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Compare the total cost of ownership between Adobe® Acrobat® and PDFelement

For years, Adobe Acrobat has been considered the global standard when it comes to PDF editing tools on the market.

But Adobe Acrobat users are often left frustrated by its significant licensing costs, complexity, and bloated feature sets.

The idea of a lightweight PDF software that offers a simple user interface, robust features, and an affordable licensing model is appealing because it:

  • Greatly decreases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Simplifies licensing management
  • Enables standardization across multiple devices
  • Increases user adoption and employee productivity
Increase your productivity today.

“PDFelement is everything that Adobe® Acrobat® isn't: simple, affordable, and with effective features to manage every day office documents.”

- IT Manager at a Fortune 500 company

In this White Paper, you'll learn about:
No-sweat compliance

Discover how the benefits of PDFelement outweigh the high costs of Acrobat with standardization, simple licensing, and easy compliance.

Pricing Comparisons & Licensing Models

Read a simple analysis comparing the cost of buying a perpetual license vs a subscription license over 5 years

How to Choose the Best PDF Solution

Explore how to choose the right PDF editing software by considering features, cost, licensing issues, and support

Discover simplicity with PDFelement

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