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More Information about Letter of Recommendation Template

What is Letter of Recommendation

In this modern age a recommendation letter is mandatory in case of job, studies and business purposes. A recommendation letter is a simple document where the writer assures the qualities of an individual to perform specific tasks. Writing a recommendation letter is easy but writing an effective recommendation letter can be difficult. These recommendation letters are indeed helping out thousands of individuals to meet their desired goals. Almost every individual needs a recommendation during the crucial period of his career. Thousands of recommendation letters are provided in school, colleges, government and private organizations throughout the year.

Letter of Recommendation Basic Format

The recommendation letter starts with a salutation to which the letter is addressed to. The writer then gives a brief introduction about the student or employee under his guidance. Also the name of the organization or educational institution and the recommended designation of the candidate must be mentioned in the first part of it.

In the next part of the letter the writer must inform about his relation with the candidate and how long he has been guiding him. The name of the courses or trainings can also be mentioned here.

The performance, personal characteristics and leadership abilities of the candidate during his supervision must be presented in an effective manner. The understanding of the course or training programs of the individual should be mentioned in order to show his theoretical knowledge in this field. Basic skills and efficiency in completing certain specific tasks must be written and linked with the recommended position for the candidate.

The last part of the letter will again stress on recommending him among the eligible candidate for this job. The writer must offer for any further information if required and finish the letter filling out his details in the end.

How to create a Letter of Recommendation

ive recommendation letter. The instructions are given below.

Step 1 Find and read some recommendation letters: A lot of recommendation letter can be found on the internet. Reading some of these letters will help you enhance your ideas of writing a standard letter of recommendation. This will give you a bright idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Step 2 Look for the required information: Collect information about the person who asked for a recommendation letter. Meet him personally and understand his qualities and long term objectives. The candidate must clearly mention all the details regarding the letter. Be cautious before writing a recommendation letter for someone you don’t know very closely.

Step 3 Beginning the letter: The letter should start with a sentence where you will introduce yourself and the candidate. Then you must mention which task you think is the candidate capable of in the school or an organization. You must address the reader or the specific department in a humble manner.

Step 4 Writing about the qualities of the candidate: Present the candidate in a positive manner and provide the truthful facts about him. Try to mention about good personal characteristics of the candidate. This will gather interest of the reader and encourage him to response to the candidate.

Step 5 Write about the skills of the candidate: Provide examples about the skills of the candidate to the reader and list some of his set of skills. Provide information about the training or courses he had or learned under your guidance. You must also inform about your willingness to help in future regarding any information about the candidate.

Step 6 Remember to write everything important: Sometime even a small piece of positive information can make a difference. Do not leave out any important facts and avoid irrelevant information which is not necessary.

Step 7 Ending the letter: Stress on recommending the candidate for the particular task again and then conclude mentioning your name designation and address.

More tips about Letter of Recommendation

1. The recommendation letter must be clear and precise. It should not contain any irrelevant information about the candidate or the writer himself.

2. Remember not to use any faulty or incomplete information. It may lead to disapproval of the letter.

3. Don’t write a recommendation letter for candidate who was not under your guidance, you can get into trouble for providing false recommendation.

4. Do not stick to the basic format of a recommendation letter, try to improvise with your own understanding.

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