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How to Track Changes in Word 2007/2010/2013/2016

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2022-01-07 18:23:51 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

There are many questions which baffle the users that use Word for writing and editing. How to accept track changes in Word is therefore a question which is often asked by the users. If you want to know how to accept track changes then the related process is too easy to perform. There are many processes which are related to the idea. You can apply any of these to make sure that the work is done. These processes are completely Word based and let you know how to accept all track changes. The Word is a very popular format and therefore it is highly advised to thoroughly learn the idea to get the work done.

Use Track Changes in Word 1010, 2013, 2016

The process which you want to follow to make sure that the track changes are added to the program is mentioned as follows. The steps are very simple to follow and therefore they can be performed with slight intuition. For professional Word users the steps are too easy to perform as this is a frequent used idea of the Word from 2007 onwards. The users should also make sure that they get the best outcome with the process flow. The flow of the process should be followed to make the idea simple.

track changes in word

Step 1. Open the Word doc and you will be seeing the main bar of the program. It always appears by default.

Step 2. Click the "Review" tab of the program. It is the section which would be performing the entire function.

Step 3. Here you will be seeing the "Tracking" tab. This tab has the most important functions of the track changes and therefore must be laid emphasis on.

Step 4. Click the "Track Changes" tab of the program. Mere click will also add the track changes to your doc. But if you want you can also click the drop down for making sure that the additional features are explored.

 how to track changes in word
  • The first option is of "Track Changes" which you can click to add track changes. You can add the track change to the doc from here as well.
  • The second option is of "Track Change Options". It is the most important one when it comes to track changes. Here you can change the color, indention, feature, line style and any other option which is related to the track changes. You can even change the balloon style of the track change that appears at the side of the document.
  • The third option is of the "Change User Name" which you can access to change the settings of the program. Other than username you can also make several changes from the menu which appears. It is highly advised to explore the menu so that you get to know more about the program and its other features.

Step 5. You can also "Accept" and "Reject" the changes which have been made to the document.

microsoft word track changes

Note: Please take a note that the Office 2003 has been obsolete. The process which is mentioned above can be applied to all versions of Word from 2007 onwards. There is no change at all.

Tips: Advantages of PDF Document

The PDF format is highly advised to the users that frequently transfer the text based data. It is all because of the fact that the format is highly secure. The format is completely searchable so it provides complete feel of MS Word. It is highly advanced program which can be used to get the work done when it comes to court proceedings.

The format is admissible in court as evidence. It can also be read with ease. It means that you can use the program for instance the acrobat reader to access the PDF file free of charge. The format is also highly advised to the users wanting to secure their files.

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track changes in word
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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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