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10 Solutions to Increase Productivity at Work

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Over the past few decades, technology has progressed rapidly, resulting in increased productivity for many businesses. It would be hard to imagine running a business today without the wide range of productivity tools and software available.

Productivity software helps to create many different types of documentation, including presentations, worksheets, databases and even digital video.

But, even now, manual work alongside the use of this productivity software, or the use of multiple programs to achieve one simple result, is often required. Many businesses are still wondering how to increase productivity, and are looking for tips to improve their workflow.

New software programs are constantly being developed to increase productivity at work. PDFelement is one such program. PDF documents are the most common file format used in business, but have been traditionally difficult to use in a flexible and collaborative way. PDFelement solves this by unlocking the full potential of PDF documents. Add PDFelement to your list of productivity tools to help increase productivity at work.

10 Solutions from the Productivity Software program PDFelement

1. Edit PDF like you would in a word processor

While PDFs are the most commonly used file format, editing them requires a lot of effort and expensive software that is often complicated. PDFelement transforms PDFs so that they can be edited in the same manner as with any word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

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Changing or adding text, working with images and charts, or adding symbols to PDF documents is made simple from within the PDFelement editing interface. With many features and functions available in the one productivity software program, PDFelement can easily improve productivity in your workplace.

2. Transform scanned files into editable and searchable text (OCR feature)

In the ongoing battle to improve productivity, businesses are increasingly moving towards a paperless office and into a completely digital environment. This process can be time-consuming and difficult. Plus, it’s often difficult to get high quality copies of files, meaning they often can’t be used effectively in digital processes.

The advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)  tool featured within in PDFelement can detect exact characters, letters and symbols on scanned pages, making all scanned files completely editable and searchable once they are in the system. This will increase productivity as you move into a paperless working environment.

3. Extract data instead of typing manually

Working with data from paper documents means a long-process of writing or manual typing to us enter the data into a software program or elsewhere.  

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PDFelement has solved this problem through automatic data extraction from PDF documents. It also offers full customization of parts of forms plus direct, analysis-ready extraction for Excel and batch data extraction to increase productivity when working with data. The time needed to work manually with data will decrease substantially, leaving staff more time for analysis so they can make the correct decision.

4. Convert documents to PDF format to standardize document format

As a business you will, undoubtedly, work with a wide range of different file types. But for simple sharing and storage, having all documentation as PDF files is the most effective solution. Traditionally, converting files to a PDF is a time-consuming and complex process, and even slight differences in the converted files means they are not properly standardized.

At the click of a button, PDFelement allows you to convert files from programs like Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, EPUB and RTF among others, into industry-standard PDF files. Within minutes you can transform your entire document inventory into standardized PDF files for safe storage and sharing.

5. Batch process to help deal with many files

While it is great to have time-saving software that increases productivity,  it can still be massively time-consuming to work with one file at a time. Replacing one resource-heavy job with another is not usually the best solution.

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PDFelement includes a range of batch processes to reduce the time needed when working with their program. When it comes to converting files or extracting data you can work with multiple files for the same process. The program’s Bates Numbering functionality (to help keep track of documents, enclosed information and workflow additions) and watermarking for security can also be achieved in batches of multiple documents.

6. Easily fill PDF form

Filling out and sending forms in a digital environment is complex, and at times can be a productivity killer. Even with productivity software available, this process often involves printing out a form, filling it out by hand, scanning it, and emailing it back. This a lot of work for one simple process.

PDFelement solves all of these issues. It can intuitively recognize fillable form fields which can then be filled out using the program’s editing functions. With PDFelement you will no longer need to print out the form and sign it by hand.  With simple productivity tools, you can sign documents digitally.

7. Create customized fillable PDF forms

As well as working with existing forms, you may also need to create new forms from scratch for your business needs. This often takes several different programs and a range of skills to create a form that looks good, is on-brand, and effectively collects the data you need.

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With a range of simple tools, PDFelement has drag and drop functionality that allows you to create forms with elements like form fields, tick boxes, buttons, combination boxes, and digital signature boxes to build robust and effective forms that can easily be filled in digitally. Other editing tools work seamlessly with these tools to offer full support for your needs when creating fillable forms.

8. Scan documents to PDF from scanner or mobile device

Scanning is still the best way to get paper documents into a digital format to increase productivity in your workplace. PDFelement has been created with this in mind and works effortlessly to complete the scanning process.

To further improve productivity, PDFelement lets you scan documents from anywhere. It connects directly with the scanner in your office to make scanning simple. The PDFelement app also allows for document scanning via the camera function on your mobile device from wherever you are, increasing productivity by providing complete control over your documents, no matter what environment you’re in.

9. Free PDF template resource for daily work

You’ll use a wide-range of different documents for different purposes throughout the course of your work day. Creating them from scratch is time-consuming, but PDFelement has a large range of specially created PDF document templates to fulfil all your business needs.

PDFelement has templates for any type of document, including ones used for business, finance and legal departments within your company. PDFelement has already put in the hard work in creating easily editable and amendable formats that will create industry-standard PDF files. This template inventory means that any member of staff can create robust, high-quality PDF documents within minutes, which will greatly increase their productivity on the job.

10. Annotate to communicate ideas with coworkers

Working with traditional paper documents makes collaboration across different teams a complicated process. It’s complicated to take notes through different programs or manually write them on documents.

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PDFelement features a range of collaborative working tools to open up the full potential of working as a team with PDF documents.The ‘Comment’ tab allows for flexible annotation of documents. Add comments via notes, text boxes, or simple text highlights to grab the reader’s attention in seconds.The program also offers a range of ‘stamps’ such as ‘approved’ or ‘not approved’ and the ability to add attachments to the document. PDFelement offers the many tools you need to effectively collaborate on important documents.

Adding PDFelement to your inventory of productivity tools will help increase productivity at all levels of your organization.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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