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Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate Marketing Software

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2023-08-25 18:55:58 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

Every business today must perform marketing so as to attract and convert clients. In the real estate industry, marketing is paramount. The more you spread awareness about your property, the more likely it is to be purchased. For a long time, a marketing strategy was created and implemented manually. However, today it is generated using real estate marketing software. As a result, it is faster, efficient and more effective. These real estate marketing software are developed specifically to perform marketing in the real estate industry.

5 Best Real Estate Marketing Software in 2018

Here are the top 5 real estate marketing software.

1. Buildium

With a focus on automation, this real estate marketing software ensures effective and swift product promotion. Buildium assists you to create a self-sustaining marketing strategy for your real estate enterprise. As a result, you can devote more time to managing the firm. By providing access to a database of connections and clients, this software tool is capable of boosting brand awareness among real estate stakeholders. In addition to that, you can integrate your social media presence into the software for automated alerts and updates. Buildium also has some built-in accounting features. The software can track payments, manage your marketing budget, reconcile bank accounts and handle expenses as well. All the information is presented on an organized, intuitive dashboard. You can use it for free thanks to a demo. However, you need to make payments after the trial has expired.

real estate marketing software


  • It automates the activities involved in real estate marketing
  • The software can perform accounting
  • It provides access to a community of real estate stakeholders


  • It cannot be integrated with other software
Download Buildium >>

2. OutboundEngine

This is a software solution which you can use to capture the attention of clients and boost your firm's brand awareness. OutboundEngine helps you by performing automatic searches through online sources for clients. This real estate investor marketing software also conducts assessments for properties and analyzes the market for you as well. By using its features, you can stay in touch with past clients and create rapport with current ones. In addition to that, OutboundEngine can automatically update your social media and send out professional emails according to a predetermined schedule. As such, it can assist you to create efficient workflows and boost outbound marketing as well. You can use it for a short period of time for free through a demo.

real estate investor marketing software


  • The software implements automation
  • It provides access to a network of real estate professionals
  • This software enables you to perform scheduling
  • You can create efficient workflows using its features


  • It is expensive
Download OutboundEngine >>

3. Zurple

This software tool is designed to assist you in creating numerous clients quickly and efficiently. Zurple helps to generate more leads and even track them as well In addition to that, the software enables effective follow-up. This digital tool improves your marketing effort by implementing and automating behavioral marketing. Furthermore, it gives you access to a CRM module. With this resource, you can generate leads in a predictive way and make intelligent, informed conversations with your clients. The real estate software has been used and proven by multiple firms in the real estate industry. Moreover, you can use its features at no cost for a limited period through a demo account.

real estate software market


  • It helps you to get many clients in a quick and efficient way
  • The software enables lead generation and tracking
  • It automates behavioral marketing
  • This software gives you access to a CRM module
  • It is accessible at no cost through a demo account


  • Its trial period is short
Download Zurple >>

4. Appfolio

This is a powerful software that contains a collection of tools that can assist real estate companies with their marketing efforts. Appfolio provides promotion solutions that can be applied online and offline as well. It has social media integration, online client sourcing and digital branding solutions as well. The software can also help you to create an effective marketing funnel for your real estate firm. Seeing as it is built upon Cloud infrastructure, you can access marketing solutions and tools from anywhere in the world. In addition to promotion features, Appfolio also provides real estate professionals with business metrics and maintenance details as well. The software also provides direct link to a wide network of real estate stakeholders. For easy manipulation, you can access the Appfolio account through a smartphone application. For maximum convenience, you can use it for free through a demo account. Maximized usability is facilitated through payment.

real estate marketing apps


  • It promotes marketing through automation
  • This software is built on Cloud infrastructure hence easy access to marketing data
  • It has accounting capability
  • You can access real estate enterprise information through a smartphone application


  • Its most effective capabilities require payment
Download Appfolio >>

5. Zillow

Essentially a marketing platform, this is a resource which you can use to market your real estate firm. Zillow provides a network containing millions of clients in search of residential and commercial real estate. The platform assists you to promote your properties and capture high quality leads. It also enables you to create an account. Within it, you can post taglines to market real estate properties. You can also provide long-version text to give further details about your offerings. Upon registration, the platform inquires about your real estate needs. Having done so, Zillow automatically matches you with real estate clients who could be interested in your properties.

real estate marketing software


  • It gives you access to a wide network of clients
  • This platform enables you to create a customized account
  • It automatically matches you to potential clients


  • It does not have a mobile application
Download Zillow >>

For you to thrive in the competitive industry of real estate, it is important to perform marketing. This informs potential clients about your services. The real estate marketing apps indicated above can help you to accomplish this quickly and effectively.

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