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Online Course Students Make Their Studies Efficient with PDFelement

Life has turned out to be pretty changed as the pandemic hit our front doors in early 2022. One of the greatest influences of this pandemic was student life and study. Fortunately, going paperless has been prevalent in the education industry for many years! While schools and universities closed their doors to physical knowledge, the majority of students shift their learning strategies across online means. That's the reason why PDF files which are known for their great compatibility and reliability have become the main medium that connects online classes.

We conducted an interview with several online students and learned how they were able to cater to work efficiently with PDF files within their online education.

student character


Name: Raven
Age: 18
Location:San Francisco
Position: a full-time student
University: www.american.edu
I’ve used
PDFelement for Mac
for 2 years.

Raven, currently a sophomore at American University. She started working with PDF files in her high school during the AP Research course. She explained that PDF files are a format that makes it easier for students to give their assignments and ideas. She and her classmates normally save these files to the laptop for future reference or send them to someone.

sample article


The default Preview lacks many studying and work tools.

"I need to use a PDF editor almost every day." Reven said, "I need to annotate the text clearly and concisely, but the default PDF editor on my laptop was not capable of annotation, reading scanned texts and other functions. It made completing work for my courses difficult."

Raven watched a video for a chance on YouTube created by PDFelement and learned it would have been really helpful in annotating scholarly sources. Although she is only a student, she can afford it via her part-time graphic design and social media strategy.

She mentioned in this interview, there are many things to consider when she purchases software, including: is it well-rated among peers? What are the costs, and will it be cost-efficient to buy this? Will this product significantly help me? And the recommendation of the advertisement.

Finally, she chose PDFelement.

The OCR scanner is particularly useful, but all tools of PDFelement are great. I also like to have many different annotation tools-highlighting, posting notes, text boxes, etc. After using PDFelement, I will not use other PDF editors.

sample quote


One-stop PDF solution simply the class workflow

"PDFelement has always been my savior. As a student taking online courses, I must have a powerful all-in-one PDF editor, and this is PDFelement."

Through the interview, We learned that because the PDF files that Raven needs to process are often unreadable, she is unable to quickly lookup text within the document, annotate the text, or do anything with a PDF. The PDFelement covers almost all usage scenarios of Raven. It includes

sample feature
Annotating textbooks or required readings
sample feature
Filling out documents and signing it
sample feature
Using the OCR scanner to read pdfs

With PDFelement, it becomes a breeze through a series of annotation tools, highlighting, posting notes, and text boxes. For PDFelement, she told us that her favorite is OCR and all the annotation options (including the highlighter, text boxes, and sticky notes).


The OCR feature of PDFelement, in particular, is very helpful for her foreign language class which enable to edit text in scanned image. Raven loves the fact that it covers over 20 languages and supports multilingual text recognition. Additionally, she can choose to convert image-based text into searchable or editable PDF files, directly scan to PDF with OCR, and do batch processes with multiple files at a time. Finally, she can perform OCR on a selected number of pages rather than converting the entire document, giving her the flexibility she needs to work on different types of projects. 

As we all know, the use of PDF editors throughout the management of online curriculum became common. In some situations, editing, reading, and annotating PDFs will need to perform whenever you are. That means you have to switch desktop to mobile mode. In the next case, we shall learn through another online student's interview how he was able to solve his issues in PDF management. 



Name: Joey Borah
Age: 22
Location: New Delhi
Position: University graduates
University: www.du.ac.in
I’ve used
PDFelement for iOS
for 1 year.

Joey, a university student, was among those students who adapted to this mobile studying mode with PDF. We learned through his interview, iPad is his primary working device and the only device his own.

He is currently aspiring for his Master's in History after completing his Bachelor's in History from the University of Delhi. He believes in daily encounters with PDF files as his subject demands going through multiple research papers and books for effective study. Managing PDFs was a much better option for him as he believed he could edit or organize these files at will.


The turning point of shifting to the right PDF tool for iOS

"As a student, I need to do a lot of work that involves PDFs especially now when everything is happening online due to the pandemic," were the first words of Joey when asked how he particularly managed his work as he preps for his Masters.

Joey spent most of his time working through research papers and books to aid him in designing his thesis. For this, he had to particularly annotate parts within these documents and even organize them in an order that would make him set a structure for his dissertation.

“As an iOS user I really struggled with finding the right software to work on my PDFs and books as most of the software available on iOS does not come equipped with the necessary features,” was how Joey responded when we tried to learn how effective his study was before PDFelement.

Just when Joey thought it would be pretty hard for him to prepare for his thesis on time in the pandemic, he came across a video advertisement for PDFelement. Over learning how this software made creating PDFs, organizing them, and combining them across a singular platform so easy, Joey decided to buy the perpetual plan of PDFelement for his iPad.


PDFelement for iOS– making study simpler and easier

“I use PDFelement only on my iPad as it is my primary working device and the only device I own, and I really like the experience there,” is what Joey shared when inquired about his experience with PDFelement.

The most frequently used feature of Joey is edit, annotation, and organize pages features of PDF element, "my study involves a lot of going through different research papers and books and to have that flexibility to organize the pages or edit it without having to open another application saves me a lot of time." Joey said.


Before using PDFelement for iOS, Joey can only convert PDF into Word or other format files before editing or adding pages, until he found it very easy to edit, annotate, and organize his PDF files on PDFelement as it offered him to work over all of these tasks under a single platform. As his educational requirement called for going through multiple study materials, Joey was quite happy to have had PDFelement as his deliverer.

Apart from its simple and effective platform that makes work highly efficient and productive, PDFelement has several other selling points which attracted Joey and such students. Where most PDF tools fail to offer convenient plans to work with, Joey found the "option to get a perpetual subscription makes it way more reasonable for me as editing PDFs is something I do on a regular basis." Paying on a monthly note does no good to the pocket, especially for a student's pocket.

With these interviews that we have conducted in the student community, we have found several similar reasons why PDFelement has been chosen across them. Not only does PDFelement provides a range of features for complete editing, but it is also quite easy and effective to use. Along with that, the diverse and affordable pricing model is what attracted students who had a long-time use of PDF tools.

The worthy mention is PDFelement supports all-platform version used, which is available across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the cloud. That makes PDFelement highly versatile to use on a greater scale because of a similar interface. With the multi-user annotations of Document Cloud, the new feature can make your study and collaboration more efficient in online classes.

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