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Best Apps for Real Estate Agents and Agencies 2024

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

No matter which sector of business you are, you always need apps that will make your life easier. And in terms of real estate, there are lots of apps for real estate agents that simplify things. Without the proper tools, nobody can function in any business. The following apps help both buyers and sellers to be more effective and efficient in their work. Mobile apps are making our life easier for years now, and every sector benefits. That being said, let's take a look at few real estate agent apps.

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

1. Redfin

As one of the main apps for real estate agents and homebuyers, Redfin is available in 83 major US markets. The app specializes in efficiency and updating listings. The combination of technology and service delivers one of the best apps for agents to find and show homes to prospective buyers. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app provides information like last sale price, age and style of home, lot size, condition of the home, number of bedrooms and baths, and much more.

mobile apps for real estate agents


  • Virtual home tour is one of the best technology based features in the real estate market
  • Provides direct-to-agent appointments. You can "book it now" and schedule an in-person tour of the home you want to get with just few clicks
  • Every client is surveyed, providing agents with great customer satisfaction transparency


  • Attendance zones are subject to change, and since the data is provided by third-party vendors, you need to confirm it with a local agent
  • Only a handful of choices are provided for reviews, since they are sourced only from Redfin users
  • Searches return only Redfin markets, which is currently limited. People in smaller markets will find the app useless

2. Lovely

A free app for iOS, Lovely covers almost all areas in the United States. The app for real estate agents uses data from public data aggregators, Craigslist, internet listing services, property management firms and much more. Anyone who wants to rent out a room can also use the app. Available via the web and the mobile phone, the accounts are well synced.

best real estate apps for agents


  • You can even check if the home is pet friendly or not
  • Clean and modern design that is much better than Craigslist
  • Option to set alerts when a property comes on the market that meets your requirements


  • Descriptions are showed as a block of text, making it hard to read
  • Sometimes the app sends duplicate alerts for the same apartment
  • There is no inbox on the mobile app, meaning you have to use the website to check messages

3. PDFelement for Business

We will discuss PDFelement shortly in more detailed manner, but for starters, let's just say that the mobile version for iOS and Android is one of the best smartphone apps for real estate agents. The app comes with all the features as the desktop app, allowing you to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. Here are some of the features:

real estate apps for agents

  • Edit and annotate every document you have. Use notes, comments, highlights, and annotations to emphasize important aspects. Edit text and images with editing tools
  • Convert any file type into fully searchable and editable PDF document
  • Sign PDF documents with ease. You can send any lease document for signing, and track the process
  • Protect your documents with passwords and encryption. Only you and your clients will be able to see

4. Homesnap

Called the Snapchat of real estate, this app works by allowing users to take a photo of any home and then receive information about it. The app for real estate agents sources information from the MLS listings, with some additional data like tax records provided. One of the better features is that you can send private messages to your clients, even if they do not have the app.

must have apps for real estate agents


  • The information provided is more accurate than Zillow or other competitors
  • Faster than logging into the MLS website through the browser and great tool for buyers as well
  • Incredibly effective location tracking mechanism


  • The "invite clients" feature needs some work, as you can invite them only by email, not by SMS
  • Lack of advanced filter options
  • Terms accepted are not shown in the listing details

5. Zillow

For years, Zillow has been one of the leading apps for real estate agents. Lately, however, the app is getting some bad rep. The main goal of the app is to put your house, or your name on the map and allow people to access it with a single click. The app is synced with MLS, allowing you to check more than one million listings. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

app for real estate agents


  • The new Video Walkthrough feature provides buyers with more realistic view
  • Sellers can also create their own video walkthrough
  • Wide range of homes available


  • Lousy customer service, people complain they cannot cancel their premier agent
  • Lots of fraudulent and fake listings, as people overcrowd it with fake listings
  • Some call the app a "cesspool" of inaccuracies

introducing pdfelement

best android apps for real estate agents

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