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With the best physical therapist cover letter, you can actually get ahead of other applicants and attract the attention of the hiring manager immediately. Getting it right can be aided by a physical therapist cover letter sample. The following tips and sample cover letter physical therapist template will help you get started right away.

Physical Therapist Cover Letter Template

cover letter for a physical therapist

This is a free therapist physical cover letter template. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Physical Therapist Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Michael Morris
Mainstay, CA 43271
Phone: 444-333-9876
Email: mimo@mdman.com

July 04, 2018

Mr. Jeff Collins
Hiring Manager,
GTV Health Ltd
33 Health Ave.
Mainstay, CA 65713

Re: Physical Therapist Position

Dear Mr. Collins,

This is a show of interest in the open Physical Therapist position at GTV Health Ltd as posted on gtvhealth.org. My experience aligns perfectly with the qualifications you seek at your institution, particularly my current role as a Physical Therapist at LA Murthy Hospital. I seek to be a valuable addition to your highly qualified team.

I have been working as a physical therapist for 8 years with a strong passion for aiding people by working with other members of the team to provide needed compassionate care. Highly adept in the management of assorted cases, mobility enhancement and management of pain, on the job interactions have accorded me diverse well-rounded skill-sets such as excellent work ethic and effective interpersonal abilities, including:

  • Carrying out prognostic examinations and diagnostics in functional abilities evaluation
  • Customization of conventional methods to the advantage of special patients
  • Equipment recommendation, lifestyle transformations, and recovery aid modifications in homes
  • Managing and working with chronic patients

Beyond my personal traits and experience my solid education background is a constant drive to offer professional care with a passion for children, senior citizens and teenagers. GTV Health Ltd's extensive focus on sports and work injuries is a huge draw for me and ready for the opportunity to contribute my experience and skills to patient management and care to meet GTV's goals.

My resume is attached for further review. I welcome a call or email at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and the open position. Very grateful for your consideration and time.

Michael Morris
Phone: 444-333-9876
Email: mimo@mdman.com

Tips for Writing a Physical Therapist Cover Letter

  • Specify what you bring in the physical therapist cover letter: From the start you need to be indicating to the reader what you're bringing to the company. Aim to let the recruiter know about setting goals to showcase motivation and drive.
  • Don't ignore experience: Avoid making the mistake of favoring education over experience. Most employers are more interested in your accomplishments, especially in previous employment more than educational qualifications.
  • Tailor every cover letter for a physical therapist: Don't make the lazy mistake made by many job hunters to submit their resumes with the same kind of cover letter. You need to tailor each job opening with skills and experience that match the position. For instance, were working as a therapist team is indicated and required, you need to mention previous cases where you successfully worked with teams or groups of individuals to demonstrate to the recruiter you're indeed what they seek.
  • Avoid writing about skills you lack: Don't be lured wrongly to indicate how sorry you are for lack of specific skills or qualifications required. Use the short space of a cover letter to demonstrate how the relevant abilities you have will transform the health institution.
  • Don't be too long and dull: writing pages of physical therapist cover letter isn't the wisest of decisions. Try as much as you can to fit all your past jobs, experience, achievements and skills into a single page. It makes the cover letter delicious to read and effective.
  • Use conversational tone: Avoid being too formal and professional in your cover letter for a physical therapist that it reads like a machine written draft. Write as if you're drafting the piece for a new colleague at work whom you don't know that well. It'll be read by a human being and a conversation, easy tone wins every time.
  • Nitpick physical therapist cover letter: You must be very careful about such matters as punctuation, format, typos, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You need to read through and rectify any mistake that appears. Don't be so happy to complete writing the cover letter that you forget to check for these errors.
  • Use physical therapist cover letter sample: Getting the format and other details right is as good as the cover letter sample you use. Make the most of the provided sample cover letter physical therapist to avoid missing critical information to make your document strong and persuasive.

How to Edit Physical Therapist Cover Letter Template

A strong PDF cover letter for a physical therapist can help you get ahead of other applicants. You can free download the cover letter template and then edit it with your own personal details. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. is the best PDF editor that can help you modify the contents of the template and make it a unique cover letter.

physical therapist cover letter

Step 1. Open the Physical Therapist Cover Letter Template

physical therapist cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample cover letter physical therapist

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Physical Therapist Cover Letter

cover letter for a physical therapist
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