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How to Change PDF Orientation from Landscape to Portrait

Need to change PDF orientation from landscape to portrait? This article guides you through the whole process of converting PDF in portrait orientation.

Emma Shaw
Posted by Emma Shaw | @Emma Shaw | Category: PDF Converting Tips
Published: Jul 15,2015 11:14 am / Updated: Aug 03,2015 16:11 pm

"Does anyone know how to change a PDF page orientation from Landscape to Portrait? I tried to change the PDF page to Portrait, only to find I’ve changed the whole PDF file. Any idea? "

Like the above user, need to change PDF files from Landscape to Portrait? First, I'd like to say that Adobe Reader X doesn't have the option of changing PDF orientation. You can use it change PDF orientation only for reading. The moment you quit Adobe Reader, then you'll find the changes haven't been saved. The following info is about how to use Wondershare PDFelement to change PDF orientation from Landscape to Portrait, the normal one we use usually.

Step 1: Download the Image to PDF Converter

DOWNLOAD Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Secure Download

As you see, both Wondershare PDFelement for Windows and Wondershare PDFelement for Mac are available. For Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista PC users, please download the Windows version. For Mac users, please get the Mac version. Install the app on your computer. In the following, we take how to use Wondershare PDFelement (Windows) as an example to show you the steps to convert PDF from Landscape to Portrait.

Step 2: Export PDF from Landscape to Portrait orientation

Launch Wondershare PDFelement and open the PDF file that you're going to change orientation. Click Pages on the ribbon to reveal all the sub-menus. From the submenus, you can see the option "Rotate Page". Click "Rotate Page" to see the Rotate Page settings window. From here, you can select the direction and which page(s) and page range(s) to rotate. After then, click OK to save the settings. The moment you save the settings to rotate a PDF file, you've change the PDF orientation. Save the PDF file.

change PDF orientation

This is about how to change PDF orientation. You can change PDF files from Landscape to Portrait and the way back with Wondershare PDFelement. Try Wondershare PDFelement to change PDF orientation!

DOWNLOAD Secure Download
DOWNLOAD Secure Download

Why PDFs are still mostly in Portrait Orientation?

In daily life and work, PDF eBooks, manuals for software and hardware, projects or anything else that is clearly intended to be viewed mainly on screen, which is mostly in vertical orientation. Only in this way, users are able to see the whole content on the screen without zooming in the PDF. And PDF documents are mainly generated from Word documents or files from InDesign, which are in the portrait orientation. Last, it has become people's habit to read files in portrait orientation instead of in landscape orientation. I bet even you are not willing to read scrapes of papers in landscape orientation, because this orientation might bring you visual pressure.

Watch the Video for How to Change PDF Orientation to Portrait

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