reviewer, says that PDFelement is a great all-in-one program. It lets you "create, convert, batch, or combine any file to PDF and vice versa." Max also loves how you can multitask easily with PDFelement.

Compatibility: Windows 11 and below; macOS 10.14 to macOS 13 (Apple M1 Compatible); iOS 13 and above;


Converting PPTM to PDF is easy.

You can batch-convert files.

Includes editing tools you can use to modify the converted PDF files.


The free version has limited features.

wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement is an outstanding PDF tool. Its file converter tool is among the easiest ones to use. It is like opening a file just as you normally would. Combined with PDFelement's clean interface and screen tips, it makes this software the best tool for PPTM to PDF conversions.

And that is not all. Wondershare PDFelement also lets you edit the output file. You can add text or images that you forgot to add to the document when it was still a PowerPoint Presentation file.

Does the PPTM contain image text? Wondershare PDFelement can perform OCR on the document to make the text searchable or editable. Indeed, PDFelement's toolbox is filled with sophisticated features that will let you present the document in the best way possible.

Besides PPTM files, Wondershare PDFelement's converter feature accepts other file formats. You can also use PDFelement to convert PDFs to other file types. To learn more about PDFelement, watch the video below.

How To Convert PPTM Files to PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement:

Step 1 Download Wondershare PDFelement and open it.

Step 2 Click "Create PDF" > "From File."

creating new pdf on pdfelement

Step 3 Select the PPTM file you want to convert to PDF.

Step 4 Wondershare PDFelement will automatically convert the file to PDF. Wait for the process to finish. When it is done, PDFelement will open the PDF.

pdfelement converting the pptm to pdf

Step 5 Optionally, edit the PDF.

Step 6 Press "CTRL + S" to save the file.

saving the converted file on pdfelement

Tool 2. Foxit PPTM to PDF Converter

Editor's Verdict: Foxit is the best utility program/Microsoft Office 365 add-in for converting PPTM files to PDF.

Ratings from G2: 4.6/5 stars

Compatibility: Web; Windows; Mac



You don't really need to install another program to use Foxit's converter. It's an online service or an Office 365 Add-in.

You can convert files within Office 365 apps.


Requires some technical knowledge.

Does not include tools that allow you to modify the PDFs.

foxit online pptm to pdf converter

Foxit is a great option if you don't want to install another program on your computer. It's either an online converter or an add-in to Office 365 apps like MS PowerPoint. The beauty of the latter is that you can convert PPTM files to PDF without leaving MS PowerPoint. This streamlining can help you save lots of precious time.

How To Convert PPTM to PDF Using the Office 365 Foxit Add-on:

Step 1 Open the PPTM file you want to convert on Office 365.

Step 2 Click "Insert" > " Get Ads-ins."

Step 3 Click "Store."

Step 4 Search for "Foxit PDF Editor." Click "Add" > "Continue."

Step 5 Go to the "Home" tab.

Step 6 Click the "three-dots" on the top-right of the screen.

Step 7 Select "Foxit PDF Editor."

using the foxit add in

Step 8 Click "Convert."

starting conversion to pdf using foxit

Step 9 Click "Download" or "Save to OneDrive."

saving the pdf foxit created

Tool 3. Convert PPTM to PDF Using Google Slides

Editor's Verdict: Google Slides is the best free online PPTM to PDF converter.

Ratings from G2: N/A

Compatibility: Web


No installation is required.

100% free.


Only available when you have internet access.

Batch processing is not possible.

google slides website

Google Slides is part of the Google Suite. Along with Google Docs and Google Sheets, it lets you work with files online. Google Slides is a web program for PowerPoint Presentations. You don't need to pay to use it; you only need to register a Google account.

Google Slides has a hidden feature that lets you convert PPTM files to PDF. Follow the instructions written below to do so:

How To Convert PPTM to PDF Using Google Slides:

Step 1 Launch a web browser and go to Google Drive. Log into your Google account (Gmail) if you haven't yet.

google drive

Step 2 Click "+ New" > "File upload." Select the PPTM file to upload it to Google Drive.

uploading new file on google drive

Step 3 Open the document with Google Slides.

viewing the pptm on google slides

Step 4 Click the "File" > "Download" button on the top toolbar. Then download the PPTM file as PDF to your local device.

preview of the converted pdf

Tool 4. Online Visual Paradigm To Convert PPTM to PDF Online

Editor's Verdict: Online Visual Paradigm is the simplest PPTM to PDF converter.

