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5 Best Teleconference Software in 2023

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2023-08-30 19:55:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

The costs and resources for holding meetings are getting higher and higher. With businesses trying to decentralize opening branches to different locations, they need to find a way to communicate with them. Yes, opening new branches helps businesses gain more clients and partners. One of the most popular way for communication with remote clients is teleconference. Today, we will talk about the best video teleconference software you can find on the market.

5 Best Teleconference Software

1. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a video conference software you can use for a variety of tasks. For starters, you can use it to showcase product demos, teach via online courses, schedule business meetings, and organize webinars. The browser-based software is mostly known as a webinar tool. But it can do so much more.


The features of CLickMeeting allow you to schedule a teleconference call with many participants. ClickMeeting scales ideally with the increased number of participants.

In terms of teleconference, ClickMeeting allows you to create subaccounts for colleagues and consultants, so that they can host a call as well. Use the address book to easily and quickly manage and organize contacts.

The software has a built-in option for surveys, which can keep your audience engaged. Thanks to the different audio models, you can decide who is allowed to ask questions and speak during the call. But the best part is you can analyze the success of your call via performance rating.

2. AT&T Teleconference

AT&T is one of the main communication provides in the United States. The company also provides teleconference calls. Depending on the number of participants, you can select different calling options. If you need the assistance of a telephone operator, the company offers a reservationless operator-assisted calling service.

With a reservationless service, participants dial a unique phone number and join the call. The option is ideal for first-time conference callers. Or for people less familiar with teleconference software.

Reservation conference calling service is mandatory for a conference call of more than 50 people.

at&t teleconference

3. Skype for Business

Skype for Business is one of the most commonly used software for teleconference. Microsoft designed the product specifically for business usage. It is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. You can conduct business and exchange data/information with colleagues in distant places.

You can select one of the two plans. One is free of charge, but you can only hold meetings with 10 people. The paid plan allows you to hold meetings of up to 250 people.

The storage and sharing memory of Skype for Business is one of the most important features. You can store up to 1TB. This enables you to share data and share your work. Skype for Business supports screen saving and PowerPoint collaboration.

teleconference call

4. BlueJeans

Founded in 2009, BlueJeans provides interoperable cloud-based video teleconference. The company provides three types of payment plans. There is no free usage, but you can try a 30-day trial.

The first individual plan allows up to 50 attendees, and you can connect from any computer, or iOS and Android device. Meetings include dial-in numbers.

The team plan allows 75 participants. The advanced feature is you can get 10 hours of cloud meeting recordings, as well as a command center dashboard.

Company packages supports up to 150 participants. But the main features are the connection with SIP/H.323 room systems. One of the best features of BlueJeans is that you do not have to sign up for an annual subscription. While there are fewer features than rival software, the company offers 30-day trial and high quality during calls.

teleconference services

5. LifeSize

LifeSize provides high definition video conference touch room phones, video conferencing endpoints, and cloud-based collaboration platform.

Same as BlueJeans, LifeSize offers three pricing plans. There is no free plan, but the company allows you to try LifeSIz Go. It is a free browser-based version that allows users to host video calls up to 8 participants.

The downside of LifeSize is you have to get an annual contract. There are no monthly subscriptions, only annual.

High end pricing packages support 5 wireless sharing devices, 50 permanent meeting rooms, unlimited recording, 4 icon 450s, 1 icon 600, and 5 HD phones.

The price is higher than other teleconference system options, but that is because LifeSize includes its own hardware into the mix.

teleconference meeting

What is Teleconference

The simple definition for a teleconference is "live exchange and mass articulation of information among several persons and machines remove from one another but linked with a telecommunication system". The telecommunication system can provide audio, video, data, or other services.

Companies use teleconference to conduct meetings, training, demonstrations, or provide customer briefs. They can do that by phone or online instead of doing it in person. This saves them time and allows them to talk to several people at the same time.

We talked mostly about internet teleconferencing, which includes web conference, video conference, and telephone conference. You can conduct a call over the Internet or a wide area network. And it is all made possible thanks to the Voice over Internet Protocol. We listed some of the most popular teleconference services above, so use one of them.

Tips to Host an Effective Teleconference

Conference calls can get messy and confusing really fast. Without the proper guidelines, the call will be wasted time. You might not know who is speaking, when it is your turn, and what someone meant. Therefore, we want to give you some tips on how to conduct a proper and effective teleconference call.

Always set up a clear meeting agenda, outlining objectives and a clear path to follow. It will help you get the audience back on track. If you are the host, make sure you use the mute button properly. You might need to mute a single line or all callers at once. Join the conference call early. Dial in a few minutes earlier, so you can welcome participants and ensure they know the guidelines.

Start the call by setting up the ground rules and guidelines. For example, tell participants they need to state their name before speaking.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is the best way you get engagement and ensure participants understand the conversation. Take notes during the call so you can write down ideas and questions. Yes, most software solutions provide a recording summary. But you can take notes during the call as well.

Always finish the call with call-to-action message. You want your participants to leave with a clear understanding of their next responsibilities.

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