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Is Adobe Document Cloud Worth Buying?

Adobe Document Cloud has many features to help you manage files online. This program is good if you want the basic functions of editing, converting, and sharing PDF files online. Fortunately, this article gives you instructions on how to use it and introduces the best Adobe Document Cloud alternative.

Overview of Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud is a powerful platform that allows users to access, process, and share their PDFs with anyone from anywhere online. Users can upload files anywhere and edit them on their devices to meet their needs without installing software. This ensures a smooth and secure workflow.

The Individual pricing options for Adobe Document Cloud are Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard. Acrobat Pro is available at $19.99/seat/month, while Acrobat Standard goes at $12.99/month. The latter is only available for Windows.

1. How to use Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud platform provides several features to manage your documents online. The following steps illustrate how to use Adobe Document Cloud.

Step 1 Using a suitable browser, visit the Adobe Document Cloud homepage and log in to your account. Make sure your Adobe ID and password are correct.

Step 2 Once logged in, you can proceed to use Adobe Document Cloud as per your needs.

  • To upload a file, click the "Upload a file" icon. Choose the target PDF file from the subsequent file explorer window and hit "Open" to upload it.
upload file to document cloud adobe
  • To view your uploaded files/folders, go to the "Documents" tab, then choose the "Your Documents" option. You can now filter your documents based on criteria like starred files, files shared by others, or files shared by you. When you select a file, you will see respective file commands such as edit, fill, compress, and sign, among others.
open file in document cloud adobe
  • To view your agreements and templates, go to "Documents" and "All agreements." You can filter your agreements based on status and other parameters.
  • Choose the target file and hit the "Download" button in the right pane to download the file.
  • To share a file, choose the file and select the "Share" option. From the "Share" panel, choose the people to invite to view your file.
  • To delete a file, select the file and choose the "Delete" icon followed by "Continue."

2. Storage limitations

While Adobe Acrobat allows users to upload and manage files online, it limits the amount of storage space for users. You get 2GB of storage space for the free service, while the Adobe DC subscription provides 100GB of storage space. Again, the file you upload for conversion cannot exceed 100MB. You cannot upload more files when your Adobe Cloud storage space is fully consumed. However, you can download, browse, and consume content stored on your Adobe Document Cloud account.

3. Key Features of Adobe Document Cloud

  • File Storage - This program allows users to store and access files on their devices anywhere. The free service offers 2GB, while the subscription service gives 200GB of storage space.
  • File Editing - Adobe Document Cloud allows you to edit your documents online from any device. Here, you can convert, rename, delete, add comments, and review a report from your phone or tablet.
  • Export and Creation - with Adobe Document Cloud, you can create files from other formats or export them to desired formats like PDF to Word.
  • Share and Collaborate - Adobe Document Cloud allows you to invite people to access your files and collaborate for effective workflow. You can also add an account to share your files for easy collaboration. You can download or save the files to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint.

4. Performance

Adobe Document Cloud is a powerful online file editing and collaboration service. It has plenty of good file management features, and users can easily manage files and collaborate. This is better illustrated by the pros and cons of Adobe Document Cloud.


It offers strong PDF file management features.

Users can share and collaborate hence ensuring better workflow.

You can access it on mobile devices.


Collaboration and file sharing features should be fine-tuned to meet the current user needs.

It has limited support for other file types other than PDF file format.

The price tag of $12.99 is totally worth it for Adobe Document Cloud.

Wondershare Document Cloud - Adobe Document Cloud Alternatives

Wondershare Document Cloud is an excellent and easy cloud-based document management tool. This program provides a powerful platform to manage files online, including editing, sharing, compressing, combining, converting, downloading, sharing, and collaborating with ease. The beauty of this service is its powerful collaboration and file-sharing features. You can share the file for comments or viewing in bulk, request signatures, create templates, and use already created templates to sign your documents.

Wondershare Document Cloud offers two pricing plans for individual users: Document Cloud and PDFelement Pro DC. The Document Cloud is a cloud-only plan that is available for $29.99 annually. PDFelement Pro DC, on the other hand, is available for both desktop and Cloud and goes for $99.99 per year.

Looking to replace Adobe with something cheaper or something with more various features? Use the video below to discover PDFelement and let your life change forever.

1. How to Upload Document to Wondershare Document Cloud

The following steps illustrate how to upload documents to Wondershare Document Cloud.

1. Upload PDF to Wondershare Cloud.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement on your computer and head to the "File" section. From the "File" menu, select the "Save to Cloud" option followed by "Document Cloud."

upload file to adobe document cloud alternative

Step 2 The program will immediately prompt you to sign in to Wondershare Document Cloud. Enter the correct sign-in credentials and sign in.

Step 3 When the sign-in process is completed, select the target PDF file and click the "Upload" button to upload the PDF file to Wondershare Document Cloud.

upload pdf file to document cloud adobe alternative

Alternatively, you can upload the desired PDF file directly from the Wondershare Document Cloud. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1 Open Wondershare Document Cloud via a suitable browser on your device.

Step 2 Click the "Upload Files" button, and the file explorer window is displayed. Choose the desired PDF file and click "Open" to upload the file to Wondershare Cloud directly.

share files with adobe document cloud alternative

2. Create Share Link

Wondershare Document Cloud allows users to create file links and share them with target recipients for comments or viewing. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1 Find the target file on Wondershare Document Cloud. Right-click the file and select the "Share" option.

upload files to adobe document cloud alternative

Step 2 A dialog window will appear on the screen. Choose how you want to share your file with the recipient. You can select to view and comment or only view the file. Also, click the "Add deadline "link and select the desired deadline.

adobe document cloud alternative create sharing link

Step 3 When you are satisfied, click the "Create Link" button, and the program will display the respective file link to share with recipients. Click "Copy" to copy the link and share it with the recipients to view or comment on your file.

adobe document cloud alternative copy link

3. Send link to others

After you have copied the created link, share this link with the target receivers. They only need to open the link via a suitable browser and access the file. They don't need to download or install any software. Receivers can comment, view, or do both depending on your permission settings.

Pros and Cons of Wondershare Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud is powerful online file management and collaboration tool. Let's see some of its pros and cons.


It has fantastic collaboration features. Users can share links to recipients and set permissions to comment, view, or both. Furthermore, users can set a deadline for recipients to comment or view the file.

Affordable price.

It supports a variety of file formats.

It is extremely easy to use. Every step is easy to follow, and no expertise is required.


The Document Cloud version is cloud-based only.

Adobe Document Cloud is no doubt a good online file management tool, assisting users to edit, annotate and manage PDF files. Wondershare Document Cloud is an excellent alternative of Adobe Document Cloud. This program offers the best services you would demand from modern file management, editing, and collaboration tool. Download Wondershare Document Cloud today and transform how you manage your PDF files online.