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Do you often find yourself wondering: "do I bring a cover letter to an interview?" If you do, the answer is always in the affirmative, partly because of the need to establish a communication base with your interviewer. Plus, due to the importance of a cover letter for a job interview, it is essential to know how to produce a perfect one as described in this article.

Interview Cover Letter Template

interview cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for interview. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Cover Letter for Interview Sample (Text)

John Brown,
804 Woods Rd, Bldg 4,
Los Angeles, CA 90856,
September 17, 2017

Chris Snow,
Human Resource Manager,
Narcos National Museum,
P.O Box 420,
Camarillo, California 43400

RE: Requesting for a job interview for the position of a curator

Dear Mr. Snow,

This letter is to request for an interview for the position of a curator in your museum. I came to know about the job vacancy through the advertisement you posted on Carli's daily magazine. I am convinced that my skills, education, and know how in the field of fine arts makes me the best candidate to take over the position and become part of your esteemed staff at the museum.

I graduated with honors from Statewood University, California, and received my PhD in history and arts from Stevenson's university. After completing my studies, I conducted my research and did my studies on classical and modern art in a vast number top known museums in Europe including the Griese in London, Loutre in Paris and Tate gallery in the UK. For the last ten months, I served as the curator of a small modern art gallery, press art gallery, London.

Throughout my career, I have learned to the responsibilities of a curator of a modern art collection, and I can deliver top-notch services to help in the achievement of your firm`s goals and objectives. I can provide a coherent and financially viable and sustainable program for the museum, as well as offer administrative services to your firm, a role that I had done before when I used to direct three assistant curators. I have also contributed to the Jordan Daily Journal through publishing article and also presented exhibitions in various showrooms, which I managed to design through the research I have conducted on the genre over the recent years.

I admire the full support that the Narcos Museum receives from the government, and I would be glad to be part of your team. During my vacations at my postgraduate level, I offered full support to the city`s public local art program.

I wish to request an interview for the position of a curator at a time that is convenient for you. You can reach me at my email address or phone number. I will also contact you in a few days to arrange an appointment.

Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

John Brown

Tips for Writing Cover Letter for Interview

Showcase your skills

Even if you lack the experience to carry out the certain job, sell yourself by showcasing your capabilities and convincing the recruiter that you can perform to their standard.

Focus on your job experience

Most employers are most concerned about what you have done before and what you can walk through the door and deliver. You should therefore not pay much attention to your educational background, but instead, sell yourself by talking about what you can provide.

Be real

Honest and genuine writing can take you places. Hiring managers are likely to hire employees that express themselves genuinely regardless of their educational background and work experience.

Edit it

Make sure that you go through your cover letter after you are done writing it, to check for wordy and overly complicated sentences. Short and precise sentences are easy to read and understand.

Proofread or Have a friend read it before you submit it

A friend can give you more ideas on how to make your cover letter outstanding. Besides, they can help you make corrections on the few parts that you go wrong in your cover letter.

Know your audience

Make sure that you are addressing your letter to the right person. Do your research and know whoever will be reading your message and ensure that you spell their names correctly.

Things to Avoid When writing a cover letter

Do not talk about why you quit your job

Avoid trashing about your past employers but rather avoid talking about them as it is never essential.

Do not get too personal

Do not spend a large part if the cover letter is talking about yourself. You should instead try to get professional and keep it about the position you are applying for in the firm.

Overinflating what you have done

Though bragging is allowed in your cover letter, it is essential to be real.

Avoid fluff

Write your cover letter point by point and avoid including information that is unnecessary to the hiring manager.

If you've ever found yourself asking: "should I take a cover letter to an interview?" the answer is always a firm yes. To ensure that you compose an enticing cover letter, enquire from a friend on how your cover letter looks like as they could give you more ideas on how to make it better.

How to Edit Cover Letter for Interview Template

PDF plays a more and more important role in the daily work and most cover letters are in PDF format nowadays. Therefore, PDF editor becomes more and more commonly used too. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best toll to help you customize and edit PDF cover letter templates. Besides, it can also protect your cover letter from stolen.

 cover letter for a job interview

Step 1. Open the Cover Letter for Interview Template

do i bring a cover letter to an interview

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

should i take a cover letter to an interview

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter for Interview

cover letter for interview
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