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Version History

-PDFelement 5.12.0
  1. Added new interaction feature when selecting texts: now you can make zone selection by left-clicking mouse while holding the Alt key.
  2. Added user-defined dictionary and ignoring corrections for spelling-check feature.
  3. Now support resuming to the last view position on the document when re-opening the previously opened PDF.
  4. Now you will receive a notification during text editing if no compatible font can be found when matching the font type.
  5. Support automatically retaining the pre-defined attributes of underlined and strikethroughed text.
  6. When editing text, resizing the textbox won't change the scale of text now. Instead, hold the Alt key to proportionally scale the text size.
  7. Improved the paragraph editing results when handling form embedded documents.
  8. Fixed some of the redaction issues on path and images.
  9. Fixed a minor issue causing some of the single-line form fields are unable to type in.
  10. Optimized the margin space when printing PDF in various page sizes.
  11. Some bugs fixes and a few minor improvements on user experience.
+PDFelement 5.11.0
  1. Redesigned and optimized user interface to improve your experience.
  2. Support spelling check in English when editing text.
  3. Support creating and typing superscript and subscript text.
  4. Support moving an object with arrow keys.
  5. Added snap to grid support when moving and aligning objects.
  6. Support saving multi-page PDF as one single image.
  7. Improved download experience for OCR upgrade.
  8. Optimized printing quality.
  9. Optimized default zoom settings to make your reading experience even better.
  10. Enhanced support for Variable Text in PDF files.
  11. Improved performance for redaction feature with higher accuracy and speed.
  12. Fixed an issue that may cause loss of data after document is saved.
  13. Fixed a potential OCR crash issue caused by running out of memory.
  14. Fixed a potential crash issue caused by inserting character in the paragraph mode.
  15. Fixed a crash issue caused by excessive overload on the font handles.
  16. Fixed incorrect display of bold and italic font styles.
  17. Fixed invalid cursor position error caused by wrong text direction when pasting paragraph.
  18. Fixed an issue where image turns black after redaction.
  19. Fixed an issue where invalid form fields won't display.
  20. Fixed an issue where combination settings for form fields were marked as invalid.
  21. Fixed an issue where invisible link rectangle appears as visible.
+PDFelement 5.10.1
  1. Fixed the bug about printing performance, ensuring you correctly print PDF without black border around.
  2. Fixed the quick printing sync issue, the Print Settings are applied synchronously to Quick Print.
+PDFelement 5.10.0
  1. Pre-built template resources are available for free. Easily select, download and fill them out as you want.
  2. Free to try OCR without watermark. Make a purchase until you are completely satisfied with the results.
  3. Improved interactive print technology and added new print functions, including
    Specify individual page or a range of pages for printing;
    Print odd or even pages;
    Choose from an array of print size options;
    Print posters and other large publication;
    Print booklets;
    Print multiple pages per sheet;
    Select different content for printing.
  4. Fixed some bugs.
+PDFelement 5.9.3
  1. Fixed the text insertion problem.
  2. Fixed the inability to delete saved header & footer and bates number.
  3. Fixed the incorrect size of newly-created blank pages in rotated PDF.
  4. Fixed the broken markups (highlight, underline, strikethrough etc.) caused by disconnected text selection.
  5. Optimized user interface.
+PDFelement 5.9.2
  1. Improved your experience on text editing.
  2. Support selecting multiple paragraphs to edit in one bounding-box.
  3. Added line editing mode.
  4. Support OpenType fonts.
+PDFelement 5.7.2
  1. Optimized the editing feature.
  2. Optimized the page operation.
  3. Fixed the page rotation issue.
  4. Improved the file loading speed.
+PDFelement 5.6.0
  1. Optimized paragraph recognition.
  2. Added paragraph alignment function.
  3. Added word recognition function.
+PDFelement 5.5.0
  1. Achieved compression optimization function.
  2. Search optimization.
  3. Operation detail optimization.
  4. Fast entry for feature search.
  5. Supports read update headers and footers.
+PDFelement 5.0.1
  1. Optimized the user interface layout and design.
  2. Optimized the editing experience, such as added the paragraph recognition function and improved the rendering effects.
  3. Optimized the start window.
  4. Added a Properties window on the right.
  5. Added more choices for annotation and the function to hide annotations.
  6. Removed the function of Web Resources.
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