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Top 5 Adobe Connect Webinar Alternatives

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

One of the critical activities of any business, particularly among marketers is the generation of leads and ensuring effectiveness has been well measured. One of the ways some companies have been accomplishing this is through the use of Adobe Connect webinar. Adobe webinar seeks to offer highly immersive web meeting experiences not only to meet large scale online meetings and webinars but also virtual classrooms and collaborations. Here we look at Adobe Connect Webinar program and its five most effective alternatives available now.

Top 5 Adobe Connect Webinar Alternatives

1: ClickMeeting

One of the most celebrated online meeting, webinar and conferencing software of 2019 and beyond, ClickMeeting has been extensively reviewed online and termed the best available Adobe Connect Webinar alternative available. It helps set up paid and automated webinars right away, enjoy multiuser and subaccounts, custom branding, customized invitations and access a waiting room with a specific agenda. ClickMeeting allows you to host highly productive and flawless webinars no matter the operating system you're using or device and engage your team or audience with lots of content and interact accordingly.

adobe connect webinar


  • Includes Facebook and YouTube streaming
  • Audio and video supported
  • Webinar room, whiteboards and presentations features
  • Screen sharing, surveys and polls
  • Synchronized translation of chats
  • Toll-free phone number support
  • Audio modes and private and moderated chat
  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Call to action functionalities and online meeting support
  • Webinar recording, storage, social media sharing and on-demand webinars
  • Attendee and webinar statistics
  • Performance rating


  • Easy to use
  • Feature-rich
  • Dedicated support
  • Affordable

2. Livestorm

A video suite, This Adobe Connect alternative makes it easy to do webinars, set up on-demand and automated webinars and remote meetings.

adobe webinar


  • No software download required
  • Support team and professional communication
  • Feature rich


  • Video feeds must be constantly refreshed to update
  • Limited attendee capacity

3. Zoho Meeting

A web video conferencing tool, it makes it easy to host presentations, product launches, online meetings and webinars.

adobe connect webinar pricing


  • Quite easy to use
  • Practical features
  • Hosts presentations, launches, online meetings and webinars
  • No software download is required
  • Works with diverse operating systems and browsers


  • Doesn't have features you might need
  • Cannot record webcam and screen share
  • Automated emails don't always go through

4. Samepage

A cloud-based alternative to Adobe Connect, it makes it possible for teams to communicate through its collaboration capabilities.

adobe connect webinar free trial


  • Features project management functionalities
  • Allows for third party integration with Google Maps, Excel, YouTube and Facebook
  • Allows meeting planning and messaging
  • Team chats
  • Easy document sharing and storage


  • Individual tasks commenting impossible
  • Dedicated webinar and conferencing tools can be better

5. GoToMeeting

A unique video collaboration and conferencing tool, you can use it to start meetings from MS Office programs, emails to instant-messaging applications.

adobe spark webinar


  • Users able to invite, attend and organize online meetings
  • Trainings, presentations and video conferencing supported
  • Up to six HD video feeds sharing functionality
  • Allows attendance of webinars


  • Buggy voice inputs

Adobe Connect Review and How to Create Adobe Webinar

Essentially, Adobe Connect webinar software is a conferencing tool allowing companies, teams, students, faculties among others to carry out webinars, presentations, and online meetings among others. It seeks to enlighten and engage diverse prospects using open chats, videos, surveys and polls. An Adobe Connect webinar free trial for 30 days allows you to carry out webinars for a while for free to see how to goes.

adobe webinar 2019
  • Personal digital workstation
  • Editing and recording tools
  • Secure communication
  • VoIP and storage
  • Customizable events
  • Inbuilt analytics
  • Mobile learning in diverse devices
  • On demand and live classes
  • Tracking and management training
  • Interactivity support to add multiple polls
  • Ease of adding word clouds, timers and ice breakers
  • Engagement dashboard
  • Emails and web pages templates

Pricing: Adobe Connect webinar pricing is a bit varied and a tad expensive in contrast with its alternatives. Apart from a 30-day free trial, the software begins from $130 per month for 100 webinar seats which you can upgrade up to 1000 seats. Annual pricing begins from $1,250 for 100 seats to $5,500 for a 1000 seats.

How to Use Adobe Connect Webinar

While you can make the most of Adobe Spark Webinar visual content in your online meetings, making the most of Connect doesn't have to be complicated.

To start off as an Adobe Webinar 2019 host, simply log into your own unique meeting room and use instant messaging or email to invite other participants. Note that webinars can actually be prearranged or pretty much spontaneous.

After logging into your own meeting room go ahead and carry out task set ups for anyone you intend to allow into the webinar. You can do quite a lot, such as indicate conference agenda, decline and accept webinar joining requests, type some notes and even rearrange pods.

Even so, joining meeting rooms is actually easy and any of the following processes can take you right into the meeting:

  • Go to the Adobe Connect Central on the home page and select "My Meetings". Do choose the right button for the meeting that you want.
  • Go to "Adobe Connect Central" and look for the info page for the unique meeting you've in mind and select to "Enter Meeting Room".
  • Select the URL for the meeting from the received email invitation, enter your password and login info for Adobe Connect and choose "Enter Room".
  • On the browser you're using enter the URL for the meeting, enter your login details and choose "Enter Room".

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