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How to Make a Product Demo that Stands Out

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2024-01-08 18:46:10 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

Product demonstration is one of the best techniques of luring customers to businesses. To make a standout product demo you definitely require a good product demo video maker. This article gives you a detailed guide on how to create a product demo capable of stealing the show.

How to Make a Product Demo that Stands Out

ClickMeeting is an indispensable product demo software with enormous usage across the continents. The rising popularity, as well as wide usage in itself, is a testament to what the tool brings to your business.

product demonstration

The software can be used for product demos, online training classes, and business meetings among others. The assortment of up to scratch features makes it an undisputed modern product demo video maker. From design, speed, ease of use, and features, everything on this platform was simply designed to gang up against any inconvenience the user might encounter.

Free of bias, this tool provides all you would demand from a dream product demo and webinar platform. Being a versatile application, ClickMeeting is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations and businesses. Simply subscribe to a suitable plan and enjoy using the best product demo video maker.


  • Supports screen sharing which enables easy collaboration and content sharing. This, in a nutshell, increases productivity and resource maximization.
  • The whiteboard uses text boxes, shapes, and various drawing tools to make your product demos more engaging and collaborative.
  • It allows users to stream content from YouTube and Facebook for better elaboration and reach.
  • The Presentation feature enables you to leverage visuals to display content effectively and share in several formats.
  • The polls and survey feature allows users to collect opinions and feedback from attendees which can help them improve on future product demos.
  • The call to action feature is a good platform for the audience to engage and take action while the product demonstration goes on.

How to Make a Product Demo with ClickMeeting

Before doing a product demo, you should first ensure that you already completed scheduling the demo on ClickMeeting. To make a product demo, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Once everything is set and you are ready to start a demo, simply click the "Join" button.

product demo

Step 2. A pop-up window shall be displayed once the Join button is initiated. Locate and click the "Start Event Now" button on the pop-up window.

a product demo video

Step 3. ClickMeeting will then commence scanning your computer for web camera and microphone. Most often, an Adobe flash player pop-up prompting you to allow it to access the camera and microphone is displayed. Just click "Allow" so that the ClickMeeting can use your Web Camera as well as the microphone for a product demo session.

product demo video maker

Step 4. Now start your product demo because the camera and microphone are ready. You can use a variety of features within the program to elaborate on your products well. Just click on the desired feature on the left pane and use it to demonstrate your product. You can use the "Call to Action" tab to capitalize on users to perform a business action as the demo goes on.

product demonstration video

Elements that Makes a Product Demo Stand Out

You can't just wake up today and make an outstanding product demo on respective platforms. Yes, making an up to scratch product demo entails myriads of factors that should be given utmost attention. Here are some of the elements you need to take into consideration in order to make an outstanding product demo.

1. Know your Goal

While performing any demo, it is important that you remain within your goals. Tailor your demo such that it can address your goals and needs of the customers. Make sure your demonstration clearly illustrate how your product would solve customer problems.

2. Preparedness

Before conducting a product demo, make sure you have done thorough research and ready for any questions. Know the possible questions that may arise and respective satisfactory answers.

3. Use Visuals

The aim of the product demo is to make the customer understand your product and convince him/her to subscribe to your business. Drifting from clarity could be the most suicidal decision you can make for your product demo. Use mind maps, charts, and graphs among other visuals to make the potential customer understand with ease.

4. Keep meeting norms

The success of any business demo will depend on how much the objectives have been made. Running away from the main agenda into personal matters could backfire because lots of time is wasted in discussing things that might be irrelevant to the context. Also, anything that breeds unnecessary interruption like electronic gadgets should be turned off or put in silent mode. Furthermore, make sure the discussion gives an equal chance for attendees to air their views and ask questions.

5. Time Management

Time management is a key aspect of any meeting. Make sure, the scheduled time is effectively used to address the objectives of the meeting. Do not over-describe or under- describe your product. Just plan time for each agenda effectively.

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