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Top 10 Webinar Platforms in 2023

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2023-08-30 19:55:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

Webinars are online meetings and presentations that you can give, receive, or discuss information in real-time. Online webinar platforms allow you to connect with thousands of people. The best webinar platforms are one part of the equipment for a webinar. You also need a webcam and a microphone. Today, we will talk more about the software part of the equation.

10 Best Webinar Platforms Ever

1. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar platforms you can use to prepare a great webinar. The platform helps you make webinars, but also earn money with webinars. The best feature of ClickMeeting is you can integrate it with PayPal and monetize your webinars.

webinar platforms

In addition to PayPal, ClickMeeting integrates seamlessly with CRM, LMS, marketing and analytics software. And as your webinars grow, the software helps you grow as well. ClickMeeting scales perfectly, allowing you to reach thousands of people.

You can record you webinars and automate them, or you can stream them live on YouTube or Facebook. All with a single click from ClickMeeting, without leaving the software.

And if you want to share the rock, you can create subaccounts for colleagues and consultants. During the webinar, you can engage the public with polls and surveys. Once you are done, check the data to analyze performance and rating.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is among the leaders in online video conferencing and webinars. Trusted by millions of people, GoToMeeting helps you enhance your virtual communication and collaboration.

There are many features of GoToMeeting. One of the unique is the company's own service. The Free plan is a great way to get stated with quick and easy meetings. Of course, the number of participants is limited.

GoToMeeting downside is the price. It is more expensive than competing plans. And you get average software in terms of features. The positives are you get a high participant bandwidth with higher plans, and you can dial in by phone or VoIP. And you can use GoToMeeting with other GoTo software.

best webinar platforms

3. Zoom Meeting

Zoom offers options for hosting webinars, teaching online courses, make video demonstrations, or host virtual meetings. It unifies everything you need in terms of virtual meetings online. Works for small to large businesses and enterprises. With the enterprise plan, you get a cloud-based webinar platform as well.

One of the best features is the webinar functionality. The software scales great, allowing you to start with 100 participants and end up with 10,000 view-only attendees. Users can easily invite other participants to join the webinar thanks to the URL link.

Another great feature is the group collaboration functionality. Users can easily create groups, and then share text, image, and audio with group members. Thanks to drag and drop functionality, sharing has never been easier with zoom.

free webinar platform

4. WebEx by Cisco

WebEx gives you more versatility than other webinar hosting platforms. There are multiple pricing plans you can choose. Whether you are a small business or large one, there is a plan designed for you.

WebEx is a scalable service that gets out of your way, and let you do your magic. It is simple, yet powerful. Innovation is the key part of the success of WebEx. New line of integrated video devices make it more intuitive than rivals.

Some of the unique features include background noise detection, video call back feature, and AR capabilities.

You get a simple, consistent, and modern webinar experience. It works great with the devices you already use. There is no need to download a plug-in or application. Same as ClickMeeting, WebEx is a browser-based software you can access from any device.

webinar hosting platforms

5. BlueJeans

BlueJeans markets itself as the meeting platform for the modern workplace. They deliver audio, video, and web conference features and collaboration tools. One of the signature features is the directional audio for Dolby Sound enabled rooms and hardware. It is a major breakthrough in the audio quality for calls.

But there are downsides as well. BlueJeans works great for people who need to meet, share screens, and use the whiteboard. But there are no file sharing capabilities. No recording. It lacks many basic webinar features. Some of the basic and common features are exclusive to the priciest plan.

best webinar platforms 2020

6. LifeSize

LifeSize is a comfortable and versatile software. It works great when you pay extra, but it is not as good for the low-to-medium price range users. The company doesn't deliver complex and unique features in the basic plans.

The good news is that the software comes with its own hardware. The software is uniquely intertwined with the camera-mounted hardware. It is part of your monthly subscription. That raises the price, but it gives you more quality.

The software is designed for big organizations and enterprises. However, you can test it with a free 14-day trial before purchasing.

Where LifeSize excels is the quality of video and audio, as well as the tight security. What we would like to see is higher participant capacity and introduction of presentation tools.

online webinar platforms

7. Webinar Jam

One of the most popular and recognizable webinar platform. WebinarJam is the big brother, and EverWebinar is the small brother. The latter works for creating automated webinars. WebinarJam allows you to pop-up calls to action throughout your webinar to increase product sales. Attendees can click to purchase an item easily.

At the same time, WebinarJam does a great job of providing space for communication and collaboration with the viewers. You get moderate incoming comments before they appear in the chat, highlighting the most relevant. The software allows you to include six presenters in one screen, or temporarily turn a viewer into a presenter.

Some of the notable features include private JamCast broadcaster, stream to Facebook Live, secure webinar rooms with password protection, and more. One of the downsides of WebinarJam is the constant spamming of ULR to the WebinarJam product in your webinar sessions.

webinar platforms

8. Polycom Real Presence

Real Presence by Polycom is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive solution for webinar platforms. But it is worth the money. It allows for multi-site operations, something large business rely on.

The trio, or the set, is actually a communications hub you can use for voice and video calling. It is easy and effective, but also stylish and modern in the room.

What makes Real Presence unique? Well, you can setup multiple inputs, and create a dynamic conference room. For example, you can setup a camera facing the host, one facing the students in a room, and one facing the presentation. This give you a solution showing 3 different displays in a simple and clean UI.

best webinar platforms

9. LiveStorm

In the past few years, Livestorm has become one of the more elegant webinar platform options. It is all thanks to the elegant and modern interface. You can create different type of videos. The software offers different tools and modules for your webinar, including live events, online courses, video podcasts, hiring sessions, customer training, and much more. Depending what you need, each module coms with different unique features.

The free version allows you to get up to 10 participants and 20 minutes webinars. You can test the software, and look for an upgraded version afterward. The price and number of attendees scale up to $319 per month for 1,000 attendees.

Some of the unique features include corporate webinars in several languages, automated reminders, webinar recording storage, and more.

free webinar platform

10. EverWebinar

We said EverWebinar is the smaller brother of WebinarJam. You can use EverWebinar for automating webinars. There is no option for live events. You can schedule and automate webinars to play at set time. Yes, the software does a decent job of recreating the live experience for users.

EverWebinar works good at improving engagement and attendance by reminding users when the next webinar will begin.

You can also try the Just-in-time webinar, which is a feature telling users the webinar is just about to start, encouraging them to sign up on the spot. You can also block specific dates, or block night-time viewing. But the best feature for automated webinars is that it can detect time zones.

webinar hosting platforms

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