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How to Save Microsoft Word to PDF

Want to save Microsoft Word as PDF file? This article tells you how to save Microsft 2003, 2007 to PDF file.

Emma Shaw
Posted by Emma Shaw | @Emma Shaw | Category: PDF Converting Tips
Published: May 19,2015 11:48 am / Updated: Aug 03,2015 10:26 am

Are you searching for a way to save Microsoft Word, Word 2010, 2007 or even Word 2003 as PDF? Whether you like it or not, you have to admit it is very necessary to know how to convert Microsoft Word to PDF since PDF has become the standard to ship documents back and forth. In study or at work, you have to save Word to PDF. If you still do not know how to do it, read on to get the easiest solution.

Well, to save Microsoft Word 2003 as PDF, a PDF Creator is needed. I know how daunting it is when you see so many results for PDF creator on Google result pages. To save your time to look for a suitable tool by trial and error, I suggest you try Wondershare PDFelement, which helps you save Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010 as PDF file in only 2 clicks. The following steps tell you how to save a Microsoft Word to a satisfying PDF file on Wondershare PDFelement. 

Step 1: Download the Word to PDF Converter

Click the download link to download Wondershare PDFelement trial version. After you get the .exe file, double-click it to install it on your computer. And then launch it. Now the separated Word to PDF Converter Mac version is available as well. You can download its trial version to use on your Mac.

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

Step 2: Save Word to PDF

In the Convert menu, click the From File icon to enable the creating PDF dialogue box. In the new dialogue box, open any Word( Word document, Word 2003, Word 2007 or Word 2010) document with this PDF tool. The moment you open it, you'll find the Word document is opened as PDF format. Just save it on your computer. That's how to use Wondershare PDFelement to save Word documents as PDF.

If you need to combine Word documents as well other types of files into a single PDF file, click Combine. And then in the Combine Files window, click Add Files to add as many files as you need. Any file can be opened on your computer is supported. Click Combine to save them into a singoe PDF file.

create fillable pdf form

Step 3: Edit created PDF file (Optional)

To export a satisfying PDF file, sometimes, you need to modify the text, insert images, or add watermark and more. Besides converting Word to PDF, Wondershare PDFelement allows you do more.  Click File->Open to open the PDF you're going to edit on Wondershare PDFelement. And then edit the PDF as what you like it to be.

  • Modify or insert PDF text. If you need to modify or insert text into the created PDF, go to the Home menu, click Edit Text and then move your mouse to the PDF where you want to edit the text. Right-click the text block, and then enter the right text.
  • Insert Images or Watermark. To make the PDF file professional, in the Insert menu, click the Picture to add an existing image. To increase brand awareness, click the Watermark icon to add a stylish text or image watermark to the created fillable PDF form. 
  • Secure your PDF form with password. If the PDFs you've created are important files, like contracts, thesis, dissertation, etc. you might need to restrict users' access to them. To achieve your goal, go to the Security menu, click the Password icon to add password to protect the PDF files.

Try Word to PDF Converter right now!

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

Watch the Video Tutorial to Save Word as PDF

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