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In today's digitally-driven world, converting PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to PDF has become increasingly essential. Converting Adobe Acrobat PPT to PDF ensures that your presentations retain their formatting, fonts, and layouts while making them easily accessible to a broader audience.

Adobe Acrobat stands out as one of the best converters, renowned for its reliability and extensive features. However, for those seeking a great alternative, PDFelement stands out with its user-friendly experience and competitive features. Let's delve into the world of PPT to PDF conversions with Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement. Our guide will show you how to use both tools and compare their features and performance.

ppt to pdf using adobe acrobat

Part I. Converting PPT to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to converting PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to PDF, Adobe Acrobat stands as a highly regarded software with a remarkable reputation for its powerful PDF management capabilities. This industry-leading software offers comprehensive capabilities for creating, editing, and converting PDF files, making it an essential tool for people and businesses everywhere.

Additionally, Adobe Acrobat excels at producing precise and reliable results while converting PPT to PDF. Users can also tweak image compression settings, optimize the converted PDF for web or print use, and even include security features like encryption and password protection. With these functions, Adobe Acrobat becomes a one-stop shop for organizing PDF files, optimizing processes, and increasing productivity.

How to Convert PPT to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Step 1 Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat online converter

Step 2 Click "Select File" and select the PowerPoint presentation (PPT) file to convert to PDF and click "Open." Adobe Acrobat will automatically analyze the file and start the conversion process.

Adobe Acrobat ppt to pdf

Step 3 Click "Download" once the conversion is complete and review the converted file to ensure everything looks as expected.

Adobe Acrobat converted file

Converting PPT to PDF Using built-in Acrobat ribbon in Microsoft Office

In addition to its online conversion service, Adobe Acrobat also offers a built-in Acrobat ribbon in Microsoft Office that provides more control and customization options for converting PowerPoint presentations (PPT) to PDF. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1 Open the Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer and open the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert to a PDF.

Step 2 Convert PowerPoint File to PDF (Windows):

Go to the "Acrobat" tab in the PowerPoint toolbar on Windows. Click on the "Create PDF" option. This will initiate the conversion process, and a dialog box will appear.

Step 2 Convert PowerPoint File to PDF (Mac):

On Mac, click the "File" menu in the top left corner. Select the "Print" option from the drop-down menu. In the print dialog box, click "PDF" and choose "Save as PDF."

Step 3 Choose the folder location to save the converted PDF file. Name your PDF document and click "Save."

Step 4 Open the saved PDF file using a PDF viewer to ensure that the conversion was successful and that the presentation's content, layout, and formatting have been accurately preserved in the PDF format.

Adobe Acrobat's built-in ribbon on Microsoft Office offers a more robust and feature-rich experience for converting PPT to PDF, allowing users to tailor the output to their specific needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of an online service or the flexibility of desktop software, Adobe Acrobat provides a comprehensive solution for all your PDF conversion requirements.

Pros and Cons of Using Adobe Acrobat for PPT to PDF Conversion


Adobe Acrobat ensures the converted PDF retains the PowerPoint presentation's original formatting, layout, and fonts.

Users can adjust conversion settings, such as optimizing for web or print.

Adobe Acrobat offers a wide range of PDF editing and management tools.


Adobe Acrobat is a premium software with a subscription-based pricing model, which may be less suitable for budget-conscious users.

Converting large or complex PowerPoint presentations may require considerable system resources and processing time.

Part II. PDFelement: A Reliable Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

PDFelement emerges as one of the most reliable alternatives when converting PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to PDF. This feature-rich program is a favorite among individuals and organizations because of its user-friendly interface, excellent performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, PDFelement was created with ease of use and effectiveness so users can move through the converting process without encountering any technical issues. Further, beyond its simple user interface, PDFelement provides many capabilities for managing PDF files. This versatility positions PDFelement as more than just a converter but a complete PDF management solution for various document-related tasks.

adobe ppt to pdf

PDFelement: Key Features and Its Benefits

PDFelement offers many features to boost document production and effectiveness. Due to its broad feature set, users may effectively create, edit, convert, and secure PDF documents. Whether you're an individual user, a small business owner, or a member of a large organization, PDFelement has the tools you need to streamline your PDF-related tasks and boost productivity. Let's look at some of its primary traits and their benefits:

  • PPT to PDF Conversion

PDFelement excels at converting PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to high-quality PDFs while retaining the original formatting, layout, and fonts. This ensures seamless sharing and archiving of presentations without losing visual appeal.

