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How to Add a Signature to PDF Documents

To add certified, industry-standard digital signature to a PDF file, try Wondershare PDF Editor. It enables you to sign a PDF with an electronic signature without any hitch.

Margarete Cotty
Published: May 19,2015 14:30 pm / Updated: Aug 28,2015 14:26 pm

"I have a PDF file that I need to add my signature to in Adobe Reader. When I go to add signature, however, all of the signing options are grayed out. I checked the security systems and signatures are allowed so that's not the problem. I'm using the most recent version of Adobe if that tells you anything."

In fact, Adobe Reader is just a PDF reader. To add signature to a PDF file, especially an import PDF document, you need a professional PDF tool, like Wondershare PDFelement. Though not as famous as Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, now it can let you apply a certified industry-standard digital signature, which of course, will speed up your workflow with co-workers, clients, and partners. Below is about how to use Wondershare PDFelement to add digital signature to PDF files. What's more, signing documents with digital signature saves you much energy on printing and scanning them. Let's see how you can add signature with PDFelement.

Step 1:Download and install Wondershare PDFelement

Click the download button to get the installation package. After downloading, if there is a prompt, asking you to run the app, click Run and follow the dialogue box to install it. If there is not, double click the .exe file to install the PDF tool on your computer.

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

Step 2: Add digital signature to the PDF

Click the quick start on your desktop to launch the PDF tool. Click Open… to browse your computer for the PDF document which you want to add signature to. After opening it, navigate to the Security Menu to add a signature to the PDF document.

adding signature to PDF

In the Security Menu, click Sign Document. Move your mouse over the PDF document, click to draw the area where the signature should be added. When you do this, a dialogue box named as "Sign Document" will pop up.

how to add signature to PDF

Users, who add signature to PDF with Wondershare PDFelement for the first time, should click the New ID button to create a new ID. In the “Add Digital ID” box, if you have already had a digital ID, browse it to import to Wondershare PDFelement. If you haven’t got any digital ID, create one with your name, email address, company name, etc.

add a signature to a PDF

When you finish importing or creating a digital ID, it will lead you back to the "Sign Document" with your ID info displayed in the box. Click Sign, then your signature is added to the PDF file.

Note: Taking the authority of your digital signature into consideration, we suggest sign PDF documents with a certificate-based digital ID. Wondershare PDFelement lets you create your own certificate ID, but the common approach is using a certificate ID issued by a trust third part certificate authority. With a certificate-based digital ID, recipients will able to verify the PDF file you’ve signed is authentic or not.

Adding a signature to a PDF file is very easy, isn't it? After you importing your ID to Wondershare PDFelement, whenever you need to sign a PDF document, click and sign it. It streamlines your workflows. Download Wondershare PDFelement to have a try by yourself right now!

DOWNLOAD Download PDFelement Secure Download

Check the Video Tutorial of How to Add a Signature to PDF Documents

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