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ClickMeeting - Everything You Need to Know

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

When you want to make the most of video and audio webinars and start video conferencing and meetings in your organizations it makes a lot of sense to get the best program and application for the job. ClickMeeting is arguably the best in the industry and rated and reviewed heavily. It's recommended as the best meeting program that you need with so many features and functionalities to help you maximize your video conferences and webinars.

skype meeting

Perfect for large, medium and small businesses as well as freelancers, the tool ensures that you can monetize your ClickMeeting webinars, customize your interface perfectly, and access a waiting room, use a white board and presentation while coming up with automated and on-demand webinars.

In 2020 ClickMeeting download will help you accomplish so much with your video and audio meetings.

What is ClickMeeting

Essentially, ClickMeeting is a top notch, easy to use and feature-rich video and audio webinar solution you can access online, whether on mobile or desktop. It helps you start video meetings, present better with whiteboards, come up with customized webinars, create polls and surveys and access attendee and webinar statistics to help you improve on them. You can also broadcast webinar ClickMeeting live on YouTube and Facebook. The cloud hosted tool also supports diverse international languages and accessible via a free trial, monthly and annual subscription as well as on a quote-based basis.

Webinar monetization: One of the uniqueness of ClickMeeting is the ability to monetize webinars. This gives a lot of people in diverse industries the opportunity to make money out of their meetings online, from teachers to consultants and many more. Since ClickMeeting integrates equally well with PayPal, all transactions are securely and smoothly processed. At the end of the day, the audience and webinar facilitators have their financial information well protected.

Customization of the interface: ClickMeeting branding is great but the tool allows you to go a step further and welcome your audiences with a unique well customized interface. The program allows you to transform various settings from the logo to colors and much more. At the end of the day, engaging webinar attendees with a webinar room that has been tailor-branded is assured.

Webinar automation: At times you can maximize on webinars you already have and share them with various audiences. ClickMeeting makes this happen through the feature for automation. The features make it easy to pre-record webinars and set the times when you want them to play. Surveys and polls you've preset can also be used to maintain the attention of the audience perfectly well.

Presentation and whiteboard: Today, live presentations are all the range. ClickMeeting makes it easy to depict engaging content in slides, including displaying message reinforcing content, perhaps to compel the audience with a call to action. Together with a whiteboard feature you won't be using slideshows and documents only. The whiteboard with its erasing feature, drawing tools, shapes and text boxes will bring collaboration to a whole new level.


  • Available for freelancers, medium, large and small businesses
  • Flexible ClickMeeting pricing on a monthly, quote-based, annual basis and includes a trial version
  • Supports English, Polish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and French
  • Supports mobile devices apart from being web-based
  • Cloud hosted
  • Includes polls and survey, presentation and whiteboard
  • YouTube and Facebook live
  • Branded webinars
  • Statistics on webinar and attendees
  • Webinar monetization

How to Get Started Using ClickMeeting

Most ClickMeeting webinar reviews have recommended it particularly for its ease of use and features. To get start with the tool the first thing to carry out is to create an account first. Start by visiting the ClickMeeting website and login. Once you're done with the pricing and accessed the interface you're ready to get started.

To get started with ClickMeeting is actually to start hosting meetings and even scheduling as much as you can.

Firstly, you need to log into the account and find "Schedule" button towards the front part of the page and see all your webinars and meetings. From here you can decide to start a meeting by clicking "host a meeting" or simply "schedule a webinar". Any of these types of events can be started immediately or scheduled to begin later.

skype meeting

Once you're up and running with ClickMeeting do go ahead and do more with the web-based tool apart from just hosting a meeting. You can actually schedule meetings, set time and date and allow the attendees to register for the meeting before the actually date. You can also invite participants and actually see meeting details as well as get down to inviting presenters. Once you launch a meeting room, you can ensure both camera and voice quality have been set up. Don't forget to manage the list of attendees.

Even better, ClickMeeting allows you to present media and files where you can share desktop, whiteboard and presentation files, as well as receive feedback from those who attended, particularly their opinion, talking privately and securely with attendees and coming up with polls and surveys for the audience.

skype meeting

Once the meeting has ended, go ahead and access the statistics and history of the meeting to help you improve on your future webinars. Since all these processes are easy to follow and carry out you won't need to take a long time to understand the entire process.

5 Pro Tips to make the most of ClickMeeting

1. Control webinar events with Modes - Set and select controls for diverse functions, such as presenters only when the speaker is more than one, listen only where only the presenter can speak and discussion where attendees are able to speak with the presenter and among themselves thus transforming it into a web-based meeting.

2. Embed event rooms on websites - ClickMeeting allows you to embed any event room you might have on your website with ease. In "Schedule" choose "Actions" and select "Details" and choose to "Embed". The code you need to copy easily and paste it on your website will be provided.

3. Create meetings online - Any new event in ClickMeeting is by default a webinar but you can transform it easily and fast into an online meeting for a maximum 25 individuals. In webinar room, simply ensure the audio is changed to "Discussion". You can get back to webinar style by selecting "Listen only" mode in "Discussion". Also, as you schedule an event, you can select the format to be that of an online meeting. In "Settings" scroll down up to "Room type" and select "Meeting". That easy.

4. Make the most of file conversions - ClickMeeting allows you to convert lots of file extensions fast and easily. From audio ones like wav, mp3 to video ones like mpeg, mp4 and wmv, to others like ppt, pdf, pages, jpg, txt, ogx, webm among hundreds of others, you don't really have to worry about file extensions and file conversions any longer.

5. Set up maximum 7 cameras - ClickMeeting, by default, allows a maximum of four video cameras in a given event. However, in case you need some extra cameras you can actually get three more added. In your ClickMeeting account, find the pointer around your name towards the top right side and seek to upgrade to more cameras in the "Account add-ons".

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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