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Top 5 Password Keeper (Updated for 2023)

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2023-08-30 19:55:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

We have been experiencing challenges, to come up with preferred cryptic passwords keepers that can easily manage Log in passwords and credentials information in any device. Password keeper manager is an encrypted digitalized system that manages your entire log in information across all the devices you use when accessing different applications.

Top Five Password Keeper

#1 - 1Password Password Keeper

1password is one of the modern digitalized vault password keeper managers that have been launched recently. It has been recently rated as one of the top password keeper; 1pasword SCIM Bridge is now available, with a high rate of compatibility especially with enterprise identity providers across the whole world. It easily manages your team since it is implemented into the workflow that the team has already got used to.

password keeper

1password has got some unique features such as accelerating the log-in processes and is also compatible with all the operating systems and application platforms. Also it is very secure since it utilizes the top security measure to guide your log in credentials and information.


  • Enhanced security: security is the foundation of 1Password and they can't see any of your data and password so they can't share them or sell them.
  • Share with your trusted friends: if you want to share your passwords to your family or your friends, it is the safest way to share.
  • Generate strong passwords: you can use it to generate unique and strong passwords.
  • Automatically sign in: 1Password ensure your safety and can help you automatically sign in website with you permission.


  • Comes loaded with excellent widgets, plugins and other add-ons that are very simple to use.
  • Users can keep various data and not only passwords
  • Has an intuitive interface


  • A little bit expensive but it's worth every penny

#2 - Zoho Vault Password Keeper

free password keeper

Zoho vault is designed software that provides the users with a comprehensive, compatible log in credentials and password management characteristics. Zoho Vault rarely requires any form of expertise when operating it, which means anyone can comfortably access it. Some of Zoho vault features are discussed below.

  • Password sharing - Initially it was not easy to share the password information and log in information locally or even international among businesses, or even between family members. It was very private and confidential to only the authorized personnel. It is now easy to share it with other staffs or even family members. Strict measures have been put into place to cater for this.
  • Saving the log in information and credentials - Zoho will allow you to save your password if you are only using a secured website. You will also be able to see a banner requesting you to save your password.
  • Access to any online platform - Zoho vault allows you to log in to any online platforms such as Facebook, Amazon platforms, among other social media platforms available.
  • Two authentication factors - In this feature, zoho allows you to verify you password in two ways after logging in a browser, you can enquire a verification code sent to your phone.


  • Zoho vault can be accessed from any type of browser or any online platform available. The extension of browsers is only for safari, chrome and Firefox.


  • Zoho does not at all handle any two logins pages such as Gmail.

#3 - LastPass Premium Password Keeper

best password keeper

This is a paid subscription that is renewable. It allows the users to access all its features such as autofill in applications, secured vault, sharing of passwords and syncing devices for free among others. The other feature is that it helps you secure your online identities and log in information. Some of it premium features include:

  • Online vault Users can easily manage and take control of all their lastpass premium login information's and password.
  • Application details Lastpass premium allows the users to fill up their online usernames and login passwords which are easier to autofill, all these login credentials are as shown below.
  • Application attachment Users can increase their storage up to a maximum of 1GB that can be used to store their attachments. This will be archived by upgrading your premiumship.

#4 - Password Boss

keeper windows 10

Password boss is password keeper software that is free to install and utilize it in a single gadget or device. Some of its features include:

  • Two factor authentication. Password boss allows two factor verification codes that is sent to your mobile phone. The code can be texted to other phones also.
  • Edit identities User can comfortably create several identities which can be used to fill websites forms. Around seven type of user's personal information can be contained in one identity.
  • Password sharing Password boss facilitate the sharing of password, data and other login information with the entire users' of the platform. It ensures that this information is secured.


  • Superb bank-grade protection
  • Ability to sync data/information across several gadgets
  • Excellent for unlimited secure sharing
  • Provides free version for single gadgets
  • Allows form filling and editing of images or texts


  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Only paid users can access premium sync features

#5 - Sticky Password

electronic password keeper

This is another type of password keeper that is more user friendly. Users' will find this password keeper more interesting and simple to utilize. This is one of the best recommended password keeper tools that can be accessed by anyone who is in a position of using its windows.


  • Can generate very strong passwords. In addition, it can remember all your passwords.
  • Can fill forms automatically. Perfect for protecting your privacy.
  • Users can sync data that are encrypted or password protected on various gadgets.
  • Compatible with various browsers. Also, runs well on Mac and Windows.
  • manages several application login credentials and passwords.


  • Its design is less slick

If you want to keep your data safe, you'll need password keepers that have all the specifications you need. The password management programs discussed above come loaded with intuitive features as well as friendly interface.

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