  • User-Friendly Interface

PDFelement's intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Whether a seasoned professional or a first-time user, you can easily navigate the software's features and perform tasks.

  • Edit PDFs with Ease

PDFelement offers a range of editing tools that allow you to make changes, add annotations, and apply formatting adjustments seamlessly.

  • Secure Your PDFs

PDFelement provides advanced security features to protect sensitive documents. You can add passwords, permissions, and encryption to restrict access and ensure confidentiality.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

PDFelement can convert scanned documents into editable and searchable PDFs with its built-in OCR technology. This feature is particularly useful when working with scanned images or documents that need text recognition.

  • Cloud Connectivity

PDFelement enables easy access to and storage of your PDFs in the cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, enhancing document collaboration and accessibility.

Part III. How to Convert PPT to PDF using PDFelement

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to convert PPT to PDF using PDFelement's "Create" feature:

Step 1 Launch PDFelement on your computer.

PDFelement interface

Step 2 Click "Create PDF" to see various options, then choose "From File."

PDFelement create PDF

Step 3 Select the PPT file you want to convert, then click "Open." PDFelement will now start converting your PPT file to PDF.

PDFelement PPT-to-PDF

Step 4 After the conversion, the converted PDF will open in PDFelement. Check and adjust the converted file if needed.

PDFelement PPT-to-PDF result

Step 5 To save the PDF file, click on the "File" menu and then choose "Save" or "Save As" to specify the file name and location.

PDFelement converted PPT file

Part IV. Comparison between PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat for PPT to PDF

PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat offer robust capabilities but cater to different user preferences and needs. Here's a comparative analysis of their key features and functionalities in PPT to PDF conversion:

1. User Interface

  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat provides a comprehensive interface that may be ideal for users who require advanced PDF management capabilities beyond basic conversions. However, the interface can appear overwhelming for those seeking a more direct conversion process.
  • PDFelement: PDFelement excels in providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it suitable for both experienced users and novices. The software streamlines the conversion process, making it easy for users to create PDFs from PPT presentations with minimal effort.

2. Cost-effectiveness

  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat operates on a subscription-based pricing model, which may be less cost-effective for users on a tight budget or looking for a one-time purchase option.
  • PDFelement: PDFelement offers both a subscription-based purchasing option and a perpetual license, making it a more cost-effective choice for users who prefer a fixed upfront cost without recurring fees.

3. Conversion Speed and Performance

  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat is known for its efficient and accurate conversion performance, quickly handling PPT to PDF conversions and preserving the original formatting.
  • PDFelement: PDFelement also provides efficient and reliable conversion speed, ensuring precise results and maintaining the integrity of the PowerPoint presentation in the resulting PDF.

4. Additional PDF Management Features

  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat boasts an extensive set of PDF management tools, such as advanced editing, document security options, form creation, and document collaboration features. It caters to professionals who require a comprehensive PDF solution for various tasks.
  • PDFelement: While PDFelement is a capable PDF management tool, its primary focus is on simplicity and efficiency for PPT to PDF conversions. It offers essential editing and annotation features, making it suitable for users primarily interested in conversion tasks.

5. Versatility

  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat's versatility is unmatched, making it a preferred choice for users who require comprehensive PDF editing, document organization, and collaboration tools alongside PPT to PDF conversions.
  • PDFelement: PDFelement is versatile within its scope, catering to users who prioritize straightforward PPT to PDF conversions with ease.

The decision between PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat ultimately comes down to personal preferences and unique needs. For those looking for a dependable, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative, PDFelement stands out as a top option for converting PPT to PDF. However, Adobe Acrobat continues to be a strong and dependable option for people who require extensive functionality beyond straightforward conversions.


Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement are powerful software tools for working with PDFs, including converting PPT to PDF. Adobe Acrobat has long been a standard in the industry but can be expensive, especially if you only need basic PDF conversion capabilities. On the other hand, PDFelement is a reliable and user-friendly alternative, providing a range of essential PDF functionalities at a more affordable price point.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to convert PPT to PDF, PDFelement is a compelling option. Its ease of use, rich feature set, and competitive pricing make it an attractive alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Try PDFelement now and experience its capabilities firsthand, as it may meet their PDF needs while saving time and money.

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