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Zoom Meeting Guide and Best Zoom Alternative

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

It goes without saying that when it comes to how to start a Zoom meeting you can do so really fast. Whether it's a business meeting or conferences with clients or coworkers, a video meeting allows you to get in touch and collaborate accordingly. To start a Zoom meeting isn't hard and can be done really fast. To zoom your meeting is starting a conversation with those you want. Even so, if Zoom isn't really working for you a quality alternative might be all that you need. Whether you want to start Zoom meeting from phone or desktop an alternative can also do the same if not better.

How to Start a Zoom Meeting

When it comes to zoom start meeting automatically or so you can actually get started right away and start a video meeting immediately.

Step 1: Sign in into your Zoom account first

It isn't hard to start a Zoom meeting. All you need is to first create an account if you don't have one by using your Facebook, Google App or Gmail account or other email and come up with a password you can remember. Once you've created the account simply login to access the meeting tools in Zoom.

Step 2: Go ahead and "Choose to Host a Meeting"

Do install Zoom from the website and run it after installation by clicking "Host a Meeting". Zoom start meeting by signing into your account or ensuring you're logged in. If you intend to join an ongoing meeting simply selects "Join a Meeting". Otherwise, do sign in to start a zoom meeting.

Step 3: Choose to start new meeting

Once you've logged in select the arrow pointing down and choose "Start with Video". From it select "New meeting" to help you begin the meeting instantly.

Best Zoom Alternative to Start a Meeting

Once you're done with "how do you start a Zoom meeting" instantly you might want to check out the best Zoom alternative available. ClickMeeting is a unique video and audio meeting and webinar solution perfect for organizations and businesses, whether small or large. You can use it to do a lot beyond starting video or audio meetings with your coworkers or clients.

how to start a zoom meeting

In fact, ClickMeeting goes a step further to help you customize the interface for better use of the meeting tool, monetize your webinar, access a waiting room to prepare accordingly before the meeting and present better using a whiteboard and presentation tools.

With webinar statistics provided by the tool, you can actually learn about the performance, the number of attendees and their location as well as whether they logged in using mobile devices, laptops or desktops. Poll and survey statistics are also provided, including the time of the meeting. In case you intend to improve on your webinars and meetings in coming days then the statistics will come in handy.

In a nutshell, ClickMeeting allows you to access and use lots of features such as:

  • Attendee and webinar statistics
  • Presentations and whiteboard
  • Polls and surveys
  • Post on Social media and live stream on YouTube and Facebook
  • Tailor-make webinars
  • Supports diverse languages
  • Includes a free trial
  • Available for small, medium and large businesses, including freelancers
  • Support is provided live and via email

To start a ClickMeeting video meeting isn't complicated at all but really simple and smooth.

Step 1: Click an account first and log in

Firstly, ensure you've either logged in or created an account. Once you've signed in, look for the "Schedule" button towards the top part and see any upcoming webinars or meetings. On the right choose either to "Schedule webinar" or "Host a Meeting".

start a zoom meeting

Step 2: Choose to begin meeting right away

Do go ahead and select how you want to meet. You can go with "Start a Meeting Now" or take a couple of minutes to prepare well by clicking "Prepare Meeting and Start It Later".

zoom your meeting is starting

Step 3: Invite your attendees to the meeting

Select "Attendee List" and invite a maximum of 25 attendees into the meeting. On the "Invite Attendees" dialogue box use the "email" tab to send the invitations to the attendees. You can also click the "Link" tab and copy the URL and share it with all those people you want to attend the meeting.

start zoom meeting from phone

Using ClickMeeting gives you a lot of features and tools to make the most of and enhance your meeting with your audience. Getting started is also really fast and smooth.

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