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How to Create a Webinar

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2023-11-30 16:49:21 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

Are you looking to create a stunning and top-class webinar? Yes, every webinar host's dream is to create a webinar that impresses the audience. However, you cannot create such amazing webinars if you don't have relevant information. In this article, we shall give you a thorough guide on how to create a successful and impressive webinar.

The Best Software to Create a Webinar

ClickMeeting is a powerful multiplatform web-based video and audio-conferencing software. When you talk about creating webinar meetings, it is almost impossible to go without mentioning ClickMeeting. It is because ClickMeeting is an epitome of what the modern video conferencing tool should appear.

how to create a webinar

All integrated features were specially designed to enhance the user experience and ultimately transform the way we interact remotely. If you think about business meetings, product demos, training sessions, and online courses then ClickMeeting will make your job quite easier. Access an array of features integrated with the latest technology to create amazing webinars. You can choose a plan that best suits your task or the nature of the organization. They range from the free version to the paid version. Regardless of the choice, some basic standard features cut across them. However, paid versions to mean access to more features and functionality.


  • Get automated scheduling of webinars using automatic webinars feature.
  • Customized invitations let you boost event attendance by allowing you to invite and confirm attendance.
  • Share your screen recording and have better control of the remote screens for a good demonstration of content.
  • The program allows the streaming of webinars on social networks like Facebook, and YouTube among others with an aim of expanding webinars reach.
  • Offers toll-free dialer which enables the audience to sign in to the meeting via a telephone call.
  • Supports HD video and audio quality.
  • Runs on all devices and operating systems.
  • Provides a whiteboard that enables the user to elaborate content via drawings.

How to Create a Webinar with ClickMeeting

Step 1. Choose topic

Before creating your webinar, it is important that you survey for a suitable topic for your audience. You can survey on social media, check for common themes, and integrate into your business objective. Once arrived at the topic, consider splitting your topic and subtopics.

create a webinar

Step 2. Set up your webinar

Click on the "Details" tab to access event settings. Provide the event topic in the "Room Name" box. Choose your Room type as "Time Scheduled event" and provide the date, time, and time zone. Now select the way you would like your participants to access the webinar. For paid webinar sessions, choose the "Password" or Tokens option. However, if it is open for everyone just select the "Open to All" tab. If you want your members to join a meeting via a traditional telephone call, then enable the "Toll-Free number" option.

how to create a webinar presentation

Step 3. Customize and add special features

Go to the registration page, attendee waiting room, and webinar room. Customize them to look more appealing and functional. Select layout logo, color schemes, and background images from the "Unsplash" photo folder. Hit Call to action buttons so that participants are guided towards their subsequent action.

campaign creation and webinar SEO autopilot

Step 4. Set up the Attendee waiting room

Drag and drop content you want to share and add the files to be downloaded by the audience. This way, everyone will be able to access the content before the start of the webinar session. You can then set automatic thank you messages that will be delivered to each participant via email. You can also set up an audio recording.

Useful Tip about Creating a Webinar

Creating a good webinar does rely on technical abilities alone but rather a combination of a series of factors. You need to be smart and play your cards well. Otherwise, you will hit the rock unexpectedly. The following are some of the plausible tips for creating a good webinar.

1. Start on time

Ensure the webinar session starts at the scheduled time to create that first impression. Capture their attention immediately and be prepared for any questions that come your way.

2. Know your participants

A successful webinar is the one that addresses the needs and satisfies the members. This means you need to understand what your attendee really needs. By knowing them, you can easily plan quality and successful webinars. It is good practice to do some research or survey about your participants before pulling a trigger.

3. Think about mobile support

With the rising capabilities of mobile phones, data indicate that around 25% of attendees access webinars via mobile phones. So, if you don't consider such a group then you will definitely lose grip over the 25% -something you obviously want to avoid. The solution is to choose platforms that work on mobile devices. Also, ensure the actual webinar videos are of larger size for better viewing by users.

4. Consider Paid webinar plans

Although webinar marketing may prove costly, business-wise it makes sense because it will pay itself back. When you ask the members to pay, for instance, they will have a notion that quality will be high. However, you need to be patient until you are certain your audience can be ready to pay for the content.

5. Be Visual with your Brands

Consistency and proper brand alignment are a very important factor. Know exactly when to put your brands on slides and ensure the fonts and other visual elements match your brand style. This way, your brands will become more recognizable to the audience.

6. Pre-check your technical support systems

Before running a webinar make sure all your technical support systems are working properly. Do not overlook anything whether small or not. Check them thoroughly before the webinar session. If there is any noise source, make sure it is totally removed.

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