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All firms need legal billing software. We live in an era where you can send legal bills digitally and electronically. The need for post office and similar communication tools that you can use for sending legal bills is over. Nowadays, a good PDF software will help you send legal bills to any of your clients. No matter which industry you work in, you always need legal billing software. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the options you have for software tools.

Top 5 Legal Billing Software

1. Clio

One of the most comprehensive cloud-based legal billing software you can find. Clio makes the process of managing client relationships easier, and helps you optimize documents. A truly impressive tool and everything law firms need to practice management. It definitely adds value to your company. And the price is a bit lower than competitors.

free attorney billing software


  • Several customizable templates make it easy to prepare any invoice
  • Very simplified invoicing functionality
  • Calendar and timekeeping keep you in check with all your invoices
  • You have full access to files and documents


  • Some users would like to see separate calendaring, as the app does not scale well with more clients
  • The app for iPad is not as reliable as the regular app
  • The reporting feature could use some upgrade

2. Time 59

Time 59 is a web-based and one of the best software you can find for small firms and solo individuals. There are no per-user charges, making it affordable for every small firm. The learning curve for preparing legal bills is simple and easy. The customer service is exceptional, as they will answer any request you may have.

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  • You can monitor the work in progress
  • The billing software is extremely easy to use and very intuitive
  • Cuts your billing time as you can send any invoice in a matter of minutes


  • Cost increases later on
  • You cannot add if you stop your subscription
  • You cannot correct errors, you have to start over from the beginning

3. CaseFox

Another legal billing software on the list, CaseFox helps you send invoices, manage your clients, manage your trust-fund, and much more. The software can be used across multiple industries and saves you consultant time. Small companies will benefit the most.

law firm billing


  • Simple and very functional in the same time
  • Developers are open to adding new functionality as you can contact support for this
  • The spreadsheet tracks time perfectly and charges accordingly


  • Could use some upgrade to the categorization
  • You cannot use Quickbooks to see how much income is left after working on a particular case
  • The information is not always synced between your laptop and PC

4. Needles

Needles is a case management program that was founded in 1985. For more than 30 years, the software has helped individuals and companies manage their cases, billing, and much more. Once you train your staff properly, they will be able to use the software with ease. Think of Needles as a filling cabinet with all information you need centrally located.

attorney time billing software


  • Very comprehensive software
  • Support will go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are satisfied


  • The price can be high for small firms. The software costs $1,000, but it is a one-time payment
  • The user interface is rather poor

5. SlickPie

We have another free online legal billing software for small business. Using SlickPie you can send invoices and manage your financial accounts. The app will help most small businesses that need to send legal bills. The software has more of the core features, but it lacks some of the more advanced features. If you are in need of just the simple bread and butter features, SlickPie will help you.

law office billing software


  • The software is self-explanatory and very simple to understand once you set up your company
  • The app is truly a full-service app you can use on a daily basis
  • Financial reports are clear and useful


  • As it is free app, it doesn't come with fancy features and resources
  • Tutorial videos are not included in the app
  • There are no graphs included in the reports
  • Lack of account customization

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