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Education-friendly pricing and licensing designed to fit your learning environments.

Students & Teachers

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departments and schools.

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Give your students and your school a competitive edge with the power of PDF communication.

Students & Teachers

Discounts for individual students and teachers.

Schools & Universities

A wide variety of flexible licensing options for classrooms, labs, departments and schools.

Entire Insitution

Customized pricing and licensing plans tailored to the needs of large institutions.

Product Use Case

Engaging learning experiences are the foundation of a great education.

Start your institution's digital transformation with PDFelement for higher education by enhancing teaching, learning, research, and administration with digital documents.

Streamline work processes — Replace burdensome, paper-based processes with a workflow based on electronic PDF files.
Equip teachers, lecturers, administrative staff and students with an all-in-one solution for working with documents
Ensure document integrity and security — Use forms that always look exactly like the original, and apply permissions and controls that protect confidential information.
Digitize paper documents, secure and archive them in standard archiving formats such as PDF/A
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PDFelement provides ideal solutions for professors and instructors, who often are hard-pressed to meet the multiple demands of teaching, curriculum development, research, and interaction with students.

Create teaching materials and worksheets by using content from different resources such as scanned textbooks or scientific articles – without manually retyping
Protect information from unauthorized viewing, copying and reusing
Review student assignments: mark-up and give feedback digitally, using PDF documents instead of paper
Quickly find relevant information in educational materials scanned and converted into searchable PDF documents

In addition to their daily workloads, faculty members and graduate students face the constant pressures of research and publishing. An institution’s reputation often is based on success in that area. By streamlining and securing work processes, PDFelement keeps the actual research front and center.

Protect intellectual property — Researchers can add access controls and set document permissions and restrictions to protect files.
Create accessible thesis and dissertations — Theses and dissertations can be standardized in PDF, which makes students’ important work accessible throughout the world. By standardizing in PDF, institutions can maintain easily searchable archiving systems.
Collaborate on projects by using comment and annotation tools, exchange feedback and monitor the status directly within a document
Support your work process by bookmarking and highlighting important sections within documents and leave comments to support your thought process later
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Budget concerns, faculty and student needs, and an institution’s reputation pose constant administrative challenges. PDFelement provides an ideal tool for creating and using forms that help make the administrative balancing act manageable.

Simplify forms processing — Administrative personnel can save time, paper, and money by processing electronic PDF forms for admissions, grants, financial aid, tenure, budget requests, and evaluations.
Maintain consistency — By preserving document integrity and accessibility through PDFelement, institutions can process forms more quickly and easily, and reduce errors.
Increase access and control — An institution can channel secure PDF forms into centralized data management systems, making those forms easy to archive, retrieve, update, and send.

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