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The Top Alternative to Ni License Manager

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2024-04-08 10:51:51 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Managing software licenses is an important task that hugely impacts any organization. There are many options for software license management tools available on the market, and it’s important to research the different types and find out which ones offer the functionalities you need.

One such top license management program is Ni License Manager . Read on to discover how to use the program, and why it might be the right tool for your organization.

What is NI License Manager

Once National Instruments (NI) software has been activated, you need to begin managing and reactivating all the licenses and configuring NI products across your systems, including obtaining needed licenses across VLS (Volume License Servers). This is where the NI license manager comes in and deployed in the reactivation and management of licenses and configuring products on your computer to get licenses from license servers.

The volume NI license manager is also critical in ensuring administrators are able to control licenses and manage their purchases via the respective volume license agreements. For use of the volume NI license manager, a genuine file for volume license is needed from NI. Note that this is easily obtainable after the Getting-Started-Wizard has run, which also allows you to move to a different volume NI license manager or obtain valid license volume files. NI license manager is downloadable and also added in most NI software needing a license to be executed.

The Benefits of Using Enterprise License Manager

Ni License Manager has a range of features that are beneficial for successfully managing your software licenses:

Operating system: NI license manager requires a compatible operating system to effectively be installed and work in your system. For instance, NI license manager 4.1 released on January 2018 requires:

o Windows 10 (32-bit) o Windows 10 (64-bit) o Windows 8.1 (32-bit) o Windows 8.1 (64-bit) o Windows 7 (SP1) (32-bit) o Windows 7 (SP1) (64-bit) o Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)

Updates: For effective use of NI license manager and compatibility with diverse licenses and systems, it's always important to check critical security notifications and updates provided at NI.com prior to installing the license manager.

Diverse ways to install: There're a number of ways of installing the NI license manager to help you manage NI software licenses. You can directly go to the license manager download page and select the version you want to install between 4.0, 4.0.2, 4.1 and 3.7. Note that the software language is English. On the other hand, you don't need to directly and specifically download the license manager singularly if you're installing NI software requiring license to operate. As you install the NI licensed software, the NI license manager will be installed automatically. After installing the license manager from the installer of the NI software you're deploying, access it by going to 'National Instruments' and selecting 'NI License Manager' where you can also see the available licenses for all your NI tools.

Access volume license manager: You can also access the volume NI license manager for the activation and management of VLA (Volume License Agreement) licenses. If you've a VLA with at least five and above software development seats for a similar product, the volume NI license manager is provided free.

Introduction on How to Use NI License Manager

If you feel this is the right tool for you, follow these steps to start using Ni License Manager:

  1. Prompts: Every step is easy to complete due to helpful prompts. Start by closing all the NI software on your computer system before running the NILicenseManager3.7/4.0/4.0.2/4.1 (depending on the version), a self-extracting and executable file. The step by step prompts that follow will ensure the software is well downloaded. To verify the patch has installed properly, run NI license manager by going to Menu' and selecting 'About NI license manager'. Select the version you've downloaded and verify.
  2. Automatic installation: To access the NI license manager that comes with licensed NI software on your system, go to 'Start', 'All Programs', click 'National Instruments' and choose NI license manager where you can also see all the available licenses for all your NI tools on the system.
  3. License server: When it comes to volume NI license manager, the computer hosting it is referred to as 'licensed server' while the other systems used by other users are known as 'client computers'. Prior to having the licensed software launched, client computers have to get in touch with server computer for the permission to be verified.
  4. Easy use: The licensed admin managing the volume NI license manager doesn't need top knowledge on any of the NI or licensing software; the license manager makes the license management so easy. For stress-free configuration and setup of volume NI license manager follow the guide indicated here or use the VLM NI help. In case of any question or technical problem the support at NI.com are always ready to offer assistance.

This article is meant only as a quick start-up guide. It is not intended as a comprehensive overview of the program and how to use it. Refer to the official Snow documentation found online for full instructions and guidance.

Why PDFelement is the Best Ni License Management Alternative

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Ni License Management
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