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Choosing the best PDF editor for your Android phone has always been a pain. A better way to look at reducing the pain is by understanding the availability of the editors. These editors are available for commercial and personal use. Commercial editors are expensive while the personal applications are free. We are proceeding towards the study of the best PDF app free download for Android that allows a user to edit a PDF on their smartphone.

Part 1Top 5 PDF Free App for Android Devices

1. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

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Xodo is an all in one program for Android that allows a user to read and edit a PDF. With the help of the software, it is possible for an Android user to carry out almost all the actions of editing a PDF document on their device with ease. An excellent feature of the program is the availability of the features that are unavailable in other editors.

These include adding new text to an existing PDF and customizing the font, size, and face; adding digital signature that a user can create using their device; aditing text within the PDF with effects such as highlighting specific words/sentences, underlining, and strikethrough and even change the color of the text within the document according to the requirement; annotate a PDF with custom stamps and so on.

2. Adobe Fill & Sign

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Adobe is the first application that comes to the mind when we talk about PDF. With the help of the Fill & Sign application from Adobe for Android, you receive a plethora of opportunity to edit a batch of PDFs on your smartphone or tablet with ease.

Features include fill forms with ease; adding text to text fields is now much easier; you can add text any blank space that you find within a PDF; sign documents on the go; you can use the auto-saved profile data to fill forms automatically. It is only in the second position because of the lesser customization features offered in comparison to Xodo application.

3. Foxit PDF Editor and Reader

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Foxit has come a long way from its introduction as PDF reader and editor for Android platform. With each version, the application stands in the third position today. It is one of the best alternatives to Adobe for computers. As the Android system is simple, Foxit ensures that it does not cause any lag in operation of the same. The software ensures that it provides the best experience for the user in editing a PDF on their Android device.

Apart from the traditional text editing, users can also sign documents for which they can create the sign right on their device. It is in the third position because it does not provide text enhancement options like two applications described above.

4. Kdan PDF Reader and Editor

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Kdan is a new entrant into the world of PDF editor and reader for Android. However, it quickly surpassed all the other leading entities within its category/position due to the coordinated approach in the layout.

The cloud service provided by the application offers editing collaboration along with the basic editing functionalities that include strikethrough, highlight, and annotate. A major setback for the app is the non-availability of recognizing digital signatures and the support for signing a document on the move.

5. MobiSystems Office Suite

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The Office Suite from MobiSystems is a popular application among Android users for editing PDF documents. The application not only helps in editing a PDF but also assists in editing Microsoft Office documents. Users will gain the chance to view the archives of Office documents with ease with the necessity to download an additional app. If you are a power user, the free version might not be an appropriate version because of the ads and limited editing options.

Part 2Best Windows PDF Apps Free Download

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As in the case, if you are in search of the best alternative for Adobe for Windows, the best choice that you can settle down is with Wondershare PDFelement (Wondershare PDFelement for Mac). The advantages provided by the software enthrall the users and ensures that their every need is complete. A significant benefit that the user receives is the functions it provides. The editing options are so robust that there is everything included within the software and as a user, one need not look for another application.

Key characters include annotating a PDF with custom and personal stamps; enhanced paragraph editing feature; improved OCR recognition; added spelling check during editing text in PDF; support for moving objects with arrow keys; save multiple pages into a single PDF; enhanced printing quality and so on. You can try all of this feature yourself by clicking the download button above to free download the product on your computer.

Wondershare Editor

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