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Blank Webpage for Installation and Activation Invitation Link for Adobe

2020-07-16 21:11:11 • Filed to: Business Tips • Proven solutions

For most people installing and using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a simple process however sometimes there are difficulties where things don't run as smoothly as you would like.

One of the times that problems are most likely to occurs is when you try to activate a recently purchased license for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Sometimes it can happen that you try to sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud Packager Application, you enter your Adobe ID and password but instead of letting you in to the application all you can see is a blank white screen. This might look like a serious problem, but in fact there is a really simple solution to this issue.

The infamous white screen

The white screen appears not because there is a problem with your license but because the system doesn't understand the information you entered in your Adobe Profile.

When you filled in your profile you may have forgotten to enter any information in one of the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Company).

If you did fill in all these fields then maybe you used a special character in one of the fields, and the Adobe system doesn't recognise the character. You are not permitted to have any special characters, such as ?, /, $, #, %, & in any field on your Profile.

To fix this issue all you need to do is to edit your Adobe profile and you should then be able to login to Acrobat DC normally.

To edit your profile follow these simple steps.

1. Sign in with your Adobe ID at www.adobe.com
2. Click on the words Manage Account
3. Sign in to your account again and navigate to your Profile
4. Read through all the fields of your account carefully. Make sure that all the fields are filled in and that you have removed any special characters from all the fields.
5. Click Save and close that browser tab.

You should now be able to log in to Adobe Acrobat DC without any further issues.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Elise Williams

chief Editor

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