PDFelement: PDF Editor, Scanner
Edit, Convert, Annotate PDF
Edit, Annotate PDF

Finance and Banking

  • Financial record management and security
  • Document assembly and collaboration
  • Batch document conversion and optimization
  • Archive documents into PDF/A
  • From processing and data extraction
  • Cloud-based platform
Increase your productivity today.
Discover a better alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® that brings significant cost savings, greater security, improved audibility, and increased productivity.

Provide clients with a consistent communications experience through the timely delivery of documents, and a streamlined onboarding of files.

Meet regulations by ensuring all files — whether paper-based or digital — can be converted to a standardized ISO or PDF/A format.

Lower TCO through company wide deployment, which provides lower licensing, IT, administrative and training costs.

Ensure efficient viewing and archiving, with the ability for files to be accessed from any device in the future.

Use Cases
Helping financial and banking companies improve customer-centric document workflows
  • Pull important data from PDF forms to facilitate e-discovery, risk assessment, data analysis and other governance goals.
    • Use rules-based data extraction to analyze key data points within each PDF document
    • Create a master template with classified form fields for client-facing application forms
    • Analyze and manage credit risk with the data gathered from PDFs
    • Use one-click form creation to build forms from Microsoft office files
  • Comply with security regulations and keeping financial records confidential by enforcing restrictions that limit who can view or edit PDF documents.
    • Set permissions and passwords to protect PDF files
    • Use certificates and encryption when signing PDF files
    • Permanently black out sensitive text and images for the utmost document confidentiality
    • Sign documents with legally binding digital signatures
  • Ensure all files - whether paper-based or digital - can be converted to a standardized PDF format for efficient viewing, delivery and optimization.
    • Compress files to reduce storage, bandwidth, and archival costs
    • Use Batch creation or conversion of files and documents
    • Convert paper-based documents into searchable and editable documents
    • Convert contracts to high-fidelity PDFs and apply accurate OCR
  • Eliminate paper records, streamline business processes, and decrease costs by managing and archiving PDF files effectively.
    • Meet ISO 32000 standards for electronic document exchange, including special-purpose standards such as PDF/A for archiving
    • Achieve company-wide uniform renditions and presentation
    • Decrease high costs of storing and archiving paper files
    • Streamline document processes and eliminate paper records
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Easy Licensing & Deployment
  • • Perpetual licensing
  • • Easy licensing management
  • • Server Deployment
  • • Seamless updates and upgrades
We've Got Your Back
  • • Change management consultation
  • • 24x6 customer support
  • • Training resources
  • • Online technical community
Seamless Standardization
  • • Digitize paper-based tasks
  • • Reduce work time
  • • Edit and convert
  • • Review, protect and sign
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