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Top 5 Documentation Tools

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Business documents are many and varied and as such most business need help keeping track of and managing the business documents. Software documentation tools can be very helpful in this regard but finding the best software for all your various business documents can be quite difficult especially when the documents are of a sensitive nature. In this article, we provide you with documentation tools to help you manage various business documents. Each documentation software we suggest tackles a certain type of business document.

The Best 5 Documentation Tools You Can Try

1. SliQ Invoicing - Documentation Tools for Invoice

Since every business needs invoicing solutions, this list would be incomplete if we didn't at least have one invoicing software. SliQ invoicing is a particularly easy one to use and comes with features that makes it very easy for you to completely customize your invoices. With this program, you have total control of all your invoice which you can personalize to reflect your company.

sql documentation tool


  • It offers complete control when it comes to customization
  • It is very easy to navigate thanks to a simple user interface


  • Linking this solution to your email can be a little difficult

2. Plan Write for Business - Documentation Tools for Plans

Need to plan the next course for your business? Every business does and as such a business planning tool would be a great addition to your software suite. Plan Write for Business is one of the premier business plan writing software in the business because it involves some of the most important business plan writing tools you need, cutting the time it takes to create a business plan in half. The navigation is easy and you can easily locate the sections of your business plan that require to be filled out.

best documentation tool


  • It offers hundreds of valuable examples and automatic 3D color charts


  • It lacks real time collaboration, making it less ideal for business plans that require input from more than one person

3. Cobblestone Systems Contract Insight - Documentation Tools for Contract

Cobblestone Systems provides you with a highly customizable way for you to manage your business contracts. It offers a wide range of tools that are designed to make the contracting process that much easier and faster. It is available as an on premise solution or deployed from the cloud. Although it can be a little bit hard to set up initially, its numerous features offset this problem tremendously.

website documentation tool


  • It offers high level customization solutions to make your contracts unique to your business
  • It comes with a full-featured trial so you can test drive the service without having to buy


  • Can be burdensome to set up and manage

4. Minutes.io - Documentation Tools for Meetings

If you need to easily keep track of your business meeting minutes Minutes.io is a great choice as it provides users with elegant templates to choose from. Each template allows you to easily capture the meeting's attendees, the agenda, action items and contributors. There is no need to download any software to use this service, all you need to do is sign up for an account to get started.

free documentation tools


  • Templates are fully customizable and can include as much information as you need
  • Keyboard shortcuts make filling in the templates very easy


  • There are no additional security measures aside from your sign-up password

5. RMail - Documentation Tools for Email Management

Need to manage all the emails you send and receive? RMail offers you the unique ability to do that regardless of the number of emails you get. It is useful for tracking email open-rates, proving that the emails you sent have been received, email encryption as well as large file transfer services and even electronic signature creation and use. It works with your existing email accounts including Gmail and Outlook.

online documentation tools


  • Provides security by allowing you to encrypt your emails


  • The many features and capabilities can be a little bit overwhelming

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