Ratings from G2: 4.3/5 stars

Compatibility: Web


Super fast and simple.

Lets you export the PDF files to your cloud storage.

Offers batch processing.


Not available for offline use.

online visual paradigm pptm converter

Online Visual Paradigm is a website that helps businesses all around the world by providing solutions that help them manage documents. It offers a robust PDF Tool suite, allowing you to do many things with PDF files. That includes converting files from other formats to PDF and vice versa. That said, you can use Online Visual Paradigm to convert PPTM to PDF.

How To Convert PPTM to PDF Using Online Visual Paradigm:

Step 1 Launch a web browser and visit Online Visual Paradigm's website.

Step 2 Click "Explore" > "Online PDF Tool Suite."

online visual paradigm pdf tool suite

Step 3 Find and click "PPTM to PDF."

online visual paradigm pptm to pdf

Step 4 Drag and drop the PPTM files you want to convert to the box at the center of the webpage. Alternatively, click "CHOOSE FILE" and select the file you want to convert on the pop-up window that will appear.

online visual paradigm pptm converter

Step 5 Wait for Online Visual Paradigm to finish processing the file. A "Download" button will appear once it is done. Click it. You can also save the file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

downloading pdf from online visual paradigm

Tool 5. 2PDF PPTM to PDF Online Converter

Editor's Verdict: 2PDF is a great free converter for small files.

Ratings from G2: N/A

Compatibility: Web


Free unlimited document processing.

Offers batch conversion.


The free tier has a file size limit of 100 MB.

Places documents of free users in low priority.

2pdf pptm to pdf converter

2PDF is an amazing PPTM to PDF converter. Unlike other online file converters, there's no limit on how many documents you can process for free. However, each file should not have a size of more than 100 MB. That said, 2PDF is a solid option for converting small PPTM files.

How To Convert PPTM to PDF Using 2PDF

Step 1 Launch your preferred web browser, then go to 2PDF's website.

Step 2 Navigate to the "PPTM to PDF" converter page.

Step 3 Click "Choose file" and select the PPTM files you want to convert to PDF. You can also drag and drop the files into the box.

Step 4 Click "Convert."

converting pptm to pdf on 2pdf

Step 5 Wait for the notification "Converted Successfully" to appear. Click "Download."

downloading converted file from 2pdf

People Also Ask

Here are some of the people's frequently asked questions regarding PPTM files.

1. Is PPTM Same as PPTX?

PPTX and PPTM are both comprised of pages called "slides." These slides contain text, images, and other things you can use in presentations. They both use the Open XML format introduced in MS Office 2007.

What separates the two? PPTM files can contain macros - lines of codes written in the VBA language. While PPT files can also contain macros, only PPTM can execute those macros. So, you can say that PPTM is PowerPoint presentation files with mini-programs inside of them. On the other hand, PPTX files can neither contain nor execute macros.

2. Can You Convert a PPTM to a PPT?

Yes, you can. Simply open the file on MS PowerPoint, then save the file as PPT. Note that this conversion will not remove the macro inside the file. However, it will no longer be executable. If you wish to remove the macro, save the file as a PPTX instead.

3. Which App Opens PPTM File?

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016/2019 or Office PowerPoint 2007 to open PPTM files. Other apps like OpenOffice and LibreOffice can also open them, but you need to rename the files as PPT first. Since macros are designed for MS Office apps, which are written with VBA and have a built-in VBE, these alternatives can't run the macros.


Those are the 5 best PPTM to PDF converters. If we have to recommend only one app, we'll suggest Wondershare PDFelement. It offers the converter that you need. Additionally, PDFelement has batch conversion and PDF editing features. So, you can convert more than one PPTM file at once, and you can modify the output.

Wondershare PDFelement is also more stable than the alternatives. You can use it offline! And its speed is not affected by how fast or slow your internet connection is. Furthermore, it is safer to use, as you don't have to upload or download the input and output files.

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