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Recognising how to start a cover letter is one of the most important parts of a job application. Your cover letter introduction is like the first paragraph of a book, it's what will gain the reader's attention, and give them an insight into who you are. When you're figuring out how to begin a cover letter, keep it attention-grabbing and informative.

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What Makes Up the Start Part / Opening of a Cover Letter

Your cover letter opening should include several elements.

First of all, the cover letter should contain both your address and contact information, and the address and contact information for the company you're applying for. When you know this information, you know how to start a cover letter.

Next, the salutation. Every cover letter should begin addressing a contact for the job position you're applying for. It's both professional and polite, and it shows that you're interested in the job enough to do some research.

Finally, the cover letter introduction. This is the first real interaction that you'll have with your reader. Knowing how to write a great cover letter first sentence will carry you forward through the rest of your cover letter. Deciding how to start a cover letter is the most difficult part.

How to Write a Cover Letter's First Sentence (with Examples)

The cover letter first sentence is arguably the most important part of a cover letter opening paragraph. Hiring managers typically spend a few seconds scanning a cover letter introduction before deciding whether to move on or read a cover letter fully. By the end of the next two sections of this article, you should know how to begin a cover letter in the most effective way.

  • Be direct with your cover letter first sentence:
    "I am interested in the Team Coordinator position."
    This lets the hiring representative know what position you're applying for, and that the letter has gone to the right company to be considered.
  • Mention a contact at the company:
    "I was directed to this job opening by XXXX XXXX, who is the XXXX at your company."
    Having contacts in the company is never a bad thing, especially if they're relatively high up the chain of command. Anyone who is a supervisor or higher is likely to have more sway with management.
  • Express excitement over the job position:
    "I am excited to apply for XXXX at your company."
    This shows that you understand what you're applying for, and that you're enthusiastic about your application.

How to Write an Opening Paragraph (with Samples)

Like your cover letter first sentence, your cover letter opening paragraph is just as important. With the information above, you should have a solid grasp on how to start a cover letter effectively, but the cover letter introduction doesn't stop there. You'll need an amazing opening paragraph for your cover letter if you're going to make a good impression. For tips on how to begin a cover letter opening paragraph, see below:

  • Personalise your cover letter opening:
    "I would like to apply for your Hospitality Team Member position, as advertised on your company's website. I recently graduated from XXXX University, and I believe that this position could be a great opportunity for me. I have been studying Travel and Tourism for the last 3 years, while also gaining experience at a local theme park as a member of their Hospitality team."
    This gives the reader some insight into what you've been doing recently, and why you're applying to this position now. It's always best to link your experiences to the job position title, even if you have little experience, little is better than none. When speaking about your education, make it clear that you've been doing other things alongside studying. Everyone has a degree these days, but experience makes a good worker.
  • Show effective experience in your cover letter opening paragraph:
    "I feel that the organisational skills I gained in my previous job as a Retail Team Leader would greatly benefit this position. I can see from the list of job responsibilities for XXXX that cash handling is involved. At my previous job I was responsible for cashing up at the end of a shift and closing down the store ready for trading the next day."

This shows that you have work experience in a job that relates to the position you're applying for. Try not to refer to jobs with this level of skill if you only worked there for a month or two. When a potential employer looks back at your CV for a job position where you needed to be a reliable member of staff, you want to ensure that you worked there for a decent amount of time, at least several months. You can expand on these experiences and skills later in a cover letter.

With these examples you'll know how to begin a cover letter with no issues, and your cover letter opening paragraph will read smoothly and professionally.

How to Start a Cover Letter in PDF

Sending a beautiful PDF cover letter with resume is the most efficient way to land an interview. After free downloading the PDF cover letter template in this page, you can use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, to make modifications. You can edit the texts, images, graphics in the templates and make it fit your own resume.

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Step 1. Open the Cover Letter Template

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Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

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Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter

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