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A quality cover letter can hand a leasing consultant job to you without much trying. Writing an effective leasing consultant cover letter shouldn't be hard. Always create a cover letter for leasing consultant while making an application even if not requested to jump ahead of the queue. The following cover letter leasing consultant sample and tips will be of great help in this exercise.

Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Template

leasing consultant cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for leasing consultant. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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cover letter leasing consultant position sample leasing consultant cover letter
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Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Raymond Swift
Walking Top, TN 63271
Phone: 333-555-87831
Email: rayswi@guman.com

April 17, 2018

Mr. Method Jardin
Senior Manager,
Happyville Properties Ltd
32 Job Ave.
Walking Top, TN 63251

Re: Leasing Consultant Position

Dear Ms. Nuff,

This is a response to the Leasing Consultant Position ad appearing on leasinghr.org. I hereby submit my application based on my 8 years' experience in leasing consultancy. I bring on the table immense service focused attitude and hardworking nature to the role.

In my leasing agent duties I efficient execute diverse duties form establishing prospective clientele contacts, understanding client residential needs, providing them with diverse options as per their financial status and requirements, verification where needed of client submitted information, agreement document preparation and deal closing. Across the board I have worked with clients seeking to rent apartments to clients in need of lease property in posh environments and commercial property lease clients.

Currently, I maintain extensive property operations and oversight management for five properties plus another 70 units. My efficient problem solving skills have made me the go-to person when it comes to dealing with difficult clientele. I also work perfectly well independently with no or little oversight. Apart from being highly flexible, detail oriented and friendly I am also outgoing.

I am skilled in in taking clients for property viewing and tours with a keen ability to close the deal fast. I keep abreast of the laws and regulations applying and lease documents for properties and have sufficient expertise in checking out credit worthiness of possible clients.

Joining Happyville Properties Ltd as a lease consultant would be a delight to help you meet your needs as you exhaust my skills and experience. Resume is attached for further information on my qualifications.

Do get in touch at your earliest convenience via phone or email. Thank you for your kind consideration and patience.

Raymond Swift
Phone: 333-555-87831
Email: rayswi@guman.com

Tips for Writing a Leasing Consultant Cover Letter

  • Don't ignore data and numbers in your cover letter: While many leasing consultant job applicants avoid the use of numbers and data, it can actually enhance your chances and impress the recruiter fast. With recruiters spending only a few seconds on a typical leasing consultant cover letter, maximizing on data and numbers is a sure way of compelling them to consider you for a further meeting or engage with your resume. Whenever possible make the most of data and use bullet points to highlight this critical information.
  • Photo isn't needed: While this is obvious it's important to reiterate that in your leasing consultant cover letter you don't actually need to include your photograph no matter how beautiful and striking you might look. Rather, use a LinkedIn invitation URL to display your professional skills, associations and appearance better.
  • Be concise and short: In a leasing consultant cover letter you might want to remember that you're actually not writing a long journal article but a letter that the shorter it is the better and readable. Keeping cover letter short allows you to make it shorter and succinct. Keep it one page, which you also don't have to completely fill.
  • Make the most of the job description: Wherever you saw the advert chances are the job description is right there, clearly indicated and ready to be used. Make the most of it. Use the descriptions, phrases and words used throughout to craft your cover letter. In the process, the exact phrases in the job description appearing in your cover letter will help show the reader you're actually what they are looking for. Follow the points with concrete examples to solidify your position further.
  • Use cover letter for leasing consultant examples: Get details and information right including the format and professionalism by using a leasing consultant cover letter example. It helps to make the cover letter succinct, short and sharp without leaving any details out.
  • Revise your work: Reread your cover letter leasing consultant draft to find grammatical errors and misspellings or bad format. Rectify or have professional eyes do the revising and editing on your behalf.

How to Edit Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Template

Based on the sample and tips offered in this page, you can now start writing your own cover letter. The PDF cover letter template will save your time and help you start more quickly. Try to edit the template with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor. You will have all the contents modified successfully.

leasing consultant cover letter

Step 1. Open the Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Template

cover letter leasing consultant

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for leasing consultant

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Leasing Consultant Cover Letter

leasing consultant cover letter
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