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How To Create an Electronic Signature with Cloud-based Platform

Technology has made life easier and faster. One such technological advancement is the e-signature. The adoption of electronic signatures has resulted in a faster turnaround on administrative tasks, saving time for things that truly help in taking your business to a new level.

Furthermore, e-signatures account for paperless solutions to day-to-day business transactions. So, if you’re ready to switch from ink and papercuts to smooth online signatures, you must first learn the process of generating an electronic signature.

There are several tools available to get electronic signatures, but we will be discussing Wondershare’s browser-based tool Document Cloud.

If you want to experience a smooth online document experience, inclusive of 100 GB of cloud service and a feature to create electronic signatures, you should definitely give Document Cloud a try.

Not only does it offer the abovementioned features, but it also provides a secure service on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. So, upload your documents without fear and avail the e-signing feature to legally bind official documents.

How to Create an Electronic Signature Using Document Cloud

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To set up an electronic signature to e-sign a document, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Reach to Cloud

Open the Wondershare website and click on “To Cloud” to go to the Document Cloud main page.

get electronic signature

Step 2: Create Signature

On the main page of Document Cloud, click on your avatar for the drop-down menu and select “Signing Setting”.

creat an electronic signature

This will take you to the “Set Signature” page. Click on “Create Signature”.

generate an electronic signature

A drawing board will appear, where you will be given 3 options to create an electronic signature:

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(i) You can either type your name/initials as a signature

type your signature

(ii) Upload a pic of your signature

upload picture of signature

(iii) Draw your signature

set up an electronic signature

Click on “Save Signature” to save your electronic signature for future use.

Step 3: Initiate Process and Fill in the Information Form

Once you have set up an electronic signature, go to "Sign > Initiate" to initiate the signature process. Enter the email address of recipients or click on "I need to sign the document" or "Set signing order" according to your requirement.

put electronic signature on pdf

Step 4: Create Fields For the Recipient to Fill

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pdfelement pro dc

Once you have entered the email addresses and selected the required actions, it's time to add the signature fields including, initials, company name, etc. Click on "Send for Signatures" to forward the documents to the signees.

click send for signature button

Step 5: Sign the Document

You can now sign the document. The other recipients will receive an email notification with a direct link to the document. They can follow the link, fill in the required fields and complete the signature. And that's how you create an electronic signature and sign a PDF using Document Cloud.

sign document

How to Sign a Document Using PDFelement Pro

Wondershare PDFelement is a program that can help you take care of your documents, especially PDF files in an organized way. Additionally, you can sync Document Cloud with PDFelement for an easier, faster, and better way of dealing with PDFs between your desktop and cloud storage. Also, it guarantees ultimate privacy, so you can rely on it with even the most confidential documents.

Signing documents using PDFelement is as simple as pie. Following are the step-by-step instructions for the whole process:

Step 1: Open Files via PDFelement

Launch PDFelement and click on “Open File” to open the PDF you want to add a signature to.

open pdf document using pdfelement

Step 2: Save the PDF to Document Cloud

Now upload the PDF to Document Cloud, to initiate the signature process, and send the documents to the recipients. Click on “Share > Wondershare Cloud”.

create electronic signature in pdf

Step 3: Send for Signatures

Click on “Electronic Signature” on the PDF file and initiate the signature process as explained in the steps mentioned earlier.

app to sign documents

E-signatures are taking over the world and people have now moved beyond ink and paper. The main concern in signing documents, whether by hand or digitally, has always been authenticity. This issue has also been resolved by the creation of programs like Document Cloud and PDFelement. So, for a reliable and fool-proof way of handling and e-signing your official documents, switch to these tools and save time and cost.

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