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Top 5 Church Accounting Software Free Comparison in 2024

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Managing a church, its event, and people is a very complicated job. One wrong or omitted record can lead to completely wrong estimation or report generation. A church accounting software is a must for every church. Accounting software for churches needs to have the capacity to handle the data involved according to the size of the church. There are, of course, a variety of small church accounting software. The choice of the best church accounting software for you depends on a variety of factors. Let us help you make that choice.

Top 5 Rental Property Management Software

1. FlockBase

Flockbase is a popular small church accounting software solution (also good for medium-sized churches) that offers a user-friendly and affordable option for church accounting. The Flockbase Accounting offering provides effective and simple management of churches’ income and expenses, alongside bank reconciliations, payroll processing and check writing all with the running of a church in mind. A range of accounting reports provide all the information needed to make good decisions about the churches finances. Flockbase prides itself on ease of use, with users needing no specific training to get to grips with its platform.

This is a popular church accounting software choice because the elements consider how to work best with how a church needs to work internally and also with the wider community.


  • Easy to use
  • All accounting tools needed
  • Simple to set up
  • Good user manual


  • Dated interface
  • Issues with support process
  • Reporting elements not easily split

Download FlockBase>>

2. ParishSOFT/Logos

ParishSOFT is a church accounting and management software that is designed to be used by dioceses and parishes. The church is incurred on the basis of modules, with a great offer enabling you to get free access to updates and support for the first year. It helps member manage their schedules, memberships, religious education, etc. It can also enable the church staff to connect with the dioceses. This software is being used in the dioceses of Baltimore and Petersburg.


  • Great synchronization features of parishes to dioceses
  • Software understands the needs of Catholic church management
  • Impressive tracking capabilities
  • Good support staff


  • Can’t create forms or fill scanned forms
  • No impressive encryption technologies
  • Not platform independent
  • Very limited feature set

Download ParishSOFT/Logos>>

3. Aplos Software

Aplos software is one of the best picks in church accounting software since it is comparatively an inexpensive option. Although, it’s true that it has been designed for the use of relatively small churches. It is a perfect solution for those churches that depend on a non-accountant for the task of data entry. It is entirely web-based, which means you don’t need to download or install any plugin.


  • Very reasonably priced at $25/month
  • Offers a 15 day free trial for your ease
  • Offers free service for 6 months if church is new
  • Provides services of online giving


  • Can’t edit scanned or image-based church documents
  • Is not very feature rich
  • No password protection or encryption facilities
  • Can’t handle large amount of data

Download Aplos Software>>

4. ChurchWindows

ChurchWindows is a great alternative for church accounting software since it can help in the tracking and management of memberships, congregation, giving and happenings. It can be used to keep a record of everything the church receives, the payroll of its employees, its disbursements, and its budget. This has been a popular choice for a long time.


  • Involves the five important modules
  • Can easily manage the budget
  • Is a collection of programs that can be used as fits
  • Good tracking facilities


  • Expensive for the use of smaller church
  • New members will face difficulty in using
  • Can’t create institutional documents
  • Doesn’t have a lot of editing features

Download ChurchWindows>>

5. PowerChurch

PowerChurch is another popular choice amongst church accounting software which can not only help in keeping records but also in overall church management. It is an organizer in a complete package that can manage contributions, events, accounting, memberships etc. It is a good way to track the church budget.


  • Can automate church receivable and payable
  • It is specially crafted for church uses
  • Setup assistant helps in creating accounts and setting balance
  • Payroll modules are also included


  • Costlier than other options
  • Doesn’t enable digital document signing
  • Can’t split or merge church documents
  • Can’t add annotations on the documents

Download PowerChurch>>

Introducing PDFelement - the Complete PDF Solution for Your Church Accounting Needs

Churches hold a very special place in communities, so church accounting needs to be kept in order to ensure they can run successfully and help those that need them the most. There are many church accounting software solutions available including some free church accounting software solutions.

However, despite the problems they solve no program not even the best church accounting software offers a flexible and complete solution for all your church accounting needs. Luckily, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is available to fill he gaps in what small church accounting software can’t achieve including the ability to convert documents to PDF, recognize and edit form fields, create and fill forms and protect with passwords and watermarks. All this is achievable within the one program.

Collaborating on documents has also never been easier with the ability to redact, comment on and edit documents working with multiple people. PDFelement is the perfect tool to complete your accounting software toolkit. When choosing a free church accounting software download, or a paid-for solution, consider how it could best work with PDFelement. Find out some of the additions to your church accounting software that PDFelement can offer.

5 PDFelement Solutions That Can Support Your Church Accounting Software

1. Standardize document format by converting to PDF

With the multitude of different software programs, we work with, we have many different files all in different formats. This is no different when working in accounting. It would be so much easier to have all your files in a simple, standardized format. This is a solution that PDFelement provides.

With a simple click, and even batch converting of files, you can create industry-standard PDF files from many file types such as Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, EPUB and RTF. Simply your church accounting workflow by converting all your important files to standardized, sharable PDF files.

church accounting freeware

2. Convert scanned files into editable PDF (OCR)

As churches look to become more efficient with administration work, so they can focus on more important work, moving to a paperless office environment is becoming more common. With thousands of existing paper-documents it can be a big job to effectively transform these into digital versions. PDFelement has several functions to streamline this process including advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that can discover exact characters and letters on scanned pages to make them editable and searchable in a digital system. This means guaranteed quality reproductions quickly and simply. This will also make files more manageable in future.

3. Extract data for use in other programs and files

When undertaking church accounting work there will be data on many different forms, files and documents that will need to be added to the one document for analysis. This used to entail manual extract and re-adding to different documents, but PDFelement has solved this problem.

Automatic data extraction from single documents or multiple files in batches, means that data can be extracted in an analysis-ready format in minutes. The ability to customize parts of the forms needed to be used for extraction gives you fill control of how the data is extracted making data management as simple and effective process.

free church accounting

4. Protect files with password

Church accounting documents are sensitive files but will still need to be shared with third-parties and others outside of the church (and even within it). Who gets to see what data and can work with it in what way, is something that needs to be controlled effectively.

PDFelement takes security very seriously, allowing you to add encrypted passwords to files for full protection and the ability to add, manage and amend multiple passwords to create different permissions on single documents. PDFelement makes sure that your church accounting documentation is properly protected.

5. Create fillable forms

Working with many forms is a huge part of church accounting work, and you may find yourself needing to create special forms to achieve your goals. In the past this has required special skills and software to achieve. PDFelement offers another simple solution for this work.

Creating fillable forms from scratch can be achieved in minutes with simply drag and drop elements for elements such as form fields, tick boxes, buttons, combination boxes and digital signature boxes to create interactive, digitally fillable forms. All this works with the other editing and creation functions on PDFelement to offer many creative options to create brilliant forms to meet all your church accounting needs.

church accounting software comparison

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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