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With a well-written medical scribe cover letter you can easily get ahead of the line and attract the attention of the hiring manager. Sometimes cover letters are not indicated as compulsory in the advertised position. Unless you are asked not, always submit a cover. Here's is a sample and tips to help you come up with the best cover letter for medical scribe.

Free Medical Scribe Cover Letter Template

Medical Scribe Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Ferguson Levy
110th St. Bleckley Ave Madison, GA 02432
Cell: (555) 454-98067

February 27, 2018

Dr. Lesley Sherman
Madison Mecson Health Center
110th St. Bleckley, Madison, GA 84432

Dear Dr. Sherman,

I saw your advert for a Medical Scribe at madisonmecsonhealth.org and as an Oncology-focused Medical Scribe with a lot of experience and passion for helping patients I felt compelled to apply for the open position after reading your requirements. I am a certified Oncology Medical Scribe with over five years professional experience in diverse areas including patient liaison, administration cancer treatment and radiotherapy, general administration and office reception skills and record management. I have worked in different medical institutions from county run hospitals to private clinical offices. In my most recent Medical Scribe position at Ben Burton Military Hospital in Madison I worked both as a radiotherapy and chemo treatment assistant for the resident oncologist.

Beyond my diverse competences in radiotherapy, cancer patients care, treatment and support, helping patients, I also trained in EKG recording, patient scheduling, use of Health Electronic Records (HER) tools, computer supported cancer screening and wide range of IT for Cancer Management (ITCM) software. I was also able to develop cost-effective office ward administrative procedure for children, and enhance patient and staff relations leading to a reduction of patient wait times.

I have an Oncologist Diploma from Georgia State College, Certification and License in Radiotherapy and Technology Certification in Cancer Management and a Health Science Degree from Socrate Penn University. I am confident that my Oncologist competences, Radiotherapy skills, passion for helping people and other extensive medical and office administration capabilities would benefit the open Medical Scribe position and Madison Mecson Cancer Health Center at large.

Enclosed is my resume that should shed more light on my qualifications and experience in the position. I welcome further meeting in person to discuss your needs further. I appreciate a call or email at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your time and kind consideration.

Ferguson Levy
(555) 454-98067

Tips for Writing Medical Scribe Cover Letter

Be truthful about your medical scribe background. Some medical assistants and scribes add a lot of untruthful and unsupported claims about their accomplishments. Always be aware that anything appearing on the resume or CV will require verification.

Your information is important and focusing on it reaps fruits. Irrelevancies, for instance, should not be included. Before crafting the medical scribe cover letter consider carefully the needs and requirements of the potential employer and how you can write about how you meet these needs in a streamlined, attention-grabbing manner.

As in resumes you should avoid using personal pronouns in your cover letter. Ensure it reads in an impersonal way as you list your accomplishments professionally, educational achievements and varied skills.

Do you have transferrable skills or skills gained in previous jobs you can apply to the new role? Include this such as top office management skills, handling and solving patient agitation for waiting long on queues among others. Note that your car mechanic skills will hardly tilt the bar for you as office management skills would.

Proofread and reread the cover letter for medical scribe. The worst thing you can do is submit the cover letter without having read clearly what you've written. Proofread and check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and missing letters or names. Double check name of the hiring manager addressed and the name of the medical institution and even expected details as your academic titles from your certificates.

Ensure you've researched the hiring manager or addressed employer's name who will be receiving the medical scribe cover letter. It helps the screener change their impression about you, especially if the hiring manager's name was not included in the job listing but you went a step further and found out by yourself. To ‘whom it may concern' or a mere ‘sir/madam' sounds undesirable.

Lay emphasis throughout the entire cover letter about your passion to offer proper health care. It shows you really care about what you do and enjoy giving people help.

Have the physician's office or medical institution received an award lately or recognition of any kind? Every employer cannot hear enough about positives related to their company. Stand out above everyone else by mentioning some of these latest award acquisitions and recognitions in the cover letter for medical scribe. In most cases, these awards are there on their website and it shows your seriousness as an applicant and that you actually took time and did some research.

How to Edit Medical Scribe Cover Letter Template

PDF cover letter can help you grab the attention from the hiring manager quickly due to the popularity of PDF templates. You can download the medical cover letter templates in this page and then use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, to edit and make modifications to the templates.

medical scribe cover letter

Step 1. Open the Medical Scribe Cover Letter Template

cover letter for medical scribe

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

medical scribe cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Medical Scribe Cover Letter

cover letter for medical scribe
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