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A federal job can be highly rewarding and a federal cover letter can really enhance your chances of getting one. Use a federal cover letter template to get all the details right. The following tips and sample federal cover letter will help you get your best foot forward ahead of most applicants.

Free Federal Cover Letter Template

Federal Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Dickson Maginot
Johnstown, CA 35672
Phone: 555-132-4282
Email: dicma@modman.com

August 8, 2018

Mr. Luther Racket
Hiring Manager
Federal Government

Re: Federal Government Personnel Position

Dear Mr. Racket,

This is in response to the ad published in the U.S. Employment portal dated October 23, 2018 for the position of Personnel in the Federal Government Circuit as advertised.

I am a self-starter, goal oriented and driven expert with over 15 years' experience in United States Navy. My expertise and skills include conflict resolution, crafting domestic and foreign policies, strategic planning, emergency response and regulatory compliance.

Currently, I hold the position of Administrative Clerk in the United States Office of Domestic Affairs. Apart from implementing, coordinating and organizing schedules, information flow and contact, I provide guidance and leadership to 10 local directors for internal personnel operation among others.

Attached is my resume including references. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the open position at your earliest convenience.

Dickson Maginot
Phone: 555-132-4282
Email: dicma@modman.com

Tips for Writing a Federal Cover Letter

  • Personal details: The first thing to indicate in your federal cover letter is contact information. Don't forget your full name, address, email address and phone number. It's also important to indicate the date the letter is being written and include the detailed info of the individual being addressed if you have it.
  • The subject is important: Federal jobs are competitive and many. Mentioning the reason or the subject of the federal cover letter offers the reader who's probably reading hundreds of them chance to know what the letter is all about and fast. Since the letter is for a job, indicate the exact job profile being applied for.
  • Introducing yourself: Begin the cover letter by saluting the recruiter or the one who'll read the letter. Ensure the first paragraph introduces the reason for the letter, including the position being applied for and also let the reader know how you can know about the open position.
  • Why you're right for the open position: In the second paragraph begin including your accomplishments and skills by answering the job description with your skills and fitting them with the position. Show why you're the most eligible for the job and use great keywords from the industry you want to join to give quality, depth and knowledge ability of the industry. Nonetheless, do avoid indicating all the different skills you might have and perhaps already mentioned in the resume. Keep the skills and accomplishments sharp, short and concise to be impactful.
  • Experience: in case you've experience of a number of years in the industry you're applying for the third paragraph is the place to indicate it. Mention total experience including current place of work or employer as well as the duties you're carrying out in your current place of employment.
  • Final paragraph: The federal cover letter can be concluded on the fourth paragraph without a problem. You can thank the reader for reading and kind consideration but don't stop there. Also be positive and show your appreciation for a future interview and request contact at their earliest convenience. You can include the phone or email address indicating your willingness to be contacted and allowing the reader not to go to your resume or up the document to look for contact, especially if they like what you've written about yourself.
  • Use federal cover letter template: Getting all the details right in the cover letter isn't always easy. At times you might wonder whether you've added all the required areas. Make the most of a template to ensure all that's required has been captured. Sample federal cover letter ensures you've been able to capture all that's necessary. It also helps you to begin the drafting and tying in all areas together.
  • Reread and revise: don't just submit federal cover letter without ensuring it has no errors. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are a thunderous put off even if you're the most qualified. Avoid writing the best cover letter and then messing it up by not rereading, revising and removing all errors. Find another person to read the cover letter and highlight any problem.

How to Edit Federal Cover Letter Template

It is important to send your cover letter in PDF format, as PDF document is more formal and can be easily opened in any devices. You can edit the free PDF cover letter template in this page with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor. With it, you can edit the text, image, graphic, form field and signature in the template.

federal cover letter

Step 1. Open the Federal Cover Letter Template

sample federal cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

federal cover letter template

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Federal Cover Letter

federal cover letter
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