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Shudeep C

Shudeep C

  • 10 years of content writing experience in the fields of technology, business and finance
  • Has ghost-written several eBooks featured on Amazon.com
  • Lives in India with his wife, son and two dogs
  • Senior Content Writer with Wondershare for the past 1 year

Experience & Education


Shudeep’s specialty areas span business, finance and technology. He is passionate about ground-breaking technology, but versatile enough to write about any topic with an authoritative tone. He loves working on in-depth software projects, and his articulate style of writing has helped thousands of users navigate their way through both simple and complex products.


Shudeep is a Biology major with a passion for animals and animal behavior. His curious nature keeps him continually in learning mode. He loves to delve into the latest technologies to find out what makes them tick, and then spread the word to his audience so more people can appreciate it.


Shudeep specializes in areas of technology that impact daily consumer life. He strongly believes that technology should behave as an enabler rather than make things more complicated, and that philosophy shines through in his writing. His core expertise is to take complex topics and break them down so lay readers can appreciate the value of the technology being discussed.


Shudeep is an avid traveller who has lived and worked in over a dozen countries including the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, and a few Middle Eastern location. He is fluent in three languages, but has a deep passion for the English language. He is also a professional singer and has worked on several projects with Disney, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.