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More Information about Executive Resume Template

What is An Executive Resume

The Executive Resume is geared towards convincing the group of people to call you for an interview and this is the main difference with the generic resume. The Executive Resume is generally longer than a generic resume which usually have an executive profile unlike the generic resume. Also, the executive profile highlights the person’s most salable skills and knowledge. It is important to note that while a generic resume list work experience in form of job description, the Executive Resume focuses more on achievements, tangible and verifiable results of what you did in the past companies you worked for.

Format for An Executive Resume

The format differs from an ordinary resume. Selecting the proper format is very critical in creating a winning executive resume. The resume could be written in chronological, functional or a combined format. The type of format used should be professional as well as the preparation and appearance of your executive resume. Executive Resumes are normally written in two pages so as to clearly show an in depth of the candidate’s experience. However, there is no law that says executive resumes must be written in two pages instead of one as a two page resume with non essential information will not impress anyone.

How to Write an Executive Resume

Step 1 Think Details: It is important to write every available detail about your experience and achievements in the two to three pages Executive Resume as the case may be. Do not leave anything to chance. Often, executive positions are normally filled by the high level management of a company who want all the information about the candidate in front of them. Secondly, your executive resume could go through a level of scrutiny before appearing on the hiring group.

Step 2 Let Your Resume Be Fit For The Position You Are Applying: Communicating your abilities is important but to show it is fit for a high level position is another thing. For example, if the position will have something to do with travelling to China and you are fluent in Chinese language, then it is an important attribute.

Step 3 Write a Paragraph Highlighting Your Skills and Expertise: It is important to state that the opening paragraph to an executive resume needs to have a enough fire power giving the reader no doubt that you are an executive material. This paragraph should highlight what makes you different from other candidates. Use this paragraph to advertise your abilities telling the reader it is worth their time to continue reading.

Step 4 Focus On Your Achievement More Than The Work History: Achievement sometimes will include work experience. However, there may be other relevant achievement that takes into account of the position being applied for. For example, If a candidate is applying for a position of a Chief Financial Officer and the candidate headed a volunteer group in the past in which he/she increased revenue by 100%, then it is important that this achievement be highlighted whether paid or a volunteer position.

1. Include work history by using actions in describing skills and responsibilities.

2. Describe your educational background while highlighting any special achievement earned in college

3. Mention professional memberships and community service in Executive Resume

4. Ensure that your personal details are easy to find and use a consistent writing style.

5. Perfect the appearance and ensure it is well proofread.

Additional Tips

Ask Others For Feedback: It is important to discuss your job search with your trusted colleagues before writing your executive resume in order to have a better vision of the end goal. Some people see can see clearly your value and can make an honest input into your resume.

Make a list of your career win by listing top achievements over the course of your career including successful turnaround of a non profitable venture if any.

Inject some personality into the process by matching the qualities needed in the role you are seeking with your own experiences.

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